Thursday, October 25, 2018

Maja Salvador Takes Over the Half-Time Break at TFC’s “Kapamilya Playoffs in Taiwan”

It is a back-to-back win for the overseas Filipinos in Taiwan with The Filipino Channel (TFC) bringing not only an all-star basketball team lineup but also a world-class half-time break performance from no less than Maja Salvador, at the upcoming "Kapamilya Playoffs in Taiwan" happening on November 18 at the Fengyuan District Stadium, Taichung, Taiwan.


The "Kapamilya Playoffs in Taiwan" event will be kicked off by the game between the champions from the RJD Basketball League and in the Tai-Phil Basketball League


The winning team in the first game will challenge the Star Magic team composed of Gerald AndersonJC De VeraRonnie AlonteVin AbrenicaAxel Torres, Zeus CollinsJimboy MartinJV Kapunan, Jose Sarasola, and Gerard Acao.


Dance Royalty Maja Salvador will fire up the dancefloor with the show-stopping performance she prepared especially for the overseas Filipinos in Taiwan, which will be witnessed during the half-time break of the game between the champion team and the Star Magic team.


Be updated on which team from the RJD Basketball League and in the Tai-Phil Basketball League will be part of the "Kapamilya Playoffs in Taiwan" and face-off with the Star Magic team. Catch TFC's weekly playoffs updates via TFC Online ( This is FREE for all, simply register on the site to watch the weekly updates.


Do not be left behind, witness the exciting game between the overseas Filipino team and the Star Magic team, and be dazzled by Maja Salvador's smooth dance moves at the "Kapamilya Playoffs in Taiwan" happening on November 18 at the Fengyuan District Stadium, Taichung, Taiwan.


Buy your tickets now! Ticket prices are at NTD 600 for General Admission, NTD 1000 for Patron, and NTD 1,800 for VIP. For details on how to purchase tickets, visit


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“The Mule” Delivers Eastwood-Centric First Poster

Warner Bros. Pictures has just unveiled the first poster artwork of Clint Eastwood's newest feature film, the drama "The Mule."


In addition to directing, the veteran actor steps in front of the lens again, alongside fellow stars Bradley Cooper, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Peña, Dianne Wiest and Andy Garcia, as well as Alison Eastwood and Taissa Farmiga.


Check out the poster below and watch "The Mule" in Philippine cinemas January 30, 2019.



About "The Mule"


Clint Eastwood stars as Earl Stone, a man in his 80s who is broke, alone, and facing foreclosure of his business when he is offered a job that simply requires him to drive.  Easy enough, but, unbeknownst to Earl, he's just signed on as a drug courier for a Mexican cartel.  He does well—so well, in fact, that his cargo increases exponentially, and Earl is assigned a handler.  But he isn't the only one keeping tabs on Earl; the mysterious new drug mule has also hit the radar of hard-charging DEA agent Colin Bates.  And even as his money problems become a thing of the past, Earl's past mistakes start to weigh heavily on him, and it's uncertain if he'll have time to right those wrongs before law enforcement, or the cartel's enforcers, catch up to him.


"The Mule" marks Oscar-winner Eastwood's first time on both sides of the camera since he starred in 2009's critically acclaimed "Gran Torino."


"The Mule" is distributed in the Philippines by Warner Bros. Pictures, a WarnerMedia Company.

“La Luna Sangre,” “Probinsyano,” “Till I Met You” and Other Kapamilya Shows to be Shown in Thailand


More Kapamilya shows are set to air in Thailand and Laos after JKN Global, the top content provider and channel operator in Thailand, bought over 290 hours of content from ABS-CBN at the recent MIPCOM, an annual trade event in France, where content producers, buyers, financiers, and distributors in the fields of entertainment and advertising from all over the world, can connect, make deals, and learn future trends in the industry.


The deal gave JKN Global the right to distribute six titles, which are "La Luna Sangre," "Magpahanggang Wakas," "The Promise of Forever," "Till I Met You," Miss Universe 2015 Pia Wurtzbach's lifestyle travel show "Pia's Postcards", and the longest-running primetime series on TV, "FPJ's Ang Probinsyano."


ABS-CBN shows like "Got To Believe", "The Legal Wife", and "Bridges of Love" have already aired in Thailand and were well received by Thai viewers. The shows have become so popular that Kapamilya stars, Jericho Rosales, Maja Salvador, Kathryn Bernardo, and Daniel Padilla were invited to the biggest media event in Thailand last July, the JKN Diamond Blue Mega Showcase, an annual trade event of JKN Global.


ABS-CBN and JKN Global have been partners in providing quality Filipino content to Thai audiences since 2016. The two network giants of their respective countries are currently discussing possible coproduction opportunities.


ABS-CBN's content, popular for its heartfelt Filipino stories, is made available across other territories through ABS-CBN International Distribution, recognized in the global arena as a reliable foreign content provider. It has been a premier source of high quality Filipino programming in over 50 territories all over the world and has sold over 40,000 hours of content worldwide. Living up to this recognition, ABS-CBN International Distribution commits to add to its line-up of high-caliber programs and movies with cast and storylines that appeal to various cultures.


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KathNiel’s “The Hows of Us” to be Shown in Cannes, France


ABS-CBN is bringing "The Hows of Us," the highest-grossing Philippine film to date with gross earnings of P810 million, to the international content market, MIPCOM, in Cannes, France.


The movie stars Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, touted as the country's box office king and queen, as a couple who must figure out how to save their long-term relationship as each of them starts taking different paths in life.


Many film critics have noted how the movie showcased the exceptional growth of Kathryn as an actress as she portrays a woman in the middle of a critical crossroad, not just in her relationship but also in her life. They also lauded the subdued performance of Daniel, which allowed his onscreen partner to shine even more. 


Also in ABS-CBN's showcase lineup are the romance-drama series "Ngayon at Kailanman," which is based on classic telenovela stories of star-crossed lovers from different worlds who must fight the odds to be together; "Halik," which shows the complications and intricacies that arise when old love intertwines with the new; and "Araw Gabi," a love story mixed with mystery and suspense that takes place on the paradise-like island of El Paraiso.


MIPCOM is an annual trade event in France, where content producers, buyers, financiers, and distributors in the fields of entertainment and advertising, from all over the world, can connect, make deals, and learn future trends in the industry.


ABS-CBN's content, popular for their heartfelt Filipino stories, are available across other territories through ABS-CBN International Distribution, recognized in the global arena as a reliable foreign content provider. It has been a premier source of high quality Filipino programming in over 50 territories all over the world and has sold over 40,000 hours of content worldwide. Living up to this recognition, ABS-CBN International Distribution commits to add to its line-up of high-caliber programs and movies with cast and storylines that appeal to various cultures. Visit its website


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King of Primetime Coco Martin stars in New Action Thriller

The King of Primetime Coco Martin stars in a new action thriller – this time, in the newest television commercial (TVC) of Mang Inasal, the leading Pinoy restaurant that serves the 2-in-1 sa Laki, Nuot-sa-Ihaw Sarap Chicken Inasal.


The 15-seconder TVC features Martin in his element doing his usual heart-stopping stunts, while braving blazing fire and cinders.


And all of these are set in a Mang Inasal store's kitchen, where the real action really happens - flames and flavors combine to create the ultimatenuot sa ihaw sarap of the country's most-loved chicken inasal.


Mang Inasal Marketing Head Aileen Natividad said the latest Mang Inasal TVC reflects the exciting experience of customers whenever they savor Mang Inasal Chicken Inasal's "exploding flavors."


"Our new TVC showcases our Chicken Inasal's explosion of flavors, because we grill it in such a way that our special marinade not just coats but permeates the entire chicken.  So whenever you have a bite of our Chicken Inasal, you will get thrilled with its perfectly grilled taste," she said. 


Mang Inasal's Chicken Inasal is prepared using a unique recipe, where choice cuts of guaranteed high-quality chicken are soaked in a special marinade made out of local secret spices, carefully skewered and grilled the Mang Inasal way. 


Further endearing Mang Inasal to Pinoys are the restaurant's homey, grillery ambiance and pioneering unlimited serving of rice for all itsPaborito meals. It also allows diners to savor the No.1 chicken inasal with special condiments, like chicken oil, which makes Mang Inasal meals even more flavorful.


Mang Inasal opened its first store in Iloilo in December 2003, and has since then become one of the fastest growing restaurants in the country with over 500 outlets nationwide and counting. To know more about the leading Pinoy branded quick service restaurant, visit their website and like their Facebook


Visit the nearest Mang Inasal store near you and get thrilled with the explosive flavors of the 2-in-1sa Laki, Nuot-sa-Ihaw Sarap Chicken Inasal!

Slappy’s The Star, Not a Dummy, in “Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween”

Moviemakers have lived by the belief that its biggest performers shouldn't be wooden. But that's a credo that could be thrown out the window when it comes to the unquestionable star of the Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween: Slappy the Ventriloquist Dummy. Who else could conjure dozens of monsters to wreak ridiculous havoc?


Slappy was first introduced in the 1993 Goosebumps book: Night of the Living Dummy.  R.L. Stine drew inspiration from other authors, including Ray Bradbury and Rod Sterling, but the real idea came from his memories watching a classic fright flick.  Stine says, "Sometime in my childhood I saw an old British movie called Dead of Night, which had three horror stories in it -- one of them was about a ventriloquist whose dummy comes to life and just takes over the ventriloquist's life and ruins it. And I think was one of my inspirations for Slappy, remembering that old British movie."


Producer Deborah Forte reiterates the author's sentiments when she says Slappy reminds her of the classic conceit where something safe, funny, and entertaining – like a ventriloquist dummy – can be repurposed to send chills down your spine, and then remind you of those fun childhood scares you had as a kid.  


In Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween, Slappy is operated by actor Avery Lee Jones, but his physical performance is also coordinated with the help of four different yet uniquely Slappy puppets, all courtesy of Legacy Effects in Los Angeles. The first puppet is the "hero" puppet, a fully animatronic version that allows for remote control movement of Slappy's eyes, neck, and face, and features a head that can rotate 360 degrees. The legs and arms are manipulatable by rod, and the fingers are poseable. Legacy also went one step further and created an animatronic set of hands, which are utilized for real-life action, like playing video games.


The second puppet is partially animatronic, known as the "simple" animatronic version -- this Slappy has a mechanical mouth only, but features poseable eyes, eyebrows, and eyelids. Third is the "stunt" puppet, a full rubber version with 3D-printed eyes so he looks identical to the other versions but can take force to the body. This is the puppet that the kids operate because it is the lightest, there are no mechanics, and it's not easily breakable. Last, but not least, is the original Slappy puppet, a working ventriloquist doll, first seen in the original Goosebumps movie.


Madison Iseman says her co-star makes for an eerie onscreen foil. "It's weird to see Slappy in the first movie and then acting with him in real life because he is just as terrifying as he is on screen," says the actress. "I keep waiting for him to come to life and just start talking. We definitely have our fill of Slappy - rubber Slappys, mechanical Slappys - there's a lot of Slappys here on set." As for the puppet's performance, Iseman praises Jones. "He does such a good job embodying Slappy – it's really impressive."


In playing the malevolent doll, Jones was stoked that the character was a practical effect, visible on set, and not a digital one. "As a kid who grew up loving puppets and absorbing as much puppet content, all books and movies I could possibly get my hands on, I would have loved knowing that there was a real puppet in this movie," says Jones. "I would have loved this as a kid, just being able to see what I love on screen and knowing it's not a cartoon. He's real. He's there. The actors have something to interact with and there can be a little more interplay with the puppet than with an animated character."


In Philippine cinemas October 31, Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween is distributed in the Philippines by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.



About Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween


Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween follows the Quinn family – high school senior SARAH (Madison Iseman), her middle school brother SONNY (Jeremy Ray Taylor), and their mother KATHY (Wendi McLendon-Covey) -- into an entirely new set of spooky, exciting, and funny events.  Sonny and schoolmate SAM (Caleel Harris) are best friends with a side job as the "Junk Brothers," collecting discarded stuff other people don't want. But it's a gig that unfortunately leads them right into the path of (gulp) SLAPPY (Avery Lee Jones), the mischievous ventriloquist dummy from an unpublished Goosebumps book.


At first, Slappy seems to want nothing more than to be part of the Quinn family, but when his hijinks go too far, Sarah, Sonny and Sam realize that this pernicious puppet must be stopped.  Rejected in his obsessive need to be a member of the Quinn household, Slappy decides to build his own "family" by kidnapping Kathy and bringing all of his Halloween friends back to life - including new right-hand Ogre WALTER (Chris Parnell).


As Halloween transforms their sleepy town into a full-on monster mash-up, boasting such hilariously freaky creatures as giant gummy bears and creepy garden gnomes, Sarah, the boys, and neighbor MR. CHU (Ken Jeong) team up to save Kathy and the town from Slappy's wicked plan.


Directed by Ari Sandel, the screenplay by Rob Lieber. Story by Rob Lieber and Darren Lemke.  Based on The Goosebumps Books written by R.L. Stine.  

Victoria’s Secret Model Kelsey Merritt Graces Metro Society’s Anniversary Issue

October marks Metro Society's birthday and gracing the illustrious anniversary cover is none other than Filipina supermodel making waves in NYC, Kelsey Merritt. 


In a Metro Society exclusive, Kelsey opens up about the magnificent moment that was: finding out that she was one of the 50 chosen to join the ranks of Naomi Campbell, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bündchen, and Adriana Lima in the upcoming Victoria's Secret show.


Following the cover story is the main feature of Women Who Dare, the magazine's second one yet. Turn the page and learn the amazing journeys of Nika Diwa, Marga Nograles, Rosenthal Tee, Lynn Pinugu, and Mutya ng Pilipinas Miss Tourism International Aya Fernandez.


Afterwards, discover the iconic French luxury furniture brand Roche Bobois as the iconic Mah Jong sofa interacts with the artistry of 10 creative Filipinos, resulting in splendid visions, in "Interactions." The Metro teams visited the artists in each of their spaces to see the making of and the very inspirations behind their interpretations of the icon.


Then, go inside the studio of Wynn Wynn Ong as she gives a preview of what is to come in the magazine's upcoming event with her—the KaLIKHAsan Ball at the Metropolitan Museum this November.


Also in this issue, find your seat at the table at a fashionable dinner by Happy Ongpauco-Tiu for her friends at home, her beautiful collection of plates from around the world on a magnificent display. Then, fly off to Iceland with The Spoiled Mummy, Grace Baja, as she revels in magnificent Mother Nature, seeing all the sights to be seen with her family.


For wellness and beauty, discover a masterpiece in La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Cream and get long and lean with one-on-one sessions at Options Pilates Studio. Then, get to know Rach Sayed and Kimi Martinez of SSI, as they rep their luxury fashion brands and show off a few of their favorite things.


Metro Society ends the birthday celebration with the launch of a new column, Mr. Manners by Monchet Olives, at the back—a write-up on etiquette that will surely be devoured in seconds.


Metro Society is available in newsstands and bookstores nationwide for only P250. Follow the magazine on Instagram via @metrosocietyph.

A Different View on Love, Life, and Second Chances in “First Love,” Still Showing Nationwide

Roman poet Horace popularized the philosophical phrase carpe diem which means "seize the day." This is similar to YOLO, "you only live once," of today's younger generation. 


Seize the day. This is the core message of the Aga Muchlach-Bea Alonzo starrer "First Love," directed by Paul Soriano and produced by TEN17, ABS-CBN Films Star Cinema, and VIVA Films.


First Love inspires everyone to live each moment in our lives even in those darkest moments. 


Everything in the life of businessman Nick(Muhlach) is well-thought of and calculated until he crosses paths with the impulsive and optimistic photographer Ali (Alonzo). Both spending their lives now overseas, Nick is trying to find closure from his past mistake, while Ali is hopeful that a new life is ahead of her despite her congenital heart disease and the agony of waiting for a donor for a heart transplant.


As Ali challenges Nick to seize every moment in his life before it is too late, Nick takes a risk by giving Ali another chance at life, even if it may cost someone else's life and potentially end their blossoming romance.


Asked about the lessons they learned from the film, Alonzo talked about not thinking twice when love comes knocking in your life. "Do not overthink it. Go ahead and just love, because there might not be a next time. When love comes knocking on your door, just open your heart and welcome it," she explained.


On the other hand, Muhlach talked about giving love despite all the pains in life "Just love, don't be pessimistic, don't doubt--just love. If at some point you get hurt, just hurt, it's okay, that's normal. Acknowledge that you are hurt then heal. If you do not acknowledge the hurt, healing will never begin," he said.


Also part of the film are Edward BarberAlbie Casiño, and Sandy Andolong.


Seize the day with Aga Muhlach and Bea Alonzo, and enjoy the scenic city of Vancouver, Canada. Watch "First Love," to be screened via TFC at the Movies in the following regions on these dates: October 25 in the Middle East, Brunei, and Papua New Guinea; October 26 in U.S., Canada and Saipan; October 27 and 28 in West London, East London, and Staines, Surrey; October 27 in Frankfurt, Germany, Dublin and Cork in Ireland, Vienna, Austria, Paris, France and Copenhagen, Denmark; October 28 in Jylland, Denmark, Galway and Newbridge in Ireland, Machester, U.K., Milan, Italy, Kristansand, Norway and Malta; November 1in Australia and New Zealand; November 3 in Stavanger, Norway; November 3 and 4 in Thailand; and November 4 in Rome, Florence, Bologna, Messina, Torino, and Padova in Italy, Athens, Greece, Oslo and Bergen in Norway, Espoo, Finland, Stockholm, Sweden, and Madrid, Spain.


For the cinema list in your region, visit or the applicable TFC Facebook pages for your area. Connect with fellow global Kapamilyas and follow @KapamilyaTFC and KapamilyaGlobalPR on Twitter and Instagram.

5 “Playhouse” One-Liners that Will Make Your Day


Mornings are now filled with kilig and good vibes with the airing of the newest Kapamilya series "Playhouse," where married couple Patty and Marlon try to prove that love deserves a second chance.


Played by Angelica Panganiban (Patty) and Zanjoe Marudo (Marlon) who are about to separate—until a tragedy involving their friends Brad (Patrick Garcia) and Emily (Denise Laurel), forced them to stay together: Patty and Marlon have been chosen to look after the late couple's son Robin (Justin James Quilantang).


Together with the newest loveteam of Donny Pangilinan (Zeke) and Kisses Delavin (Shiela), who play warring friends and eventually falling in love, they show that love happens despite differences. 


On its first week, "Playhouse" has already given us a few lines that ring true. Thanks to Patty and Marlon, these scenes and more are all worth watching on iWant TV.



1. "Sa buhay dapat palaban tayo palagi." / "We should always be strong and persevere through life." – Marlon

Marlon shows his charming ways in a stand-up comedy bar that catches the attention of Patty and reaffirms her notion that even if she is hurting in love, life goes on and the fight continues for a happy life.

2. "Ang relasyon ang pinapatagal, hindi ligawan."/ "Relationships are the ones that should last, not the courtship."  -Marlon

Marlon and Patty's whirlwind relationship is solidified with the belief that relationships are the ones that should last, not the courting phase when it is just putting one's best foot forward. 

3. "Pareho tayong PT eh. Parang Tanga…sa pag-ibig." "We do silly things when we are in love."- Pattyz`

Marlon and Patty soon discover that they both love the same way, without reservations and wholeheartedly. They kid each other that this makes them do silly things and act stupid because of love sometimes.

4. "Ang pag-ibig parang rugby yan eh. Mabilis dumikit. Matindi kumapit."/ "Love is like a bonding agent. It sticks and lingers for a long time." -Marlon

In a stand-up comedy bar, Marlon sides with Patty's claim that it's hard to move on by comparing love with rugby, because love is sticky and sturdy like a bonding agent. 


5. "Hindi dapat pinagdadamot ang second chance sa kung sino mang nagkamali sa buhay."/ "Second chances should always be given especially to those who want to change."  -Marlon

Marlon gives financial aid to one of his workers at his carwash shop who's soon becoming a father, he gives it as help and relates that it's okay to believe in someone who really wants to change. 


Feels so good right? Watch all "Playhouse" episodes for FREE anytime and anywhere on iWant TV.


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KathNiel, Ella Cruz, and Zanjoe Marudo Join KBO’s Halloween Weekend


A Halloween treat awaits KBO viewers this weekend as it features the suspense and horror films of Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, Ella Cruz, and Zanjoe Marudo this weekend.


Airing for the first time is "Cry No Fear," which stars Ella and Donnalyn Bartolome. They portray half-sisters Kaycee and Wendy respectively, who don't like each other. One night as they are left alone in their house, a group of intruders breaks into their home and tries to kill them. They are left with no choice but to get along and plan their escape. 


Kathryn and Daniel's only horror film, "Pagpag," brings the story of a group of friends that stayed in a house of a woman who is currently mourning for her husband. During their stay in the house, each of them violates the 'rules' of Filipinos attending a funeral. Soon, a series of unfortunate events happens to them.


Viewers will also get to watch "To Love Some Buddy" star Zanjoe Marudo in "Maria, Leonora, Teresa" as Julio, one of the parents whose child died in a field trip. To cope with their loss, their psychiatrist, Manolo (Cris Villanueva) gives them dolls. Little do they know that the toy they kept is controlled by a sinister master.


Joining the line-up this Saturday (Oct. 27) and Sunday (Oct. 28) are Sue Ramirez's "The Debutants," and Pokwang's "Wang Fam." 


Simply register using any prepaid or postpaid SIM. For prepaid, just load up (Globe, TM, Smart, Sun, TNT) with P30; press the green / INFO button on your TVplus box remote to get your box ID; then text KBO30 OCT27 <TVplus box ID> to 2366.

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Meet Janno Gibbs’ Daughter Gabs - This Beauty Month’s ABS-CBN Lifestyle Inspo


Gabs Gibbs, the youngest daughter of showbiz veterans Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga, takes on the newest guest editor role for leading celebrity lifestyle website ABS-CBN Lifestyle this beauty month of October. 


A beauty blogger, makeup artist, businesswoman, performer, brand ambassadress, and social media influencer, Gabs is keen on sharing her expertise on makeup, skincare, hair, and everything about looking good with gusto and youthful vibrance. She also shares her thoughts on more personal matters for the first time including family, fame, and relationships.


At 21 years old, Gabs is the youngest yet since the site started having monthly celebrity editors last July. "It seemed like yesterday when Janno Gibbs and Bing Loyzaga's bunso was just following her equally fashionable sister Chi's foray into the world of style," said ABS-CBN Lifestyle editor-in-chief Barry Viloria. 


"This time, we are seeing Gabs spread her wings more on her own to rule the beauty world one double tap at a time," Barry added. "Albeit her age, our newest ABS-CBN Lifestyle Inspo carries the maturity in many of her writings. Better log on!"


Check out the exciting reads and videos with Gabs, the #ABSCBNLifestyleInspo for the whole month. Catch more Inspiring Stellar Stories on ABS-CBN Lifestyle by logging on to Lifestyle.ABS-CBN.comand following the site through its social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @abscbnlifestyle.

Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Maine Mendoza Shares How Marian Rivera Becomes Her Beauty Inspiration

Since her early days in showbiz, Kapuso Primetime Queen Marian Rivera has been an icon of beauty and sophisticated grace. Her radiant glow, along with her dedication to her family and many advocacies, has earned her a rightful pedestal as one of the country’s top celebrities.

Marian’s beauty is timeless. Classic. And her flawless skin has been taken care of by a brand she has stayed loyal to for over 10 years, Maxi-Peel. Her supporters who have watched her grow in the industry love her candor and authenticity - so much so that they’ve also supported every brand she chose to work with, knowing that she’d only endorse products she has a genuine regard for. Marian has been a long-standing partner of Maxi-Peel, ensuring that every campaign they release is more successful than their last one.

To put it simply, she is an inspiration to everyone who knows her name, including the Phenomenal Star Maine Mendoza.

For days, it has been hot news that Maine has switched from her old cleanser and will be joining Marian in endorsing Maxi-Peel ZERO, an innovative new micro-exfoliant that promises glowing and radiant skin. Her main reason for making the switch? Her ate, Marian Rivera.

Much like Marian, Maine’s rise to stardom can be attributed to her candidness on and off the screen. In an industry that thrives on playing roles, Maine’s fans remained loyal to her because of her youthful spark and bona fide authenticity to herself and to everyone else. Every product she ever endorsed was a successful sold out situation that drew snaking lines and top trending topics on launch day.
Maine’s natural self is her best feature. Her effortless beauty is the desire of millions of her loyal supporters. And it won’t be long before those supporters make the switch to the latest addition to Maine’s beauty arsenal and the secret to her glowing skin, Maxi-Peel ZERO.
With both Marian and Maine working together, it’s safe to say that this might be the most powerful endorsement tandem we’ve seen in years. Their influence across all ages transcends beyond social media, print, and TV mediums. Maxi-Peel, with both Marian and Maine’s loyal support, is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Broadway's Highly Acclaimed Musical "WAITRESS" Opens in Manila on November 9 at RCBC Plaza

Making its international premiere with a sparkling new production, Waitress opens in Manila on November 9th at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati City. 

The show, which continues to perform for sold-out audiences on Broadway and across the USA, is also set to debut at London’s West End in 2019 and in Australia in 2020.

Based on the beloved film by Adrienne Shelly, Waitress features music and lyrics from 6-time Grammy nominee Sara Bareilles (“Love Song,” “Brave”) and a book by Jessie Nelson. The show made history by having Broadway’s first all-female creative team.

Waitress tells the story of a pie maker named Jenna who, despite the mundanity of her life, finds comfort and reckoning in the simple magic of baking. With the help of her two friends Dawn and Becky, she dreams of a way out of her loveless marriage and musters the courage to change her life for the better.

Leading the show as Jenna is award winning international musical theatre star Joanna Ampil. She has performed in the West End in musicals such as Miss Saigon, Les Miserables, Avenue Q and Jesus Christ Superstar, to name a few. Her performance as Candida in the recent film Ang Larawan has won her numerous Best Actress Awards locally. Jenna will be her first role back in the local theatre scene after her stint as Grizabella in the international tour of Cats.

Set to play the sassy waitress and loveable friend, Becky, is none other than Bituin Escalante. An influential figure in OPM, Bituin has also made rounds in the theatre scene since 1999. Bituin has starred in numerous Tony-winning shows in roles such as Joanne in Rent, Effie White in Dreamgirls, and Asaka in Once on this Island. Her recent performance as Aling Saling in Himala:The Musical has earned her critical acclaim.

To complete the trio, Maronne Cruz will be playing the neurotic and eccentric Dawn. Maronne is no stranger to musical theatre. She has appeared in numerous productions including Jeannie in Hair, Gabbi in Sa Wakas, Josephine in Ako Si Josephine, Stepsister Joy in Cinderella. She has also appeared in the indie film Mariquina as Monet and, most recently, performed in the hit musical Ang Huling El Bimbo.

But Joe’s Pie Diner would not be complete without the men of the show. Joining them are Bibo Reyes as Dr. Pomatter, Nino Alejandro as Ogie, George Schulze as Earl, Dean Rosen as Cal, and Steven Conde as Joe.

Bibo’s notable stage performances include Sonny in In the Heights, Franz in Rock of Ages, Trekky/Nicky in Avenue Q, and Rudolpho in Matilda. He was last seen as Hector in Ang Huling El Bimbo.

Nino has been in the local music scene since the ‘90s, and has released several solo albums.
Waitress marks his fourth production with Atlantis, as he has previously appeared as Nick Massi in Jersey Boys, Ethan Gerard in The Full Monty, and Bud in The Bridges of Madison County. He also joined The Voice Philippines and made it to the top 3 with his powerful rock vocals and soulful ballads.

Waitress marks George's and Dean’s debut with Atlantis Theatrical. George’s past productions include Hair, Beauty and the Beast, Monty Python’s Spamalot, Into The Woods, The Horse and His Boy; and 50 Shades! A Musical Parody. Dean previously appeared as Sir Galahad in Monty Python’s, and made his professional theater debut in A Peek Into The Woods.

Steven has been performing since 1999. Some of credits include: Aladdin: The New Stage Musical, The Full Monty, Ghost the Musical, Shrek the Musical, Saturday Night Fever the Musical, Bridges of Madison County the Musical, Jersey Boys, Kinky Boots, and Matilda the Musical. He has also forayed into directing and recently made his directorial debut with Atlantis with Side Show.

Waitress also features Luigi Quesada, Gerhard Krysstopher, Luis Marcelo, Emeline Celis Guinid, Teetin Villanueva, Sarah Facuri, and Jillian Ita-as.

It is directed by Bobby Garcia, Choreography by Cecile Martinez, Set Design by Tony Award winner David Gallo, Lighting Design by Aaron Porter, Musical Direction by Farley Ascuncion, Costume Design by Raven Ong, Sound Design by Josh Millican, Hair and Make-up Design by Johann dela Fuente and Vocal Coaching by Manman Angsico.

The international premiere of Waitress will run from November 9 to December 2 at the Carlos P. Romulo Auditorium, RCBC Plaza, Makati. For tickets, contact Ticketworld at (632) 891-9999 or visit

Special thanks to our partners, Oman Air, Royce, Discovery Suites Manila, Mondial Tours, ABS-CBN, CNN, Digital-Out-Of-Home, Philippine Star, and Monster Radio RX 93.1.

US Box Office Hit Horror Movie "Halloween" Showing Without Cuts in PHL Theaters on October 24

After making a killing with its $77.5 million No.1 debut in the US - the second-biggest opening ever for a horror film - Universal Pictures’ “Halloween” is set to slash its way to the Philippine box-office as it opens in selected cinemas Weds, October 24.

Audiences can rejoice with the news that the Movie & Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) has rated “Halloween” R-16 Without Cuts.  This is a welcome development for avid fans of horror films as “Halloween” will be shown in its integral version with all the terrifying and suspenseful scenes intact.  Moviegoers aged 16-years old and above will definitely have a scary good time.

Meanwhile, watch the newly unveiled Asylum Clip from Halloween that sets the tone for the intense terror to come.


About Halloween

Jamie Lee Curtis returns to her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who comes to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago.

Master of horror John Carpenter executive produces and serves as creative consultant on this film, joining forces with cinema’s current leading producer of horror, Jason Blum (Get Out, Split, The Purge, Paranormal Activity).  Inspired by Carpenter’s classic, filmmakers David Gordon Green and Danny McBride crafted a story that carves a new path from the events in the landmark 1978 film, and Green also directs.

Halloween is distributed in the Philippines by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.  Follow us on Facebook at and Instagram at

Jugs Jugueta Joins World's Talented Influencers in Queen's "Bohemian Rhapsody" Music Video

20th Century Fox has just revealed the global influencers' music video with a medley of the legendary band Queen wherein a group of fans of the band gathered together to create an unforgettable thrilling piece to share to the world on the band’s legacy.

Watch “Bohemian Rhapsody” influencer music video below:

The ­Philippines is represented by Jugs Jugueta (from Itchyworms) in the global music video created for the worldwide release of “Bohemian Rhapsody”.  Jugueta, a co-frontman and guitarist of the band Itchyworms is joined by other equally known and talented influencers from different parts of the globe who went into an immersive ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ experience in London.  

Immersing themselves in all things Queen, the influencers got the chance to record at the Metropolis Studio which is home to the best mastering engineers in the world, they were also brought to dine at The Champion Club that was once frequented by 1970s rock stars where Freddie Mercury wrote the song “We Are The Champions” and piles and piles of Queen-inspired costumes, make-up and accessories to complete that rare unforgettable experience.  During the trip,  Jugueta was also able to play the same piano that Freddie Mercury used.

Nobody knew how to put together a set list like Freddie Mercury and his band Queen, along with Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon – respectively played on screen by Rami Malek, Gwilym Lee and Joe Mazzello in “Bohemian Rhapsody” movie.  “Bohemian Rhapsody” is the epic  inspirational story of Freddie Mercury - a man who believed in himself and  his music when no one else did,  defying all stereotypes and breaking  all the rules to become one of the  greatest musical icons of all time. The movie is a journey of love, pain, and acceptance  and yes, music.

Stomp to the beat of all things Queen when “Bohemian Rhapsody”opens October 31 in cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox.

Celebrate Mickey Mouse’s 90th Anniversary with these Special Collectibles Available at SM Malls

As a special treat for fans on Mickey Mouse’s 90th anniversary, Disney Philippines launches an exciting range of collectibles available at SM Malls. Part of the ‘Share-A-Smile’ campaign, the new collection includes everything from toys to clothing to tableware. It’s perfect for the generations of kids and kids at heart who have found joy and magic with Mickey over the past nine decades.


60 Mickey Tees at SM Youth: The iconic Mickey gets 60 exclusive shirt designs in celebration of 60 years of SM Malls. Perfect for teens and twentysomethings, the minimalist designs exude an effortlessly cool vibe.


Special Mickey and Minnie Plush Doll Collectibles: The best way to celebrate Mickey’s birthday is to spend some quality time with Mickey and Minnie. Available at Toy Kingdom, these 14-inch plush dolls are made for hours of playtime fun.


Special edition Mickey Tote Bags: As a bonus, there are four exclusive tote bag designs up for grabs. With a minimum purchase of P1,000 worth of Mickey Share-A-Smile, SM 60th merchandise, or Mickey Classic products comes with a Collectible Mickey Mouse Tote Bag with Zipper Pouch. Collect all four designs until October 31 at SM Character Shop, Children’s Wear, Boys - Teens Wear, and Toy Kingdom.

Kick-off Mickey’s anniversary celebrations with these items. Do share your experience using the hashtag #MickeyShareASmile.

Four TV Couples that Show #RELATIONSHIPGOALS

Sometimes the model couples that people look up to are the ones they see onscreen. TV characters who portray love in the realest way possible speak to viewers, making them an inspiration to real-life couples. If you and your partner are looking for some inspo, check out this roundup of TV couples who embody #relationshipgoals:

1.   Monica and Chandler of “Friends”

Warner TV’s “Friends” has gone down in history as an iconic TV show and one of the reasons why it is still relevant until this day is Monica and Chandler’s relationship. The couple only got together after four seasons and since then, they got through relationship hurdles, including the difficulty of conceiving their own child.

2.   Mary, Queen of Scots and Francis II of “Reign”

The historical romantic drama that airs on Blue Ant Entertainment continue to make viewers swoon. But one stand-out couple is Mary, Queen of Scots and Francis II of France. As a young married couple, both show that loving each other means presenting a united front as monarchs, while working together behind closed doors to keep their marriage alive.

3.   Connor and Oliver of “How To Get Away With Murder”

“How To Get Away With Murder” that airs on Sony TV is a perfect combination of legal drama and mystery, but it also gives us more reasons to root for great couples. Case in point is Connor and Oliver’s relationship that give viewers a ‘kilig’ feeling. But beyond the chemistry, Connor and Oliver teach viewers that love is all about sticking together and accepting each other’s flaws.

4.   Patty and Marlon of “Playhouse”

ABS-CBN’s newest daytime offering presents a story of second chances in the lives of Patty and Marlon whose marriage will lead to a breakup. When they are forced to raise their orphaned godson, the possibility of getting back together presents itself. What viewers will like most about TV’s newest couple is how they show that love is a choice.


Find out more why these couples are #relationshipgoals by streaming the TV shows using One SKY Fiber. Plans start at P999/month.

TV shows available for streaming on SKY On Demand are based on the bundled cable plan of One SKY Fiber Premium (unlimited fiber-powered broadband with free HD cable TV) or One SKY Fiber Lite (fiber-powered broadband with data allowance and free HD cable TV). 

Visit and for more details.

MMFF 2018: ONE GREAT LOVE Kim Chiu, Dennis Trillo and JC de Vera

We all wish that we find our One Great Love in this lifetime with whom we hope to spend the rest of our lives with.

But are we willing to make the sacrifices and go through all the pain to attain it and keep it?

Is our One Great Love provided by destiny or do we get to choose?

This is the premise of the upcoming movie One Great Love, produced by Regal Entertainment, Inc. and an official entry to the upcoming 2018 Metro Manila Film Festival.

Every year, Regal Entertainment, Inc., creates an entry/entries to the annual film festival to adhere to its commitment in bringing quality entertainment for moviegoers.

This Christmas, the film production outfit is bringing together a stellar cast from two major TV networks to breathe life to one great movie, entitled One Great Love.

Top-billed by celebrity A-listers Dennis Trillo, JC de Vera, and Kim Chiu, the romance drama film, a hugot - bangon film that tackles a subject that everybody is highly familiar with and which we can all relate to: love and relationships.

The story tackles about love, which remains to be one of the greatest mysteries up to this day. Falling in love with someone is one thing, but staying in love with that person is another story.

Kim shows a different side of her in this movie. Mainly known for tackling romantic-comedy roles in movies, Kim goes out of her comfort zone and portrays another mature character. The bubbly bungisngis Kim Chiu will not be seen in Zyra, her character in the movie. She is expected to have love scenes in this film.

ABS-CBN premier artist Kim Chiu portrays the role of Zyra Paez, a woman fortunate enough to know and be with her one great love.

JC portrays the role of Carl Mauricio. Carl’s turbulent past has left a scarred, and in the process, keeps hurting the woman who did nothing but love him over anything else.

Kapuso dramatic actor Dennis is Dr. Ian Arcano, a heart doctor who firmly believes in the sanctity of family and keeping it that way. Ian is a dependable friend to Zyra, but then eventually falls in love with her.

The lives of Zyra, Carl, and Ian are intertwined with one another in a story that reveals to us that like every human being, we all seek for love, but our views about it differ.

"Magagaling lahat dito umarte. Baka makakuha sila ng awards. Totoong magagaling. Maganda ang pelikula para sa pasko. One Great Movie to watch out for," says matriarch Mother Lily Monteverde.

The movie helps us understand ourselves through the characters: are you the type to cling to someone you love no matter what or are you willing to let it go for someone you love?

The film also stars Eric Quizon portraying Dante Paez, Zyra’s loving father, who never got over of his One Great Love, discovers that he deserves a second chance at love.

Nina Dolino as Annie Paez, Dante’s second wife, who is a firm believer that One Great Love exists.
Miles Ocampo is Jemi Paez, sister of Zyra and who is mature for her age. She is a practical thinker, who challenges Zyra’s view about love.

Marlo Mortel is Bryan Gomez, a loving free-spirited guy who falls in love with Jemi.

Directed by Eric Quizon, One Great Love opens in cinemas on December 25.

Monday, October 22, 2018

GMA-7 Releases the Most Controverial Infidelity-Led Series "Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko"

What if the person you loved the most is also the one who will bring you the greatest pain?

Beginning Monday, October 22, GMA Network brings viewers a different face of infidelity with its newest Afternoon Prime series, Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko.

Highly-talented Kapuso actress Kris Bernal takes on the role of Rachel. She is beautiful, simple and dreams of having a happy family. Rachel meets Nathan, a smart businessman from a political family. Nathan marries Rachel out of pressure from his conservative family but he is unhappy and feels trapped. Deep down, he always knew he was gay, so he devised a way to fake his death. The truth is he went abroad and took their daughter with him. He undergoes sexual reassignment and facial feminization surgery in order to fully embrace the woman inside him. He left without knowing that Rachel is pregnant with their second child. Rachel, after Nathan died, went to the province where she gave birth.

Years later, Rachel meets the good-looking balikbayan Gavin, portrayed by returning Kapuso Rayver Cruz as he stars in his very first drama series in the Network. Rachel falls for him instantly but her prospect of happiness is met with a big blow when she discovers that he’s engaged to a mysterious and strikingly beautiful woman named Venus, breathed to life by Thea Tolentino. Venus is also a single mother who said that she got pregnant from her previous relationship.

Rachel feels that something isn’t right with Venus. Eventually, she found out the truth: Venus is a sexually reassigned woman who is no other than her former husband, Nathan.

Former husband and wife, now both fighting for the love of the same man. This is the intriguing and captivating premise of Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko.

Playing a very special role in the series is Kapuso actor Jason Abalos as Nathan, Rachel’s husband and a woman trapped inside a man’s body.

Playing important characters in Rachel’s life are: Lotlot De Leon as Lupita Santiago, her doting mother who really liked Nathan for her; Devon Seron as Maya Santiago, Rachel’s younger sister and her confidante; Annalyn Barro as Tina Santos, Rachel’s best friend who discovers that Nathan is cheating on her; Caprice Cayetano as Nicole Bravante, Rachel and Nathan’s daughter.

Joining them are the vital characters in Nathan/Catriona’s life: Jean Saburit as Veronica Bravante, Nathan’s mother who is kind but projects a strong personality; Ricardo Cepeda as Lorenzo Bravante, a Congressman and Veronica’s husband who has long pressured their son Nathan to get married; Maricris Garcia as Allison Bravante, older sister of Nathan and the only person who knows about his secret; Matthias Rhoads as Daniel Lindberg, a Fil-Am who becomes Nathan’s “lover” but breaks up with him when he finds out that Nathan is married; Phil Noble as Mama Krissy, a transgender who will become Nathan’s confidante regarding his sexuality.

Under the helm of this series is director Mark Sicat dela Cruz.

A love story and betrayal like no other. Don’t miss Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko’s premiere this October 22, from Mondays to Saturdays after Eat Bulaga on GMA Afternoon Prime.

Get the latest updates about Asawa Ko, Karibal Ko from the official Facebook page of GMA Drama, Twitter account @GMADrama and the GMA Network website

Kapuso viewers from across the globe can also catch their favorite Kapuso shows via GMA’s international channels GMA Pinoy TV, GMA Life TV, and GMA News TV International. For the program guide, visit




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