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Seafarer's Power Wives Club Declares Fight Against Cervical Cancer

Seafarer's Power Wives Club Declares Fight Against Cervical Cancer

GlaxoSmithKline extends its cervical cancer awareness campaign to the wives of Philippine seafarers in a special event launch of POWER WIVES CLUB on November 7, 2015 at the Philippine Transmarine Carriers, Bagtikan St., Makati City.

During the event, a series of activities were held to further strengthened women empowerment  and what they can do to prevent the spread of the disease.

Chiqui Barretto helping Suzi Entrata to gift wrap

Make Up Artist Mica Tuaño during  her demo at the Power Over Cervical  Cancer, Power Wives Event 5

Make Up Artist Mica Tuaño during  her demo with Host Suzi Entrata at the Power Over Cervical  Cancer, Power Wives Event 6

Seafarer wives  during the  Gift wrapping session 4

Following the launch of the Power Pout campaign last May 2015 which revolves around empowering women when it comes to preventing cervical cancer, GSK furthers its advocacy with the creation of the POWER WIVES CLUB.

To further advance the Power Over Cervical Cancer advocacy to embrace more women across all demographics, the pioneering Power Wives will be the Seafarers’ Wives, who will undergo a program that will include sessions on personality development, image building, personal resilience, financial management and self-care.

To date, there are about 400,000 Filipino seafarers deployed who render themselves and their families at greater risk for several diseases and infections due to their working conditions. While they are striving for financial stability as their idea of a bright future, GSK wants to bring into their consciousness the value of preventive healthcare.

Secure the Future

On a national scale, Filipino seafarers onboard international fleets have greatly contributed to our social economic progress. Their foreign exchange remittances grow annually, notwithstanding that our seafarers comprise only 5 percent of the total OFWs working abroad. In 2014, their contributions amounted to USD5.6billion out of the USD24.3 billion dollars aggregate OFW remittances or more than 20 percent thereof. Currently, we are also ranked number 4 among the biggest shipbuilders in the world.

Shipping clearly moves the world. The underlying truth is that Filipino seafarers play a major role in the shipping industry as a whole, with 1 out of 4 seafarers onboard international vessels being Filipinos. This means they comprise 25 percent of the total global maritime professionals in the world.

The significance of the Philippine maritime industry transcends both the global and national arena. Undeniably, 90 percent of world trade is still reliant on international shipping. This means that almost all the food we eat, clothes we wear, the things we buy, use, own, in one way or another, were shipped onboard vessels before they got to us,” stated Capt. Ronald SJ Enrile, Senior Vice-President Maritime Management of Philippine Transmarine Corporation, the country’s biggest shipping-employment agency.

Securing the OFW families’ future is important. The future should not only mean financial stability but also health and wellness among the family members. Therefore, the need for health checkups and vaccination becomes more imperative.

Importance of early protection

Cervical cancer is a major problem for Filipino women: it is the second leading cause of cancer deaths among Filipinas, with seven dying of the dreaded disease every single day . What’s more worrying is that 2 in 3 Filipinas diagnosed with cervical cancer may die within five years, or up to 2,832 women dying in a year . In its early stage, it may have no signs or symptoms.

Cervical cancer occurs when abnormal cells develop and spread in the cervix, the entrance between the vagina and the uterus . The human papillomavirus (HPV), a very common virus, is the necessary cause of cervical cancer. It has been shown that 99.7 percent of cervical cancer patients are positive for HPV infection . It is also estimated that up to 80 percent of women will be infected with HPV at some point in their lives .

While HPV is primarily transmitted via sexual intercourse, skin-to-skin genital contact is also a recognized mode of transmission. Beyond regular consultations and pap smears by your doctor, vaccines that protect against cancer-causing HPV are also now readily available.

The incidence of cancer-causing HPV infection is actually highest at the young ages of 15-19. This is why the World Health Organization Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (WHO-SAGE) on Immunization reiterates the importance of getting young girls protected through HPV immunization before their first exposure to HPV (i.e. before sexual contact), as young as 9 years old.

Older women are just as susceptible. The risk of persistent infection with cancer-causing HPV (which is necessary for cervical cancer to develop) increases with age, and is highest when a woman is over 66 years old . Vaccination remains to be recommended for older women who did not receive it at an earlier age. However, screening continues to be encouraged among older women as a matter of precaution.

To know more about cervical cancer, visit the Pangarap Mo, Protektado page on Youtube containing various short filmes conveying how protecting oneself against vaccine-preventable diseases is one important step in the achievement of one’s dreams.

The power to protect yourself from cervical cancer is in your hands. Every woman - regardless of race, age, lifestyle or socio-economic status - is at risk . But it can be prevented. The World Health Organization recommends screening and vaccination as a form of preventive healthcare.

(Video) Dance Kids Try Outs November 14 Episode

(Video) Dance Kids Try Outs November 14 Episode

On Saturday, November 14, ABS-CBN brings Philippine TV’s first-ever dance reality search titled "Dance Kids" featuring kids ages 4 to 12 who will showcase their dance ability either in solo, duo, and group.

Get to know the kids who tried to impress Dance Masters Georcelle Dapat-Sy, Andy Alviz, and Vhong Navarro in the first Try Outs episode.

Dance Kids 2015 Try Out Performance: Matt Esguerra

Dance Kids 2015 Try Out Performance: Aloha Girls

Dance Kids 2015 Try Out Performance: Step Kids

Dance Kids 2015 Try Out Performance: Higher Level

Dance Kids 2015 Try Out Performance: Higher Level

Q&A Video: Alden Richards and His Christmas Plans, Is Maine Mendoza Included?

Q&A Video: Alden Richards and His Christmas Plans, Is Maine Mendoza Included?

He is known as the ultimate Prince Charming who is always very much ready to come to Yaya Dub’s rescue. He is that handsome gentleman on TV brimming with awesome confidence and humble demeanor. Behind the camera, he is a playful guy who enjoys goofing around with friends and family.

But what are the things we have yet to learn about man of the hour Alden Richards?

During’s recent visit on the set of his upcoming movie “My Bebe Love,” Alden shared to us his personal thoughts and feelings about some things he holds dear.

Inquirer: Of all the roles you have played on TV and in the movies, which is your favorite?

Alden: Actually I have no favorites. Every [role] was my favorite. As an actor, you have to love your roles because you are only [in] competition with your last acting role. Every role was my favorite except that there [is] this project [“My Bebe Love”] that really made an impact in my life because I play [the character of] Tisoy which is me in real life. That’s my nickname. Also the one when I played the dark character in “The Road.” Those two made a mark. But all of my roles are my favorites. Don’t get me wrong.

Inquirer: Do you play any sports?

Alden: As of now, I don’t. I used to. I am more of a bowling person and [I do] casual basketball sometimes. Now I really have no time. I don’t know if you consider mountain climbing as a sport. I do that most of the time with friends. [I already climbed] Makulot, Pulag and Pico de Loro. Those three. I wanted to climb Batulao but it [would consume] so much time so I really can’t.
Inquirer: How do you handle success?

Alden: By just thanking the Lord for everything and putting it in my heart. Not in any part of my body. Of course once it consumes your being, the success, that’s the start of your downfall. So success is given to you because the Lord wants you to use it for the better, for the good of everyone.

Inquirer: Do you believe in zombies?

Alden: I don’t know, but l’m seeing news and I think we should believe in them. So to all zombie aficionados out there, I’m with you guys.

Inquirer: What’s your ideal date?

Alden: Just simple. We, guys, when we think of having a date, it has to be grand, it should be in an expensive restaurant and that your gift must be expensive. That’s not the thing that will determine your relationship with a special person. It’s the sincerity, it’s the intention and most especially it’s the love you have for that person.

Inquirer: Can you describe your ideal girl?

Alden: A girl [who’s} understanding, has sense of humor so there won’t be any dull moment, kind. I’m already okay with those three. “Good looks” is just a bonus.

Inquirer: What’s your dream destination?

Alden: I’ve been there already but I wanted to go back a thousand times. It’s Japan. It’s the place to be.

Inquirer: What scares you?

Alden: The unexpected, most of the time. Every day I just pray and I ask guidance from the Lord. [I say] “Lord you just take me where you want to take me. I will not resist.” That’s what I have been doing for the past few months.

Inquirer: Any Christmas and New Year plans?

Alden: No plans yet. I prefer to just stay at home and eat out with the family. That’s what we have been doing for the past years. We are not really much [fans] of outings, out of town or out of the country. We don’t do such. We are used to just being together. That’s a holiday already for us.

Inquirer: How is it working with Jose, Wally and Paolo?

Alden: It’s an honor. I am very much lucky, so is Maine, for us to have been working with really cool guys. Really good [people]. Not only them but all of the Dabarkads. We are very blessed with good people around us because they are the ones who remind us to be grounded. That success is not an overnight thing. It will not come to you instantly. If it comes to you, you have to put it in your head to think that you’re somebody else already. Those people are the ones you should always be with because they will remind you that you’re still “human.” Dabarkads are like that.

Inquirer: What’s your dream role?

Alden: No dream role. Every role is a dream role. I’m not [just giving] a safe answer but that’s the nature of an actor. You don’t choose roles not unless, of course, as actors, you have a branding. You have to be choosy sometimes but if I were to decide myself I will not choose because every role is a challenge.

Inquirer: In everything that has happened to you in the past few months, what are you most thankful for and proud of?

Alden: I am very thankful because I still have the faith. I’m not saying names, I am not [generalizing], but once [people] achieve success, most of the time, they forget [about their faith]. When I started…you don’t remember the Lord in times of downfall or success. You remember him every time, every minute of your daily life. You thank him and you have to be grateful because he’s doing this to you right now. He gave you this blessing for you to be able to achieve happiness. There’s no better happiness than the Lord for me.
I am very proud of AlDub. It is not just a love team. It’s a symbol of respect for everyone, for our fellow Filipinos. AlDub brings back the old school style of manners that most of us have already forgotten. We are very proud of this because people believe in us because they feel and they know that the purpose of AlDub is good and is for the better.

Every day as we do “Kalyeserye,” what we want to achieve is the lesson that they will take with them. It’s a choice if they want to take it or leave it be. We thank everyone because it’s like people’s lives are being changed. I’ve been hearing news and stories, and because of that it gives us inspiration and motivation to keep going.
- Inquirer

Netizens Bash Kim Chiu on COMELEC Special Treatment; Kim Explains

Netizens Bash Kim Chiu on COMELEC Special Treatment; Kim Explains

Did Kim Chiu gets special treatment from COMELEC's staff in a mall satellite office in Marikina? Did she skipped a line and special opportunity intended for senior citizens during her voter's registration?

A complainant named Fred L. who took the video lamenting the Kapamilya actress saying "Pag artista ka di ka na kailangan pumila!!! dito lang yan sa comelec marikina. Pati senior citizens kawawa sa kanila. Comelec chairman ayusin mo naman mga bata mo." Check out the video below:

GALING SA INBOX: KAPAG ARTISTA, PWEDE NA LAHAT!Nangyari ang insidenteng ito noong oktubre 27, 2015. Matagal naghintay ang mga tao sa isang lugar sa Marikina para makapag parehistro sa darating na botohan. Noong nag sisimula na ang processing, may biglaang dumating na artista itago na lang natin sa pangalang "Kim Chiu" (hahaha) So ayun dahil artista nga hindi nya na kailangan pumila. Nakakaawa yung mga taong naghintay makapag parehistro ng maaga lalong lalo na yung mga matatanda parang tinaboy lang para paunahin si Tsinita Princess. #OnlyinthePhilippines"Pag artista ka di ka na kailangan pumila!!! dito lang yan sa comelec marikina.Pati senior citizens kawawa sa kanila. Comelec chairman ayusin mo naman mga bata mo."- Complainant (Fred L.)
Posted by Kupal Lord on Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Immediately after, the Kapamilya actress answers the allegations saying her road manager queued for her as early as 730AM - almost 3 hours before the mall had opened.

"dont judge if you dont know the real story.. dont base sa kung anong nakikita ng mata.. know everything first, bago mag kwento.." she tweeted.

“Krampus,” the Dark counterpart of Santa Claus, to Unleash Wrath on Christmas Day (Video)

“Krampus,” the Dark counterpart of Santa Claus, to Unleash Wrath on Christmas Day (Video)

“Krampus,” dark counterpart of Santa Claus, gets unleashed in a new trailer from the Christmas-themed horror thriller. Watch the trailer below:

Universal Pictures and Legendary Pictures’ “Krampus,” a darkly festive tale of a yuletide ghoul, reveals an irreverently twisted side to the Christmas holiday.

Directed by Michael Dougherty, “Krampus” stars Adam Scott, Toni Collette, Emjay Anthony, Allison Tollman, David Koechner, Conchata Ferrell, Stefania Owen and Krista Stadler.

When his dysfunctional family clashes over the holidays, young Max (Emjay Anthony) is disillusioned and turns his back on Christmas. Little does he know, this lack of festive spirit has unleashed the wrath of Krampus: a demonic force of ancient evil intent on punishing non-believers.

All hell breaks loose as beloved holiday icons take on a monstrous life of their own, laying siege to the fractured family’s home and forcing them to fight for each other if they hope to survive.

Opening across the Philippines on December 2, “Krampus” is distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

Watch Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza Paper Dance (Video) #ALDUBHappyBdayLOLA

Watch Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza Paper Dance (Video) #ALDUBHappyBdayLOLA

Ito na yata ang pinaka-kilig na paper dance ever. Kakayanin mo ba ang ALDUB version ng traditional "paper dance" with a new twist? Watch below:

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza #PaperDancePaMore
Posted by Jeng Alcantara Bauto on Friday, November 13, 2015

LOLABASYANG.COM November 14 Episode: Pandakotyong Sa Mundo ng mga Diwata

LOLABASYANG.COM November 14 Episode: Pandakotyong Sa Mundo ng mga Diwata

Meet Kotyong, ang pandak na mataas ang pangarap and his "fairy exciting" adventure in the 2-part special episode of LOLABASYANG.COM starting this Saturday, November 14 at 7PM.

Ang tiny but witty nating bida, may bitbit na BIG adventures! Samahan si Kotyong sa kanyang BIGanteng 2-part adventure trip ngayong Sabado sa #LolaBasyangDotCom, 7PM sa TV5!
Posted by Lola Basyang.Com on Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Starring Francis Magundayao as Kotyong, ang tiny but witty nating bida an may bitbit na BIG adventures. Maabot kaya nya ang kanyang pangarap? Find out this Saturday, 7PM only on TV5.

#ParangNormalActivity November 14 Episode: Haunted Freezer

#ParangNormalActivity November 14 Episode: Haunted Freezer

This Saturday on #ParangNormalActivity, chill muna ang inyong favorite PNA gang sa isang restaurant. Pero bakit ibang level ang ginaw na mafe-feel nila?

Chill muna ang club sa isang restaurant! Pero ibang level ng ginaw ang mafe-feel nila. Siguradong mangangatog ka sa takot ngayong Sabado sa #ParangNormalActivity, 8PM sa TV5!
Posted by Parangnormalactivity on Tuesday, November 10, 2015

At OMG!! Si Lexi, maninigas for real?!

OMG!! Si Lexi, maninigas for real?! Abangan ngayong Sabado sa #ParangNormalActivity, 8PM sa TV5!
Posted by Parangnormalactivity on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Catch your favorite #ParangNormalActivity gang Ella Cruz, Ryle Paolo Tan, Shaun Salvador and Andrei Garcia this Saturday, 8PM on TV5.

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Take Selfies in 'Zoolander 2' Movie Poster

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson Take Selfies in 'Zoolander 2' Movie Poster

Paramount Pictures has just released the teaser poster of “Zoolander 2,” the sequel to the 2001 hit comedy “Zoolander” starring Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson, who are both reprising their original roles.

“Look Time No Z” announces the one-sheet art, in which male models Derek (Stiller) and Hansel (Wilson) outdo each other in taking selfies.

Directed by Stiller, with a screenplay written by Justin Theroux, “Zoolander 2” also stars Kristen Wiig, Penelope Cruz, Will Ferrell, Christine Taylor and Olivia Munn.

“Zoolander 2 opens across the Philippines in February 2016 and will be distributed by United International Pictures through Columbia Pictures.

One Kapamilya Go! and Pinoy Pride 33 Mark a Memorable October for TFC North America

One Kapamilya Go! and Pinoy Pride 33 Mark a Memorable October for TFC North America

October 2015 was a memorable month of “firsts” for TFC in North America, highlighted by two giant events held only a week apart: the unforgettable, action-packed and world-class boxing matches of Philippines vs the World at StubHub Center on October 17, a partnership among ABS-CBN Sports + Action, ALA International and TFC, featuring Filipino boxing champions Donnie “Ahas” Nietes, Albert “Prince” Pagara, Mark “Magnifico” Magsayo, and Jason “El Nino” Pagara from ALA International and US-based champion Bruno Escalante; and the One Kapamilya Go in Oracle Arena on October 25 with the cast of the top-rated teleserye, Pangako Sa ‘Yo - Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla, Jodi Sta Maria, Angelica Panganiban, Ian Veneracion, Thou “Takong” Reyes and DJ JhaiHo “Coring” with internationally renowned singers, Charice, Erik Santos and Morissette.


People have already seen all the celebrity and VIP photos on traditional and social media for our October events, especially for One Kapamilya Go.  This time, we want to cast the spotlight on the fans so everyone can see their engagement, interaction, and most importantly, their joy from attending and participating in TFC events. At the same time, we want to pay tribute to our Filipino boxing champions from ALA International who made their very successful debut in the U.S. via Philippines vs The World,” said ABS-CBN North America Head of Ad Sales, Events & Trade Marketing Ricky Resurreccion.

Of course, one can’t forget the continuing TFC Sama Saya even at the onset of Fall with several events held in New Jersey, Las Vegas, Nevada and Milpitas, California.


Here are captured scenes from the October 2015 events of TFC North America where we will simply let the photos tell the story:

1) One Kapamilya Go at Oracle Arena, Oakland, California, October 25, 2015

2) Philippines Vs The World (Pinoy Pride 33) at StubHub Center, Carson, California on October 17, 2015

3) TFC Sama Saya with Gelo and Michi Salta at Seafood City, Las Vegas; at the 3rd Annual Filipino American Festival Inc. with Jose Llana, Jared Martin and Don Tagala at Overpeck Bergen County Park in New Jersey; and at Season’s Marketplace with Lee Robin Salazar, Princess Ryan and Tet Hernandez in Milpitas.

Cinema One Originals 2015 Screens Nora-Vilma Starrer 'Ikaw Ay Akin' and Jessy Mendiola's 'Salvage' this Saturday

Cinema One Originals 2015 Screens Nora-Vilma Starrer 'Ikaw Ay Akin' and Jessy Mendiola's 'Salvage' this Saturday

Cinema One Originals 2015 is premiering two very different films this Saturday, November 14.

The first is the restored version of the Ishmael Bernal classic “Ikaw Ay Akin” which stars no less than Nora Aunor and Vilma Santos, pitted against each other in a classic love triangle with Christopher De Leon. Aunor plays an orchid expert whose longstanding relationship with De Leon is threatened when Santos’s modern woman enters their lives. “Ikaw Ay Akin” is another of Bernal’s interrogations of the politics and dynamics of modern relationships, typically witty, typically sharp, typically  intelligent. 

The second film is the world premiere of Sherad Anthony Sanchez’s newest film “Salvage”. “Salvage” is a found footage horror film about a group of reporters investigating a spate of alleged aswang killings in a remote province who find that there’s more to things than they seem. While he remains tethered to the politics and mythologies of his native Davao here, Sanchez, who is more known for ethnographic experimental narratives like “Ang Huling Balyan Ng Buhi ” and “Jungle Love”,  considers the film as his way of breaking away from his comfort zones. It stars Jessy Mendiola and JC De Vera.

“Ikaw Ay Akin” screens at 7:15 PM while “Salvage” follows at 9:55. Both screenings will be at Trinoma.

Look: Poor Attendance at Maja Salvador's #MAJAstyConcert at MOA Arena

Look: Poor Attendance at Maja Salvador's #MAJAstyConcert at MOA Arena

Despite the very little support she got from her so-called fans, Dance Empress Maja Salvador didn't disappoint those who bought the tickets and braved the EDSA traffic just to see her perform on Friday night, November 13 in her MAJAsty Concert at the SM Mall of Asia Arena.


(Video) Alden Richards Turns Supermarket Bagger Boy, Would You Shop 'Til You Drop?

(Video) Alden Richards Turns Supermarket Bagger Boy, Would You Shop 'Til You Drop?

Pambansang Bae Alden Richards surprised shoppers in a local supermarket when he disguised as a bagger named Ricky Salumbre.

With the help of a cap, bagger outfit, and a pair of glasses, Alden successfully hid his true identity as he asked shoppers random questions.

Their reaction upon learning that the true Ricky is Alden? Priceless. Watch below:

ABS-CBN vs. GMA Christmas Station ID 2015 - The Most Sincere, Inspiring, Heartwarming Christmas Plug

ABS-CBN vs. GMA Christmas Station ID 2015 - The Most Sincere, Inspiring, Heartwarming Christmas Plug

ABS-CBN launches its almost 10-minutes 2015 Christmas station ID was released on Thursday night uniting the Kapamilya stars to give thanks to everyone who selflessly gives love, service and care to different communities by visiting different communities, provinces and organizations to give them gifts and treats as a manner of appreciating their efforts.

On the other side of the fence, GMA Network likewise releases its version of their almost four-minute Christmas Station ID where Kapuso stars get together to inspire everyone to spread love and joy this Christmas season by giving gifts and treating random people as a way of giving out love and bring joy to people’s lives.

Daryl Ong Releases Self-Titled Debut Album Under Star Music

Daryl Ong Releases Self-Titled Debut Album Under Star Music

After making a mark in his stint in the second season of “The Voice of the Philippines,” pop and RnB singer Daryl Ong is ready to share his voice and story via his first self-titled album released under Star Music.

Daryl said the album is not just a milestone in his musical journey, but also an accomplishment in his personal life amidst all the struggles he went through.

“This album means a lot to me. It’s not just a compilation of songs; I see it as a compilation of dreams and goals I had long ago when I started singing,” he said.

It can be remembered that Daryl joined “The Voice” not only to share his talent with the world, but also to reach out to his son as their communication was severed when the little one was secretly brought to the US.

Daryl’s first single is a song called “Mabuti Pa,” written by the veteran songwriter Vehnee Saturno, who also composed most of the songs in the album.

The album also features “Parang Langit,” a duet with Angeline Quinto,” and bonus track “Ikaw Na Nga,” one of the theme songs of the top-rating teleserye “Bridges of Love.”

Completing the track list of the album are “Dapat Pa Ba?” “It’s Not Easy Letting Go,” “Just Wanna Be With You,” “Hopeless Romantic,” “Only You,” “Ngayong Hanggang Wakas,” and bonus tracks “S’yempre” and “Torpe.”

A talented singer, Daryl won second runner-up for his interpretation of “Torpe” at Philpop 2014 and was given the People’s Choice Award for “Hangga’t May Tinig Ako” in A Song of Praise Music Festival.

“Daryl Ong” is executive produced by Malou N. Santos, Roxy Liquigan, Vehnee Saturno, and Kate Valenzuela. The overall album producers are Vehnee and Kate, with Jonathan Manalo as the audio content head.

It is now available at all record bars nationwide for only P250. Digital tracks can also be downloaded via leading record stores all over the country and in online music stores such as iTunes,, and

For more information, visit or follow Star Music’s official social media accounts at, and

Lifestyle Network Premieres Another Original Production with Kolohe Kai's 'Higher' Official Music Video

Lifestyle Network Premieres Another Original Production with Kolohe Kai's 'Higher' Official Music Video

Lifestyle Network debuts another original production with its first official music video, “Higher” by island pop musician Kolohe Kai. The single was yet another hit of the singer-songwriter prodigy, and continues to soar on island reggae and pop airwaves as one of the year’s hottest tracks. The official music video for “Higher” debuts on November 14th, worldwide, on Lifestyle Network.

I’m excited to release this video for the fans and for them to get a taste of what joy the ocean can bring us,” said Roman DePeralta, also known as Kolohe Kai.

DePeralta’s musical career skyrocketed, following a statewide win at a musical competition. With the debut of “Ehu Girl” on the radio in September 2009, Kolohe Kai became an overnight sensation, creating music that would redefine island reggae. “Higher” is his latest single that was released in May 2015.

In every corner of the world, we continue to discover thought-leaders, artists, innovators, and iconoclasts that not only shape our global culture, but also give pride to their Filipino roots,” said Aileen Paredes, Channel Head for Lifestyle Network Global. “It is the network’s honor to have created the original music video for Kolohe Kai, a musical treasure of Hawaii, and innovator of sound.

To learn more about Lifestyle Network and to explore its programming and subscription options, visit

Watch 'Finding Dory' Teaser Trailer

Watch 'Finding Dory' Teaser Trailer

After launching the first poster art a few days ago, the teaser trailer for Disney-Pixar’s comedy adventure “Finding Dory,” the eagerly anticipated sequel to 2003's “Finding Nemo,” just dove in online. Watch below:

Directed by “Finding Nemo” helmer Andrew Stanton, the film reunites Dory with friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for answers about her past. What can she remember? Who are her parents? And where did she learn to speak Whale?

Ellen DeGeneres returns to voice everyone’s favorite forgetful blue tang. Joining her in the voice cast are Ed O’Neill as Hank, a cantankerous octopus; Ty Burrell as Bailey, a misguided beluga whale; and Kaitlin Olson as Destiny, a kind-hearted whale shark.

“Finding Dory” also features the voices of Albert Brooks, Diane Keaton and Eugene Levy.

Opening across the Philippines on June 17, 2016, “Finding Dory is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures. Follow the official social media accounts of Disney in the Philippines, namely, (FB) WaltDisneyStudiosPH, (Twitter) @disneystudiosph and (Instagram) @waltdisneystudiosph.

Say Thank You for The Love this Christmas with Gifts from ABS-CBN Store

Say Thank You for The Love this Christmas with Gifts from ABS-CBN Store

This holiday season, celebrate Christmas the Kapamilya way by giving your family, friends, officemates, boyfriend/girlfriend, your crush presents that they will surely cherish from the “Thank You for the Love” shirts as seen on ABS-CBN’s 2015 Christmas station ID to must-have collectibles from well-loved Kapamilya programs like “Ang Probinsyano,” “Pangako Sa’Yo,” and “On the Wings of Love,” among others.

Even gifts for avid film buffs and music fans can be found at The ABS-CBN Store as it also offers a selection of Star Home Video, Star Music, and ABS-CBN Publishing merchandise such as DVDs and CDs of classic and all-time favorite movies and albums.

Christmas is the season to thank the people who have made our year extra special. The wide range of products that the ABS-CBN Store offers are all-time favorites that will make anyone feel loved,” ABS-CBN Store’s marketing officer Pia de Leon said.

She added, “Everything about the Kapamilya network is here. If you know a solid Kapamilya fan, I’m sure giving one of our products as a gift this Christmas will complete their day.”

Don’t forget to say “thank you for the love” this season of hope, joy, and giving with the ABS-CBN Store.

The ABS-CBN Store is located at The Loop, ELJ Building in the ABS-CBN Compound, ABS-CBN Store Selling Booths during events, Selected ABS-CBN Regional Stations Nationwide and malls nationwide like Robinsons Department Stores, Metro Gaisano Department Stores, and pop-up stores  in Market! Market! and Glorietta.

Merchandise are also available online via and affiliate online stores oshopping, Zalora and Lazada. Worldwide and nationwide shipping is guaranteed.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Big Reveal: Nadine Lustre is Darna, James Reid as Captain Barbell

Big Reveal: Nadine Lustre is Darna, James Reid as Captain Barbell

Her fans want her to play the next "Darna,". In fact, she easily topped the survey conducted by ABS-CBN showbiz website with 48% compared to other Kapamilya leading ladies who expressed their willingness to play the much-coveted role in the movie version to be released next year by Star Cinema.

In her recent interview, Nadine Lustre said "Gusto ko po talagan kase Darna yun eh. Bigyan lang nila ako ng time mag-train."

Her other half James Reid also said that he very much support the decision of Nadine to take the role of Pinay superheroine if ever it will be offered to her. He also said that he could be her "Captain Barbell"

"She is Darna and I am Captain Barbell." said James.

Big Reveal: Nadine Lustre is the next Darna...according to James Reid. And he is her Captain Barbell. Sweet!
Posted by Showbiznest on Thursday, November 12, 2015

When asked if she thinks Nadine have the body to give justice to the role, James said: "I think she can do it. I though she has the body to do it." 

Angelica Panganiban Bids 'Pangako Sa 'Yo' Goodbye

Angelica Panganiban Bids 'Pangako Sa 'Yo' Goodbye

On Wednesday, November 11, episode of trending Kapamilya primetime soap "Pangako Sa 'Yo" TV viewers grieved after three major characters died: one of them was shot dead, two fell off a cliff.

Claudia (Angelica Panganiban) had Caloy (Joem Bascon) kidnapped, with the ultimate plan of having him killed. While Claudia was giving her last words to him, Diego (Bernard Palanca) overheard everything, including the Claudia's revelation about hiring Caloy to kill him.

After hearing the truth, Diego confronted Claudia and tried to strangle her.

But Diego could not kill Claudia as mercy overcame him. But it was the worst decision he made. The moment he turned his back, Claudia reached for a gun and shot him.

Meanwhile, Caloy was able to free himself. He took the gun and aimed it at Claudia.

But just like Diego, mercy overcame Caloy. Instead of shooting Claudia, he just hit her hard enough making her unconscious.

He then brought Claudia inside the car and drove. He thought that since he could not kill Claudia, it would be best to serve lawful justice.

But Claudia returned to consciousness sooner than expected. She tried to take control of the car, but Caloy was determined to end everything all at once. He then decided to just drive off the cliff, which resulted in their tragic death.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Watch GMA-7 Christmas Station ID 2015 'MaGMAhalan Tayo Ngayong Pasko'' Video

Watch GMA-7 Christmas Station ID 2015 'MaGMAhalan Tayo Ngayong Pasko'' Video

GMA Network welcomes the most-awaited season with the premiere of the “MaGMAhalan Tayo Ngayong Pasko” Christmas campaign on its primetime newscast 24 Oras.

The message of love takes center stage in the Kapuso community as well-loved Kapuso artists and trusted News and Public Affairs personalities come together with viewers in a happy, heartfelt celebration of  the season.

Renowned director Cesar Cosme, who helmed the project, says that the message imparted by the video is about “genuine and pure love,” much like that of a child.

Christmas is truly the season for loving one another and the Network’s message is to spread the love this Holiday Season.

One with the Network’s message of love are GMA’s best and brightest stars including Dingdong Dantes, Marian Rivera, AiAi de las Alas, Lovi Poe, Heart Evangelista, Michael V, Willie Revillame, Dennis Trillo, Tom Rodriguez, Megan Young, Carla Abellana, Barbie Forteza, Bianca Umali, Miguel Tanfelix, Andre Paras, Ruru Madrid, Gabbi Garcia, and German Moreno.

They are joined by Tito Sotto, Vic Sotto and Joey de Leon leading Dabarkads, with the phenomenal love team of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza, together with Lola Nidora, Lola Tidora and Lola Tinidora.

Also featured are GMA’s formidable News and Public Affairs team with news pillars Mel Tiangco, Mike Enriquez, Jessica Soho, Vicky Morales, Arnold Clavio and Howie Severino.

With heartwarming scenes full of traditions and the sharing of the gifts of love and laughter among those we care about the most, the 2015 GMA Christmas station ID shows a holiday that is truly Pinoy, and truly Kapuso.

And as the countdown to Christmas continues, the station with a heart hopes that Kapuso viewers worldwide hear the message – “MaGMAhalan Tayo Ngayong Pasko.”

This year, the Christmas station ID theme song was sung by Pambansang Bae Alden Richards; with lyrics written by Brian James Camaya and Clare Yee, and music composed by Simon Tan.

Watch ABS-CBN 2015 Christmas Station ID 'Thank You For the Love'' Video

Watch ABS-CBN 2015 Christmas Station ID 'Thank You For the Love'' Video

This Christmas season, ABS-CBN is paying tribute to Filipinos whose touching stories inspired and ignited the passion of several Kapamilya stars in its newest Christmas station ID dubbed as "Thank You For The Love".

The 10-minutes video shows celebrities giving back and sharing heartwarming stories of Filipinos to millions around the world. It also highlights how Filipinos never cease to help those in need even in the simplest of ways.

Leading the Kapamilya stars in the video is "Ang Probinsyano" star Coco Martin, who, together with the cast of the hit series, chose to honor soldiers from Camp Capinpin in Tanay, Rizal.

The stars of "Pasion de Amor," on the other hand, helped pack goods at Sangley Point of the Philippine Navy in Cavite for soldiers who serve as inspirations for securing Ayungin Shoal, a disputed territory in the West Philippine Sea.

Gerald Anderson led a homecoming tribute for Filipino boxing champions Donnie Nietes, Mark Magsayo, and brothers Jason and Albert Pagara.

Piolo Pascual gave new uniforms to the kids of Bayanijuan Futbol Club in Calauan, Laguna.

Angel Locsin, Matteo Guidicelli, Jessy Mendiola, JC De Vera, and Paulo Avelino spent time with orphans from Meritxell Children’s World Foundation in Marikina City.

A roving Christmas Noche Buena table also went to different places such as Pampanga and Batangas with "Be My Lady" stars Erich Gonzales and Daniel Matsunaga, "Doble Kara" lead Julia Montes, screen veterans Richard Gomez and Dawn Zulueta, and onscreen tandem Kim Chiu and Xian Lim.

Composed by Robert Labayen with music from songwriting duo Thyro Alfaro and Yumi Lacasmana, "Thank You For The Love" was performed by Daniel Padilla, Kathryn Bernardo, Enrique Gil, Liza Soberano, Nadine Lustre, and James Reid. 

Bea Alonzo Admits Being Excited About 'Darna' Role

Bea Alonzo Admits Being Excited About 'Darna' Role

Will Bea Alonzo the next to portray the Filipina superhero "Darna"?

In one of her recent interviews, the During the "A Second Chance" actress said she has not received any offer to replace Angel Locsin, who has backed out of the upcoming Star Cinema-produced Darna movie.

"Darna? Hindi. Ay, ako ba? Hindi ko alam," she said. Adding, "Wala po akong offer. Parang hindi naman ako. Ako si Basha, hindi si Darna," she explained.


Still, Bea said she is still open to becoming Darna on the big screen should the opportunity be given to her.

"Siyempre, malaking honor 'yan, my God. Malaking blessing 'yan if ever, but wala pa namang nag-o-offer sa akin. I will tell you about it if ever," she said. 

Richard Yap Unveils His Dark Side in 'Ang Probinsyano'

Richard Yap Unveils His Dark Side in 'Ang Probinsyano'

Richard Yap adds more thrill to the primetime viewing experience of TV viewers as he joins the stellar cast of “Ang Probinsyano.”

Richard expressed his excitement in becoming a part of the hit series and having the chance to work with the show’s cast.

I’m so glad that I am now part of ‘Ang Probinsyano’ since this show is one of the most exciting and action-packed show now on primetime. I’m also honored and excited that I could work with such top-caliber cast,” he said.

In doing intense scenes with his co-star Coco Martin, Richard said that as an actor, he sees it as an avenue for growth.

I know how intense Coco can be in his role and I’m looking forward to be doing scenes with him,” told Richard. “It’s always a good learning experience to be working with such a fine artist.”

Richard plays the role of Mr. Tang, the leader of the international child trafficking syndicate that Ador tried to capture before his unfortunate death.

Now that Mr. Tang is in the picture, will Cardo be able to finish the mission his twin brother started? Can he still give justice to the death of Ador?

Don’t miss the thrill and excitement brought by Richard Yap in the hit teleserye “Ang Probinsyano,” weeknights on ABS-CBN. 

For more information about the program, visit Dreamscape Entertainment Television’s official social networking site at,, and

The Best Pinoy Kid Dancers Battle Starting November 14 in ABS-CBN's 'Dance Kids'

The Best Pinoy Kid Dancers Battle Starting November 14 in ABS-CBN's 'Dance Kids'

Filipinos have proven time and again to be exceptional singers and actors. But this November, kids will show that Filipinos are a force to reckon with when it comes to dancing in its newest talent reality search “Dance Kids,” which begins on November 14 on ABS-CBN.

Watch different acts dance to achieve their dreams and share their stories of inspiration in Philippine TV’s first-ever dance competition for kids, which will be hosted by Robi Domingo and Alex Gonzaga.

In the program, solo, duo, and group acts four to 12 years old will showcase their dance ability. A total of 60 acts will face the tryouts and will be divided into two teams, to be led by two dance celebrities.

In the tryouts, the acts will have to face the Dance Masters Georcelle Dapat-Sy, Andy Alviz, and Vhong Navarro, some of the most respected names in dance in Philippine entertainment. To get through the round, an act has to make the three Dance Masters “stomp.”

Get to know the kids who will impress Teacher Georcelle, who started dancing in TV programs when she was just 14 years old. She later joined dance group Hotlegs, but gained more prominence as the founder and head of G-Force, a group that performs with the most successful artists in the industry. Teacher Georcelle currently serves as the dance mentor of musical competition “Your Face Sounds Familiar.”

Joining her is Andy, a veteran choreographer, artistic director, and musician who served as resident choreographer for the local productions of musicals “Miss Saigon” and “Urinetown,” as well as for ABS-CBN shows such as “’Sang Linggo nAPO Sila” and “ASAP.” Aside from that, he also established Whiplash Dance Company, one of the most prominent jazz dance groups in the country. Andy is also known for directing and producing musicals and albums that aim to promote the culture of Pampanga, where he came from.

Vhong, meanwhile, considers dancing his first love that introduced him to showbiz. Before becoming an actor, comedian, and host, Vhong made a name for himself as a member of group Streetboys. And in “Dance Kids,” he is excited to share his knowledge and experience with the dance artists.

Meanwhile, if the Dance Masters fail to come up with a unanimous decision, the acts have to convince the one or two Dance Masters to give them a chance to advance in the competition. By the end of the tryouts, only 16 acts per team will remain.

Meanwhile, the remaining 32 acts who will pass the tryouts will then enter the dance offs, where two acts from each team will be pitted against each other.

The 32 acts will be reduced by half, and the Top 16 acts will further prove their potential, versatility, and excellence in thematic solo performances.

After several weeks, the Final 4 acts who will battle it out in the grand finals will be named. The act who will garner the highest number of public votes will be declared the first-ever “Dance Kids” grand champion.

Who will own the dance floor?

In the coming days, ABS-CBN will announce the other two Dance Masters and the two hosts who will join the kids as they dance their way to the top.

Don’t miss the premiere of “Dance Kids” this Saturday (November 14) on ABS-CBN. Watch it every Saturday, 6:15PM, and every Sunday, 6PM. For updates on the program, like or follow @DanceABSCBN on Twitter and Instagram.

Rick Astley Live at The Theatre at Solaire on November 30

Rick Astley Live at The Theatre at Solaire on November 30

1980' hottest British pop singer Rick Astley is coming to Manila on November 30 for a one night concert only at The Theatre at Solaire in Paranaque City.
Ticket Prices:

Zone 1: P 7,665
Zone 2: P 6,570
Zone 3: P 6,022.50
Zone 4: P 3,832.50
Zone 5: P 2,737.50
For tickets, visit

OPM's Brightest to 'Fly High' in ICA Batch 1990 Homecoming Concert on November 14 at ICA Greenhills

OPM's Brightest to 'Fly High' in ICA Batch 1990 Homecoming Concert on November 14 at ICA Greenhills

The Immaculate Conception Academy Batch 1990 proudly presents “FLY HIGH: That so Ravens,” a homecoming concert featuring an incredible mix of all the hottest names in local music today.

The event will be on November 14, 2015, Saturday 8:00 pm at ICA Greenhills.

Expect an epic night with performances from OPM icons Gary Valenciano and songwriter Ogie Alcasid to rock superstar Bamboo Manalac; from “Your Face Sounds Familiar” biggest contender Sam Concepcion to charming leading man Enrique Gil and singer/actor Elmo Magalona; from fresh faced Perkins Twins and Kenneth Parsad to EDM hottie Callum David; and TV Patrol’s beautiful Gretchen Fulido.

Hosted by ICA Batch 1990 together with ICA Batches 1965, 1970, 1975, 1980, 2000, 2005 and 2015, the show is directed by Paolo Valenciano and written by Garlic Garcia. There will also be performances by ICA Dance Troupe, Xavier Dance X, LSDC and many more surprise guests.

Aside from witnessing an outstanding live performances by our very own local acts, every ticket purchase also entitles you a chance to win one (1) year membership to the exclusive Balesin

Island Club or round-trip tickets for two (2) to any of these destinations: Australia, Phuket, Hong Kong or Palawan.

Ticket information is available by contacting (02) 721-2687 or (0917) 898-0585.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Billy Crawford Leaves 'Celebrity Playtime,’ To be Replaced by Luis Manzano

Billy Crawford Leaves 'Celebrity Playtime,’ To be Replaced by Luis Manzano

With the launch of its newest dance-reality competition for kids entitled “Dance Kids” on November 14, Saturday, 6:15PM and Sunday, November 15, at 6PM, ABS-CBN is moving the timeslot of its trending celebrity game show “Celebrity Playtime” at 10:30PM every Saturday after “Your Face Sounds Familiar”.

Starting November 14, every Filipino family have all the good reason to stay at home at bond in front of their television set with the newest dance show “Dance Kids,” with a back-to-back fun brought by the celebrity transformations in “Your Face Sounds Familiar” and the exciting party games in “Celebrity Playtime.”

Following these programming changes, ABS-CBN and Billy Crawford’s management ALV Talent Circuit Inc. have decided for Billy to relinquish his hosting job in “Celebrity Playtime” to Luis Manzano. Billy would love to continue hosting the show but unfortunately, he can’t be seen in two consecutively airing programs.

ABS-CBN thanks Billy for his dedication to “Celebrity Playtime.” He remains as one of the most respected hosts of the network, and his fans can still watch him in “Your Face Sounds Familiar” on weekends and “It’s Showtime” from Mondays to Saturdays.

Celebrate 'World Toilet Day 2015' with Domex and Help Cure Global Toilet Sanitation Problem in Schools

Celebrate 'World Toilet Day 2015' with Domex and Help Cure Global Toilet Sanitation Problem in Schools

Fact: 443 million school days are lost each year because of unsanitary toilets.

Fact: It's never too late. We can cure and prevent global toilet sanitation problems in school.

This coming Friday, November 13, the world will be celebrating the WORD TOILET DAY - a campaign established in 2001 to motivate millions around the world on issues of sanitation. In 2013, it has grown in scope by becoming a UN international day.

This year, World Toilet Day will focus on the toilet sanitation problem in schools across the globe that leads to 443 million missed school days.

According to a study conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), diseases caused by unsanitary toilets in schools together with poor sanitation and hygiene practices make children around the world miss an estimated 443 million school days each year. In the Philippines, this number of sick days is equivalent to all grade school and high school classrooms being empty for one month. This sanitation-related concern hinders the children’s learning and significantly reduces their quality of life.

Illnesses due to poor toilet sanitation include diarrhoeal disease (the second leading cause of death in children under 5 years old) and parasitic worm infections which can lead to nutritional deficiencies, physical and mental stunting, and even death. Every day, millions of children in rural communities and urban households nationwide are exposed to these health problems by using dirty toilets populated by disease-carrying germs.

According to Dr. Luisa Efren of the Philippine Public Health Association (PPHA), the simple act of proper toilet sanitation can help prevent the spread of these germs. However, children continue to be at risk from these deadly diseases because many households still use ordinary laundry bleach to clean their toilet bowls, which is not enough to kill all toilet germs.

A toilet that looks clean to the naked eye may not necessarily be free from germs and bacteria. So, it is very important to properly sanitize all surfaces using a germ-kill expert with proven efficacy in eliminating bacteria, and not just any ordinary laundry bleach,” Dr. Efren warned.

Unilever Philippines through its germ-kill expert brand DOMEX, has been working with UNICEF and PPHA to champion the 1 MILLION CLEAN TOILETS MOVEMENT in the past three years. This advocacy program aims to educate Filipinos on proper toilet hygiene and the need for sanitized household toilets to keep their families safe against disease-causing germs.

On November 13, World Toilet Day, let us join the 1 Million Clean Toilets Movement in the fight against disease causing germs to save lives, one clean toilet at a time. You can help this campaign by spreading awareness on the sanitation issue caused by unsanitary toilets by talking about it on social media. Include the following hashtags in your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts: #1MCleanToilets and #WorldToiletDay

You can also share the “Sick Days” video ( to increase awareness about this alarming problem in schools across the country.

To learn more about Domex and how you can stay safe from disease with a germ-free home, visit Domex Philippines on Facebook




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