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5 Places You're Likely to Encounter an "Anino"

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Every Pinoy grew up hearing scary tales of supernatural creatures, otherwise known as "anino," from our parents, grandparents, yayas, and classmates. Many stories were told to make us stay away from certain places else we encounter various "anino"— creatures of the darkness responsible for weird, unexplainable occurrences.

Whether you want to avoid the supernatural altogether or actually go looking for them, iWant TV's original digital horror series "Umbra" tells the vivid stories behind different "anino" from all over the country that won't fail to creep us out—especially when you find yourself in locations where they're usually found.

1. Cemeteries in Mindoro

We've all heard of the "White Lady" in different forms, but the White Lady of Mindoro, Batangas, is known as "Lugay" for her long white hair. Lugay is said to creep around cemeteries, catching a ride on her victims' cars and motorcycles as they drive by. Next time you're at a cemetery, beware of this ghostly creature - many locals from generations ago and to this day still swear by real-life encounters with Lugay.

2. Wooded areas, antique shops, and antique furniture in or from the Ilocos Region

Ever heard of stories of sudden, unexplained deaths where the victim goes to sleep and never wakes up? Philippine folkore, especially in Ilocos will probably blame it on the dreaded "bangungot," brought on by the forest creature "Batibat" that resides in old trees. As the legend goes, old trees cut down for use in houses and furniture can anger Batibat, who in turn attacks the humans sleeping near the remnants of the cut-down trees. The Batibat sits on the chest of his victim, suffocating him in his sleep. Beware this ominous character when you're on a camping trip, trip to the province, or surrounded by antiques.

3. Old buildings, churches, and hospitals in Luzon and Visayas

Believers say that when the "Mangangatok" comes knocking on your door, you're in for a lot of bad luck, or worse, death. Storytellers warn urban dwellers as the Mangangatok roams the cities; this creature knocks on doors but isn't visible to its victims. Answering a Mangangatok's knock will make the dwellers inside a home its victims. Elders say that to avoid this, one must check carefully before opening their doors to unexpected knocks.

4. Capiz, Iloilo, and Antique

The "Manananggal" is one of the most famous beings in Filipino folkore, and they're found in these Visayan provinces. The Manananggal appears as a normal human by day, but turns into a scary, decapitated creature. As legend goes, the Mananggal's upper body flies off into the night to terrorize victims, often going for expectant mothers and killing them as they feed off the unborn child. Believers warn against taking trips to these places when pregnant, because some versions of the story tell of the Manananggal disguised as a doctor pretending to help, only to gather more victims for prey.

5. Rural, remote areas

This creepy creature in the form of a baby is one of the scariest stories told to children, since both infants and dolls could be a "Tiyanak." This scary creature is known in various cultures, but are said to abound in rural, remote provinces. According to myths, Tiyanaks are born when its parents are struggling; some versions will say a Tiyanak is born to attack an unfaithful father. Still other versions say the tiyanak is the ghost of an unwanted baby, or a baby who dies before birth. The tiyanak is a type of vampirical baby who is born to suck the life out of its victims, lurking in the dark and waiting to pounce on its victims.

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