Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cess Visitacion Forced Evicted from PBB House; Axel Torres and Manolo Pedrosa Get Automatic Nomination

After committing several violations like writing a secret message, moving the furniture, no lapel and asking about the outside world, Cess Mae Visitacion, ang "Bida Raketera ng Valenzuela City," was forced evicted from Pinoy Big Brother All In on Saturday, May 17.


Alex Gonzaga, Manolo Pedrosa and Axel Torres, meanwhile, were put on automatic nomination next week and might leave the PBB House on May 24 when they also asked about the outside world with Manolo's mom and houseguest Sandara Park during their surprise visit early this week.

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PBB 1st Eviction Night Result: Chevin Cecilio is Eliminated

Chevin Cecilio, ang "Simpatikong Salesman ng CamSur," became the first housemate to get evicted from Pinoy Big Brother All In as announced during the first live eviction night on Saturday, May 17.

Loisa Andalio and Mariestela Racal, meanwhile, were saved by voting public and will still have the chance to win the P1-million grand prize.

Here are the final percentage of votes:

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PBB All In Celebrity Housemate: Daniel Matsunaga

The long wait is over!

Kuya, during the 1st nomination night on Saturday, May 17, revealed the newest celebrity to join the rest of the housemates in Pinoy Big Brother All In Edition - he is no other than the "Hunk of the World ng Makati" - Brapanese model Daniel Matsunaga.

"Pinoy Big Brother: All In" will have a primetime telecast on weekdays to be hosted by Toni Gonzaga.

Its "Uber" episodes, which will also air daily on afternoons, will be co-hosted by Bianca Gonzalez, John Prats, Robi Domingo, and Alex Gonzaga.

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"Maybe This Time" Movie Trailer - Sarah Geronimo and Coco Martin

Star Cinema has released the full movie trailer for their summer romantic comedy movie "Maybe This Time."

Watch below:

"Maybe This Time" marks the first big screen team-up of Teleserye King Coco Martin and Pop Star Sarah Geronimo. 

Directed by Jerry Lopez Sineneng, the film hits theaters nationwide on May 28, 2014.

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Media Industry Giants Partner in Philippine TV's Biggest Project Yet - JasMINE

For the first time ever, advertising genius Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, commercial and film expert Unitel Entertainment and the fastest-growing broadcasting network TV5 teamed-up for an exciting suspense-drama that will keep viewers hooked and wanting for more.

Dubbed as a romantic drama series with suspense, this TV series-within-a-TV series revolves on Jasmine Curtis Smith (playing as a fictional version of herself), TV5's most promising young actress and posed to be the on-screen partner of the network's hottest hunk actor, Alexis Vergara (Vin Abrenica). As she clinches the lead role in the network's (fictional) flagship series Ur Loved, Jasmine finds adversity from her co-actresses which exposes her to the bitter realities of being famous. And as if things can't get any worse, Jasmine acquires a stalker named Maskara who becomes the source of a series of unfortunate events to befall on her.

Ace Saatchi & Saatchi, known for its award-winning advertising campaigns, is in-charge of the program's creative content, while Unitel Entertainment, a respected name in the field of commercial and film production, is the program's line producer. 

JasMINE (the series) is also the first-ever TV series in the country that goes across digital platforms, boasting its second-screen feature that allows its audience to enjoy content both from their television and mobile screens. With this feature, viewers can follow JasMINE on-air and online, get access to relevant and exclusive content, and engage with the show and their fellow fans.

The series is just the first in TV5's list of programs that can be enjoyed via multi-screen media consumption as the network continues to respond to the changing media landscape in the country.
JasMINE premieres this June 1, 9:15PM on TV5.

Julia Barretto to Detractors: "Ganda ko lang ang katapat nila!"

Kapamilya young actress Julia Barretto encourages young TV viewers to keep a positive outlook despite all adversities and cynicism.

"We should always be positive even if other people are trying to bring us down. Because when we focus on the good things that are happening in our lives, our true beauty radiates from within, and that is our best revenge!" said Julia who is portraying the role of Mira and her mysterious alter ego Bella.

Meanwhile, viewers will surely be more thrilled in the next episodes of "Mirabella" now that Mira is starting to defend herself and her family through the personality of Bella. What will Mira do now that she has the opportunity to ruin the career of her own father Alfred (James Blanco) and sister Iris (Mika dela Cruz)? Will she be able to keep the truth about Bella's personality from her best friend Jeremy (Enrique Gil)?

Don't miss the drama series that will change the true meaning of beauty, "Mirabella," weeknights, after "TV Patrol" on ABS-CBN Primetime Bida. For more information about "Mirabella," visit the show's official social media accounts at and

Philippine TV Ratings: "The Legal Wife" Stays on Top; "Dyesebel" Lags Behind "Kambal Sirena"

Here are the Top 10 Daytime and Primetime programs from April 28 to May 2, 2014 among AGB Nielsen Mega Manila households (Household Ratings):

April 28, 2014 (Monday)

The Obama Visit (GMA-7) - 22.3%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 21.7%
The Obama Visit (GMA-7) - 19.3%
Dragon Ball Z Kai (GMA-7) - 14.7%
The Ryzza Mae Show (GMA-7) - 14.6%
GMA Breaking News (GMA-7) / Be Careful With My Heart (ABS-CBN) - 14.4%
Slam Dunk (GMA-7) - 14.3%
Meteor Garden (ABS-CBN) - 14.1%
Fairy Tail (GMA-7) - 14%
News Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 13.8%

The Legal Wife (ABS-CBN) - 26.1%
Ikaw Lamang (ABS-CBN) - 24.1%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 21.7%
Aquino & Abunda Tonight (ABS-CBN) - 21.6%
Carmela (GMA-7) - 21.1%
Dyesebel (ABS-CBN) - 21.5%
TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) / PBB All In (ABS-CBN) - 20.3%
Kambal Sirena (GMA-7) - 19.6%
Rhodora X (GMA-7) - 18.1%
My Love from the Star (GMA-7) - 17.4%

April 29, 2014 (Tuesday)

Be Careful With My Heart (ABS-CBN) - 18.2%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 16.4%
Dragon Ball Z Kai (GMA-7) - 15.9%
Slam Dunk (GMA-7) - 15.8%
The Obama Visit (GMA-7) / The Obama Visit (GMA-7) - 15.3%
Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo (GMA-7) 14.9%
Meteor Garden (ABS-CBN)  - 14.7%
Fairy Tail (GMA-7) - 14.4%
Inuyasha (GMA-7) - 14.2%
The Borrowed Wife (GMA-7) - 14%

The Legal Wife (ABS-CBN) - 24.8%
Ikaw Lamang (ABS-CBN) - 22.9%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 21.8%
Kambal Sirena (GMA-7) - 21%
Dyesebel (ABS-CBN) / PBB All In (ABS-CBN) - 20.5%
TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 19.8%
My Love from the Star (GMA-7) - 19.6%
Aquino & Abunda Tonight (ABS-CBN) - 19.5%
Carmela (GMA-7) - 19.2%
Rhodora X (GMA-7) - 17.8%

April 30, 2014 (Wednesday)

Be Careful With My Heart (ABS-CBN) - 18.7%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 17.7%
Slam Dunk (GMA-7) - 16%
Dragon Ball Z Kai (GMA-7) - 15.8%
 It's Showtime (ABS-CBN) - 14.7%
Fairy Tail (GMA-7) - 14.4%
Inuyasha (GMA-7) / Villa Quintana (GMA-7) - 14.3%
Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo (GMA-7) 14.2%
The Borrowed Wife (GMA-7) - 14%
Meteor Garden (ABS-CBN) - 13.8%

The Legal Wife (ABS-CBN) - 24.6%
Ikaw Lamang (ABS-CBN) - 21.5%
Carmela (GMA-7) - 20.8%
Kambal Sirena (GMA-7) - 20.2%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 20.1%
Dyesebel (ABS-CBN) - 19.5%
My Love from the Star (GMA-7) / TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 18.6%
Rhodora X (GMA-7) - 17.9%
Aquino & Abunda Tonight (ABS-CBN) - 17.5%
A 100-Year Legacy (GMA-7) - 17.3%

May 1, 2014 (Thursday)

Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) / Be Careful With My Heart (ABS-CBN) - 17.5%
Slam Dunk (GMA-7) - 17.3%
Dragon Ball Z Kai (GMA-7) - 17.2%
Fairy Tail (GMA-7) - 14.7%
Meteor Garden (ABS-CBN) - 14.3%
 Detective Conan (GMA-7) - 13.6%
It's Showtime (ABS-CBN) - 13.2%
The Borrowed Wife (GMA-7) / Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo (GMA-7) 13.1%
Villa Quintana (GMA-7) - 12.7%
One Piece (GMA-7) - 12.3%

The Legal Wife (ABS-CBN) - 23.6%
Ikaw Lamang (ABS-CBN) - 22.1%
Carmela (GMA-7) - 21.2%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 20.6%
Kambal Sirena (GMA-7) - 20.1%
Dyesebel (ABS-CBN) - 19.3%
TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 18.7%
My Love from the Star (GMA-7) - 17.9%
A 100-Year Legacy (GMA-7) - 17.8%
Aquino & Abunda Tonight (ABS-CBN) - 17.1%

May 2, 2014 (Friday)

Be Careful With My Heart (ABS-CBN) - 20%
Slam Dunk (GMA-7) - 17%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 16.9%
Dragon Ball Z Kai (GMA-7) - 15.9%
Fairy Tail (GMA-7) - 15.5%
Mischievous Kiss: Love in Tokyo (GMA-7) 14.3%
Meteor Garden (ABS-CBN) - 14.1%
Detective Conan (GMA-7) - 14%
The Borrowed Wife (GMA-7) - 13.9%
It's Showtime (ABS-CBN) - 13.8%

The Legal Wife (ABS-CBN) - 26.1%
Ikaw Lamang (ABS-CBN) - 22.8%
Carmela (GMA-7) - 20.3%
Dyesebel (ABS-CBN) - 19.8%
Aquino & Abunda Tonight (ABS-CBN) - 19.4%
24 Oras (GMA-7) / Kambal Sirena (GMA-7) - 19.1%
My Love from the Star (GMA-7) - 19%
Bubble Gang (GMA-7) - 18.7%
PBB All In (ABS-CBN) - 17.9%
Rhodora X (GMA-7) - 17.7%

Source: AGB Nielsen Philippines

Ben Affleck "Batman vs. Superman" Movie Photos

Director Zack Snyder has revealed via twitter not only an image of the new Batmobile, but also the first look at Batman (Ben Affleck) in the upcoming untitled Batman vs. Superman!

Snyder's tweet said: "I shot this with my @Leica_Camera M Monochrom. #Batman #Batmobile #Gotham"

Opening in the Philippines on May 4, 2016, the anticipated film also stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Diane Lane, Laurence Fishburne, Gal Gadot, Jason Momoa, Jesse Eisenberg, Jeremy Irons, Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey, Tao Okamoto and Ray Fisher.

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Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff Break-up, The Truth Behind

Rumors claiming Anne Curtis already ended her 3-year-old relationship with chef and blogger Erwan Heussaff surfaced days before Anne's The Forbidden concert at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum. Some kind of a gimmick?

According to reports, the break-up was caused by supposed 3rd-party on the actress' part. Erwan, on his Twitter account, said he and Anne are just fine although he never confirmed nor denied if the rumor is indeed true.  

Anne, on the other hand, said she doesn't have time to such rumor, moreso, if the supposed reason for break-up is another guy. "There's no one and I don't have the time. i haven't met anybody and I there's really nobody!" Anne said.

"I think whoever started it, nice try for making negative publicity. It's not true and we're very happy." she further said.

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Dara Park Enters PBB House; Reveals She's Afraid of the Housemates

2NE1 member and former Kapamilya star Sandara Park entered the PBB House on Friday for a special guest appearance.

During her one-on-one talk with Kuya at the confession room, the Korean superstar revealed she's nervous to meet the housemates. 

"Medyo nervous ako. Kasi bago 'yung mga housemates, hindi ko sila kilala, ano 'yung personality nila, gusto ba nila ako o hindi?" she admitted.

Watch the video below:

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Watching a Movie Has Never Been this Hassle-Free with e-Plus Tap to Pay Cards

Forget about long lines when you want to purchase a ticket to your favorite movies this summer. With SM Cinema's e-PLUS Tap to Pay system, you can surely get the full movie viewing satisfaction you truly deserved! 

SM Cinema continues its innovations to provide more convenience to its patrons. In partnership with e-PLUS Tap to Pay, cardholders will soon be able to reserve seats and purchase tickets through the self-service machines which will be installed in all SM Cinema branches including IMAX Theatre, Director’s Club Cinemas.

The self-service machines will allow patrons with e-PLUS Tap to Pay Cards to buy their movie tickets in just a tap. No need to queue at the ticket booth most especially during blockbuster movies. In addition, all cinema entry gates are being replaced with industrial-grade turnstiles similar to what is being used in train stations abroad for faster and more consistent access. These services will be available to cardholders by June 2014.

To prepare its patrons to the automated ticket purchase and introducing them to a world of perks, SM Cinema is giving out free e-PLUS Cards for every movie ticket at IMAX Theatre, Director’s Club Cinemas and 3D Cinemas. To jumpstart a more convenient and rewarding movie experience, the e-PLUS Tap to Pay Card loaded with P50 has been bundled with the movie ticket. Ticket prices for all IMAX Theatres are P450 except for Mall of Asia which are priced at P500. On succeeding visits, cardholders will be entitled to a P50 discount on their movie ticket. Plus, cardholders can upgrade to loyalty for free by visiting the e-PLUS booths located in all SM Cinema branches nationwide.

Other benefits of the e-PLUS Tap to Pay card in SM Cinema are earning points to redeem items or even movies and snacks, free movie for every five unique titles watched using the card, 50% on SM Movie Exclusives, 10% off at Snack Time. Reloading is as rewarding as using the card as free popcorn is given for every P1,000 reload. Aside from movie-goers, the e-PLUS card can also be enjoyed by shoppers at select branches of SM Supermarket, Hypermarket, Savemore ,The SM Stores and boutiques such as Penshoppe, Memo, Oxygen, Forme, Regatta and McDonald’s this May. 

To know more about e-PLUS Tap-to-pay, please visit the following websites: and

Anne Curtis AnneKapal Concert Videos #AnneSmart

"The Noise of the Philippines" Anne Curtis pulled off a Cirque du Soleil stunt during the 20-minute opening act on her "The Forbidden Concert: AnneKapal" on Friday night at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum.

Video: Luigene Yanoria, Yahoo Philippines

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Celebrity Dance Battle Cycle 3 Contestant Backs Out of Competition, But Why?

One of the four new celebrity contestants of TV5’s Celebrity Dance Battle Cycle 3 is said to be backing out of the competition in the upcoming episode this Saturday.

In last week’s episode where four new pairs of celebrity-dance coach teams were introduced, showbiz royalty Ciara Sotto proved that, more than her amazing pole dancing stunts, she can also keep the rapport and chemistry going with her dance partner to achieve their one-of-a-kind dance ensemble. Professional model and TV personality Wilma Doesnt also demonstrated that on top of being able to conquer the ramp, she too can make the dance floor sizzle. 

Tropa Mo Ko Unli mainstay and acclaimed indie film actor Edgar Allan Guzman showed that he too can shine not only in being a versatile television and film actor but also as an outstanding dancer. Lastly, completing the Celebrity Dance Battle Cycle 3 performers is another showbiz royalty who is starting to make his way in the showbiz industry by making a name for himself, Rafa Siguion-Reyna. 

Who among Ciara, Wilma, Edgar and Rafa will be stepping down from the competition this Saturday? How will Celebrity Dance Battle judges Douglas Nierras, Edna Ledesma, G Toengi and Allison Harvard react to this unexpected development in the competition?  As the show’s host, how will this be taken by dance goddess Lucy Torres-Gomez? And will her co-hosts, Semerad twins Anthony and David, have a say on this surprising revelation?

Find out how one contestant’s decision will affect the rest of the competition in Celebrity Dance Battle Cycle 3, airing Saturdays at 9:15 on TV5.

What Happens When Alien Hit the Earth in "Edge of Tomorrow"

Oscar® nominee Tom Cruise (the “Mission: Impossible” films, “Collateral,” “Jerry Maguire”) and Emily Blunt (“The Devil Wears Prada,” “The Adjustment Bureau”) star in Warner Bros. Pictures’ and Village Roadshow Pictures’ sci-fi thriller “Edge of Tomorrow,” under the direction of Doug Liman (“The Bourne Identity,” “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”).

The epic action of “Edge of Tomorrow” unfolds in a near future in which an alien race has hit the Earth in an unrelenting assault, unbeatable by any military unit in the world. 

Major William Cage (Cruise) is an officer who has never seen a day of combat when he is unceremoniously dropped into what amounts to a suicide mission.  Killed within minutes, Cage now finds himself inexplicably thrown into a time loop - forcing him to live out the same brutal combat over and over, fighting and dying again…and again.

But with each battle, Cage becomes able to engage the adversaries with increasing skill, alongside Special Forces warrior Rita Vrataski (Blunt).  And, as Cage and Rita take the fight to the aliens, each repeated encounter gets them one step closer to defeating the enemy.

Liman is directing “Edge of Tomorrow” from a screenplay by Christopher McQuarrie and Jez Butterworth & John-Henry Butterworth, based on the novel entitled All You Need is Kill by Hiroshi Sakurazaka. 

Doug Liman explains what drew him into bringing “Edge of Tomorrow” to the screen, in the following first-person account.

Well, first of all, this is not a film with two concepts, where there’s an alien invasion and there’s Tom Cruise, who keeps repeating the same day every time he dies.  It’s a film of one concept, which is that the aliens are beating us, and the reason they’re beating us is because they can repeat the day and they keep redoing a battle until they win.  There’s no way humanity can beat an adversary like that, until Tom Cruise gets infected with their power and suddenly we have a chance. 

I had no interest whatsoever in making an alien invasion film, but what really drew me to it was the journey that Tom Cruise’s character, Bill Cage, would go on.  I’m a storyteller - I like being at dinner parties and telling stories that entertain people; I’m not ashamed of that [Laughs].  I’m committed to making movies that are massively entertaining, but I’m also committed to making movies that are smart and thought-provoking. 

The concept of a character who keeps getting plunged into the same battle day after day, where everybody else is doing the same thing and the only thing different is what he does - for me, it’s sort of a metaphor for life.  The reality is that you can’t change the world and you can’t change other people, but you can change yourself.  That’s the only thing Cage can do during the course of the movie is to change what he does.  Everybody else is going to do the same thing.  The only thing that he has control over are his own actions. 

And, now, suddenly, I’m not talking about an alien invasion and time travel; I’m talking about the human condition.  The reality is that if you can change yourself, you can change the world.  And that’s what drew me. 

When I find a project that has a deeper meaning, and, at the same time, is an unbelievable rollercoaster ride that will have action sequences you’ve never seen before, character-driven comedy, and an amazing love story, of course I’d want to do that movie, immediately.

Opening across the Philippines on June 5, 2014 in 3D, 2D and 35mm formats, “Edge of Tomorrow” is distributed Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Before You Exit vs. Daniel Padilla on ASAP 19

"ASAP 19" will take TV viewers to a special summer adventure this Sunday (May 18) to be led by Phenomenal Star Vice Ganda, who will be joined by popular international boy group, Before You Exit.

Prepare for hair-raising performances from Teen King Daniel Padilla and the host of soon-to-be-launched "The Voice Kids" host, OPM rock icon Bamboo.

Watch out for the musical numbers of Marco Sison, Martin Nievera, Zsazsa Padilla and Gary Valenciano; acoustic jamming of Kitchie Nadal, Aiza Seguerra, Tutti Caringal, Nikki Gil and Richard Poon; karaoke sing-along with Jovit Baldivino, Marcelito Pomoy, Klarisse de Guzman and Morissette Amon; and champions face-off of Jed Madela, Erik Santos, Yeng Constantino, and Angeline Quinto; and special treats from "ASAP Fans Day Presents" featuring Gimme 5 together with Jairus Aquino, Sharlene SanPedro and Alexa Ilacad.

Be in love with Kapamilya leading men Daniel, Enrique Gil, Xian Lim and Piolo Pascual; and Rockustic Heartthrob Sam Milby, who will celebrate his birthday with the whole ASAP Kapamilya.

Meanwhile, don't miss the fun-filled dance numbers in ASAP Supahdance with Shaina Magdayao, Iya Villania, Rayver Cruz, John Prats, Julia Barretto, Liza Soberano, Robi Domingo and Luis Manzano; and hot dance treat from Enrique and Maja Salvador.

Party with the country's longest-running, award-winning variety show, "ASAP 19," this Sunday, 12:15NN, on ABS-CBN.

For viewers who want to purchase ASAP official merchandise, simply visit the ABS-CBN Store located at the ground floor of ELJ building in Quezon City, and 

Visit to hang-out live with stars at ASAP Chill-Out. Also join the fun at "ASAP 18′s"official social networking accounts at, and know the latest happenings in "ASAP 19" by tweeting the hashtag #ASAPAdventures.

30th NASCAR All Star Race to Air Sunday on Fox Sports Philippines

A cash prize of $1 million dollars awaits the winner of the 30th NASCAR All Star Race happening this Sunday, May 18 (PH time) at the Charlotte Motor Speedway. The Philippine Broadcast of this annual spectacle, fueled by Seaoil Philippines, airs Sunday at 8am on Fox Sports Philippines.

Jimmie Johnson is gunning to make it three wins in a row and five over-all wins in the richest NASCAR race of the season.

This year's race has undergone some innovations and puts more emphasis in finishing well in each of the five segments. The first four segments will have 20 laps each and at the completion of the fourth segment (lap 80), the racers will be repositioned based on the average finish for the first four segments. The fifth and final segment is a 10-lap shootout towards claiming the $1 million grand prize. 

2011 winner Carl Edwards shares, “We all race very hard for every win. You drive as hard as you possibly can, but I can tell you this: leading that All-Star race the year we won it, for the last few laps, the stress level was through the roof. It is a million dollars! They put that big money on the line."

"The All-Star race is very unpredictable and it always creates those big highlight moments," 2010 winner Kurt Busch said. "Charlotte challenges us in ways that other tracks don't, and that's why this track has always been deserving of the All-Star atmosphere." 

Initial replay of the race happens the following Monday, May 19 at 5 pm, with multiple runs for highlight programming. Full program listings are available at

Fox Sports is seen on channel 31 on Sky and Destiny Cable, channel 48 on Cignal Digital TV and in over 200 local cable operators nationwide. Full telecast schedule is available via

The telecast of NASCAR All Star Race on Fox Sports is presented by Seaoil, now powered with STP additives that remove and control carbon deposits. Take advantage of the racer’s edge with Seaoil Fuels, and break away from the rest.

Taisho Pharmaceuticals Awarded TV5's Alagang Kapatid Foundation with P2-Million Donation

In time for Megastar Sharon Cuneta’s renewal of contract as endorser of TEMPRA for Kids, Taisho Pharmaceuticals (makers of TEMPRA for Kids) donated P2 million pesos to TV5’s Alagang Kapatid Foundation, Inc. (AKFI) to support its continuing rehabilitation and recovery projects in Yolanda-devastated areas in the country.

It can be recalled that in December 2013, when TV5 held a special telethon to raise funds for Alagang Kapatid Foundation’s calamity response to provinces devastated by typhoon Yolanda, the Megastar called on her TEMPRA family to donate much needed medicines for the typhoon survivors. Taisho Pharmaceuticals immediately responded to the call and sent 5,000 bottles of TEMPRA syrup, which were distributed by AKFI to various hospitals in Samar and Leyte. The Megastar herself donated a generous amount to AKFI, saying that she could not let down the Visayas (and Mindanao) who have been very supportive of her career since she started singing at age 12. 

To date, AKFI has served 75, 965 families and 8, 388 individuals with food, non-food and, recently, shelter repair kits. For more information on AKFI, like the AKFI Facebook page ( For updates, follow @alagangkapatid on Twitter and alagangkapatidfoundation on Instagram. 

Quicksilver Speeds Up PH Cinemas in “X-Men: Days of Future Past” 3D

“X-Men: Days of Future Past”  features more mutants than have ever been on screen together before for a massive adventure launching us from an apocalyptic future back into the world of the First Class team. In Days of Future Past, a years-long world conflict between humans and mutants has taken its toll on their numbers, and now a scant few remain, including Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Erik “Magneto” Lehnsherr (Ian McKellen), Kitty Pryde (Ellen Page), and Wolverine (Hugh Jackman). Driven to near extinction by the technological terrors unleashed by Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage), the team forms a desperate plan: time travel.

Using Kitty Pryde’s powers, Wolverine’s consciousness will be sent back into his younger self in the 1970s, where he’ll have to track down and help the First Class versions of the characters in order to stop Trask. But that will be even harder than it sounds, as in this era, the X-Men team is just as disparate, with Professor Xavier (James McAvoy) and the rest either at odds or in a low ebb. Can the younger versions of the mutants save their future?

Going back in time to prevent the mutants’ annihilation in the future, Logan aka Wolverine, Hank McCoy aka Beast and Charles Xavier/Prof. X employs the help of a young hiding mutant named as Peter Maximoff who later will be known as Quicksilver to bring Erik Lensherr aka Magneto out of the most secured prison built after being accused in the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Faster than the speed of sound and light, this fast moving mercury marvel successfully led the young Magneto out of prison to help mutants stop the Sentinel program and save both human and mutantkind.

Quicksilver is another key mutant character in the 1970s scenes.  Quicksilver’s power, as his name suggests, is his superhuman speed, which up until meeting the X-Men, he has employed for petty theft and teenage mischief.  “Wolverine knows Quicksilver in the future,” says Singer.  “But in the past, he’s a kleptomaniacal kid with an attitude. The only way they can enlist Quicksilver’s help is to appeal to his penchant for troublemaking, asking him if he’d like to break somebody out of the Pentagon.”  

Singer and director of photography Newton Thomas Sigel used high-speed phantom cameras and photo-sonic technology to film the Pentagon break-in and escape sequence, one of the film’s most technically intricate and visually arresting scenes.  The scene was shot at 3000 frames per second with Quicksilver running along the walls in the Pentagon kitchen, parallel to the ground. “We’ve never experienced this on film before,” says Singer.

The technology required the use of enormous lights rigged above the set, each powered by about 40,000 watts.  “The set was so brightly lit, we had to wear sunglasses just to work on it,” Singer adds.  “The actors had to close their eyes until the moment they started shooting.

It was also important, according to screenwriter and producer Simon Kinberg, to continue the First Class story without needing a direct connection. “We didn’t want it to start or a month, or even a year after the last movie. We wanted to give it a big breadth of time so that you would meet these characters in some ways for the first time again, so we set the movie 10 years later than First Class ended and in doing that, part of my responsibility as the writer was creating a timeline so we can just give the actors a sense of who they've become and how they got there over the span of the 10 years we haven't seen.”

Don’t blink – Quicksilver will speed up in Philippine cinemas when “X-Men: Days of Future Past” (3D) opens May 21 nationwide from 20th Century Fox be distributed by Warner Bros. 

Disney Releases First Trailer for "Alexander and The Terrible"

Disney has just revealed the teaser trailer of “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,” the first live-action film adaptation of Judith Viorst’s 1972 illustrated children’s classic. 

The trailer may be viewed at Disney's Philippine youtube channel at

Steve Carell (“The Way, Way Back,” “Little Miss Sunshine” ) and Jennifer Garner (“Dallas Buyers Club, “Juno”) star as Alexander’s upbeat parents. The veteran performers are joined in the film by a trio of young talents that includes 16-year-old Dylan Minnette (“Lost,” “Prisoners”) as Alexander’s older brother, Anthony; 15-year-old Kerris Dorsey (“Moneyball”) as sister Emily; and 12-year-old Australian native Ed Oxenbould (Oz TV’s “Puberty Blues”), who makes his big-screen feature debut as the film’s title character, Alexander.

Emmy® winner (and Golden Globe® nominee) Megan Mullally (“Will & Grace”) also joins the cast, along with Jennifer Coolidge (“American Pie,” “Legally Blonde”) and Bella Thorne (“Shake It Up!,” upcoming “Blended”).

Disney’s “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” follows the exploits of 11-year-old Alexander (Oxenbould) as he experiences the most terrible and horrible day of his young life - a day that begins with gum stuck in his hair, followed by one calamity after another. But when Alexander tells his upbeat family about the misadventures of his disastrous day, he finds little sympathy and begins to wonder if bad things only happen to him. He soon learns that he’s not alone when his mom (Garner), dad (Carell), brother (Minnette) and sister (Dorsey) all find themselves living through their own terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day. Anyone who says there is no such thing as a bad day just hasn't had one.

“Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day,” directed by Independent Spirit Award-winner Miguel Arteta (“Youth in Revolt”) from a screenplay by Rob Lieber, is a 21 Laps Entertainment/Jim Henson Company production.

Opening across the Philippines on October 15, 2014, “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures.

'The Voice Kids' Premieres May 24 on ABS-CBN

Meet the kids behind the big and unique voices who are ready to make their dreams come true in the highly anticipated premiere of the ultimate singing-reality search "The Voice Kids" this May 24 on ABS-CBN.

Expect the same tension in the battle for vocal supremacy as returning coaches Popstar Royalty Sarah Geronimo, Rock Superstar Bamboo, and Broadway Diva Lea Salonga find the best voices of Filipino kids aged eight to 14. Like the other international versions of "The Voice Kids," only three coaches will sit in the red swivel chairs and select the artists they want to mentor just by listening to the aspirant's singing voice in the Blind Auditions.

"It's a big privilege to get to work with some amazing kids, and hopefully be able to influence them the right way," said Lea.

Sarah said she feels a deep connection with the young artists as she herself joined several amateur and TV singing contests as a child.

"I see myself in them. I believe it's my strength and it will help me in coaching them, because I went through everything they are going through," shared Sarah.

Bamboo, meanwhile, admitted coaching in the kids edition of the program would be difficult just as he had predicted, but sees it as a huge challenge.

"With adults, you already know where they're headed as an artist. With kids, it's still a gray area. So I carefully listen to every child so I can give justice to their performance when I comment, whether I turn around or not," he said.

By the end of the Blind Auditions, the coaches must have selected 18 artists for their respective teams who will proceed to the next rounds of the competition.

The Battle Rounds in the kids version is slightly different from the adults version in that in the former, each coach will have to pit three members on their team by singing one song together. Only one from each grouping will advance to the Sing-Off, where six artists from each team will try to give their all to impress their coach.

In the Sing-Off, each coach must pick two artists who will get into the Semi-Finals. From these six semi-finalists, the Top 4 artists will be selected that will battle it out in the grand finals. This means that one of the coaches might have two star artists who will compete in the finale.

"The Voice Kids" will be hosted by Luis Manzano with Alex Gonzaga.

"I've been exposed to kids, so more or less I already know what to say to them and how to make them feel better. I like the backstage area, because they still don't have that nervousness in them. I get to know their stories, why they're here, the things they want to accomplish," said Luis, who previously hosted "Star Circle Kid Quest," "Junior Minute to Win It," and "Pilipinas Got Talent."

For the very first time, Luis will be working with Alex, one of the V-Reporters in "The Voice of the Philippines" Season 1.

"Members of the staff tell us we shouldn't be working together, because we just laugh and joke around the whole time. But we've known each other for the longest time, and it's honestly a pleasure to work with her," Luis said.

Alex, for her part, prepared so much for her hosting duties especially that she's tasked with interacting with the young artists in the 'tension room.' According to her, she is able to refresh everything she learned as an Education major in college.

"You have to use different techniques to deal with children, because some of them feel like 'The Voice' is their last shot. Before they take the stage in the blind auditions, I am there to boost their morale. They're kids, so they might get starstruck by the coaches or get intimidated by the lights. I encourage and make them feel at ease," shared Alex.

Don't miss the premiere of "The Voice Kids" this May 24 on ABS-CBN. For updates on the program, visit, like, or follow @thevoiceabscbn on Twitter and @abscbnthevoice on Instagram.

ABS-CBN Sports+Action Airs Philippine Azkals AFC Challenge Cup Matchups Live from Maldives

ABS-CBN Sports + Action, a free TV channel that serves as your primary go-to hub for all the sporting events you care about, indulges football fans as it airs the group stage of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Challenge Cup held in Maldives with focus on the tournament's group B, which includes the Azkals, the Philippine national team.

Each game, each goal, each cheer counts for the Azkals in this year's Challenge Cup as the country's national football team looks to improve on their third-place record in 2012's AFC Challenge Cup. At the same time, the winner of the tournament will earn a spot in the 2015 AFC Asian Cup.

A stronger and more experienced national team will enter this year's tournament as the roster includes returnees from the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup third-placing Azkals team such as captain and defender Rob Gier, midfielder Paul Mulders, goalkeeper Neil Etheridge, and brothers Phil Younghusband and James Younghusband. They will be joined by emerging new recruits in defender Simone Rota, midfielder Martin Steuble, goalkeeper Patrick Deyto, and forward Ruben "Balut" Doctora, Jr.

Calling the shots for the Azkals this year is international coach and former team captain of the USA national football team Thomas Dooley. The USA Football Hall of Famer brings with him his experience and a new playing style that enforces teamwork, pressing defense and tiki-taka style of passing.

Aside from the Azkals, group B of the 2014 AFC Challenge Cup includes Afghanistan, Laos, and the 2012 AFC Challenge Cup first runner-up Turkmenistan.

All of Azkals' games will air live on ABS-CBN Sports + Action beginning with the team's first matchup against Afghanistan on Tuesday (May 20) at 11:30pm with replay on Wednesday (May 21) at 4:00pm. This is followed by its games against Laos on Thursday (May 22) at 6:30pm with replay on Friday (May 23) at 4:00pm, and against Turkmenistan on Saturday (May 24) at 6:30pm with replay on Sunday (May 25) at 4:00pm.

ABS-CBN Sports + Action continues its coverage of the AFC Challenge Cup group B with the special telecast of Turkmenistan vs Laos on Wednesday (May 21) at 10:00pm, and Afghanistan vs Turkmenistan on Friday (May 23) at 10:00pm.

Watch the matchups between the Azkals and the rest of group B of the AFC Challenge Cup during the group stage beginning with the live coverage of the Azkals' first game on Tuesday (May 20), 11:30pm on ABS-CBN Sports + Action (SkyCable channel 17).

Earn Your Free Vacation Getaway with Air Asia and BPI "BIG Loyalty Programme"

Philippines' most trusted bank - Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) - and Air Asia - the world's most awarded budget airline - joint forced to offer its loyal clients a card loyalty program where you can now earn BIG AirAsia BIG points by simply using your BPI cards.

With BPI as the exclusive bank partner of AirAsia in the Philippines, BPI cardholders can now convert their Real Thrills Rewards (RTR) points to AirAsia BIG points. Every three RTR points is equivalent to one AirAsia BIG point which can be redeemed for AirAsia domestic and international flights!

Here are the routes and BIG points required to redeem a round-trip ticket:


Manila - Kalibo, Aklan (Boracay)                 
Manila - Puerto Princesa, Palawan     
Manila - Tacloban 
Manila - Tagbilaran, Bohol
Manila - Cebu


Manila - Macau
Manila - Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


Manila - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Manila - Shanghai, China


Manila - Incheon, South Korea           

The best thing about AirAsia BIG loyalty program compared to others is that you can combine points with cash in case your accumulated BIG points are not enough to get you to your desired destination!

To apply for the AirAsia BIG card, visit To redeem free AirAsia flights, visit To convert your Real Thrill Rewards points to AirAsia BIG points, call BPI at te. no. 89-100 or email your request to  

Monday, May 12, 2014

Jamie Herrell Wins Miss Earth Philippines 2014 Crown

19-year-old Jamie Herrell, an animal rights advocate from Cebu City, was crowned Miss Philippines Earth 2014 during the beauty pageant's grand coronation night held at the Mall of Asia Arena on Sunday.


Miss Philippines Earth Air 2014   
Diane Carmela Querrer, Tanauan City, Batangas

Miss Philippines Earth Water 2014   
Kimberly Covert, Dumaguete City

Miss Philippines Earth Fire 2014   
Maria Paula Bianca Paz, Gapan City, Nueva Ecoja

Miss Philippines Earth Eco Tourism 2014   
Monique Teruelle Manuel, Dinalupihan, Bataan

TOP 10:

Maria Jenny Gonzalez, Cainta, Rizal
Maria Bencelle Bianzon, Duenas, Iloilo
Crystal Star Aberasturi, Liloan, Cebu
Angelie Crizelle Ocampo, Sta. Rita, Pampanga
Melanie Balagtas, Fil-Sydney, Australia

TOP 15:
Ashlejane Alcancia, Fil-Brussels, Belgium
Janelle Tee, Davao City
Mary Anne Ross Misa, Makati City
Sarah Theresa Stewart, Muntinlupa City
Leslie Ann Pine, San Leonardo, Nueva Ecija


From Trash to Class Challenge Awardee: Diane Carmela Querrer, Tanauan City, Batangas
Best in Swimsuit:  Jamie Herrell,  Cebu City
Best in Evening Gown: Joselle Mariano, Trece Martires, Cavite
Miss Photogenic: Kaycie Lyn Fajardo, Agoncillo, Batangas
Best in Cultural Attire: Jamie Herrell, Cebu City        
Miss Talent: Roanne Refrea, Cabuyao City, Laguna


Miss Solaire: Jamie Herrell, Cebu City
Miss SM Markets: Kimberly Covert, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental
Miss Hana: Janelle Tee, Davao City, Davao del Sur
Miss Maynilad: Roanne Refrea, Cabuyao City, Laguna

Miss Earth Philippines 2014 Q&A

To see full list of winners in the 2014 Miss Earth Philippines pageant, click HERE.


Q: Former Akbayan lawmaker Risa Hontiveros: Do you think that we, human beings, have been good children to Mother Earth?

A: Jamie Herrell: Honestly, in my opinion, we haven’t been good children. In fact, I believe that we are the number one cause of her problems, we are the reason why we're having climate change, and we are the reason why we're having floods. But in return, if we can only help her and salvage her, she will help us back and take care of us too.

Q: Atty. Angela Ibay, Earth Hour Philippines National Director: If you are faced with a skeptic, how would you explain and convince that person about climate change?

A: Diane Carmela Querrer: I will tell him that climate change is truly happening since time immemorial, it is a long overdue issue. And that is why, as stewards of the environment, every day we should be committed in thinking twice... we should check the alternatives on what we can do so we can lessen our carbon footprints and in the long run, we can be a part of the solution of solving this long overdue issue of climate change.

Q: Jasper Evangelista of Solaire Resort & Casino: If you were to change one thing about the Philippines, what would it be and why?

A: Kimberly Covert: Honestly, I would like to change the mindset of the people. It's true that we have a beautiful country and that’s one thing I am proud of. But sometimes, the people aren’t that effective when it comes to the environment…They do not know the value of what we have in the Philippines. If I would change something, I would like to teach them how great we can be.

Q: Veteran actress Cherie Gil: If you are tasked to educate the children of our country about caring for the environment, what would be the first most important thing you would do?

A: Bianca Paz: The first most important thing that I would do is share my awareness with the environmental issues that we are facing today because if we take care of Mother Nature just like our mothers, it will take care of us back.

Vault May Issue Takes the Road Less Traveled

Vault, the luxury lifestyle magazine of ABS-CBN Publishing, takes the roads less traveled to places few luxury travelers dare venture to give its annual travel issue a spin.

Explore some favorite cities in Europe to see how ancient neighborhoods continue to evolve amidst the polarizing effects of immigration and gentrification. Take a walk on the side streets of the Marais in Paris as Vault takes readers to the where homegrown fashion brands are incubated. Fly to Geneva where renewed global interest in Switzerland’s mechanical watch industry is attracting a new breed of travelers to this fascinating international city. Also in the itinerary is Spain where the best cuisine is found and the where Vault traces some traditional dishes to their origins as peasant food in farms on the Catalan coast.

Meanwhile, Vault takes readers through the back roads of Southeast Asia and to war-torn Jolo in the Southern Philippines where the homogenizing effects of the global tourism industry have yet to spoil these remote locations and the wanderlust that inspires the spirit of travel.

Finally, get a taste of Mexico as this May’s issue goes on a quest for authentic Mexican tequila.

The issue also highlights products for traveling lifestyle, with a broad array of tools, instruments, and vehicles that ought to take you to ends of the earth in safety, comfort, and style.

Published once every two months by ABS-CBN Publishing, Vault has sections dedicated to automobiles, aviation, new establishments, equipment, travel, timepieces, art, style, grooming, property, and fine dining. Vault is sold at all major bookstores in Metro Manila and is available for download on Zinio. To download ABS-CBN’s magazines, users on Android devices must download the Zinio app from the Android Market. The app is also available through the iPad App Store. PC and Mac users can access Zinio at

Angelica Panganiban Returns to Her Former Love Carlo Aquino

Former reel, and real-life sweethearts Angelica Panganiban and Carlo Aquino will work together again via ABS-CBN's "Maalaala Mo Kaya." In the upcoming heavy drama episode on May 17 (Saturday), Angelica will play the role of Susan, a married woman who will fall in love with Andres (to be portrayed by Carlo), the younger brother of her husband.

The Nuel Naval-directed episode will also feature Wowie de Guzman, Sharlene San Pedro, Mico Aytona, Louise Abuel, Tom Olivar, Madz Nicolas, Jillian Aguila, Allyson Mc Bride, Raine Salamante, and Laisa Comia. It is written by Benson Logronio and Arah Jell Badayos, and researched by Juvien Galano. "MMK" is led by business unit head Malou Santos, production manager Roda dela Cerna, and executive producers Lindsay Anne Dizon and Fe Catherine San Pablo.


Don't miss Angelica and Carlo's onscreen reunion in Asia's longest-running drama anthology, "MMK," this Saturday night after "Wansapanataym" on ABS-CBN. For more updates, log on to, follow @MMKOfficial on Twitter, and like ang

Julie Anne San Jose Revealed Why She Failed to Get the Lead Role in Miss Saigon

Source: Sheena Peña, GMA Network Social Media Specialist
Sheena Peña, Social Media Specialist
Sheena Peña, Social Media Specialist

Nine times platinum na ang self-titled album ni Julie Anne San Jose. Sobrang thankful siya sa experience. “Umaapaw sa saya! I won’t get tired of saying this na I’m so blessed. I’m overwhelmed na nakaabot ng ganung klaseng support. Hindi ko ine-expect. Ngayon 9x platinum na! There’s so much to be thankful for!

Hindi rin inaasahan ni Julie Anne na mabibigyan siya ng pagkakataong makasama sa isang stage ang kanyang mga idol kagaya ni Ms. Regine Velasquez. “'Yung mapahilera ka sa mga iniidolo mo, ngayon nakaka-duet mo na... it’s all a dream come true for me!

Aside sa pagkanta, hilig din niyang tumugtog ng instruments. “Nagpa-practice ako mag-piano, guitar, drums.” Recently, binigyan ng kanyang supporters si Julie Anne ng isang violin. Kailangang abangan ng kanyang mga tagahanga ang mga future projects kasama ang new instrument na ito. “Gusto kong mag-lessons ng violin. Sobrang thank you talaga! Hopefully, soon, may isa na naman akong instrument na alam (tugtugin) na mashe-share sa tao.”

Since nasa showbiz ako, I would like to explore and innovate. Dun siguro mapa-practice 'yung versatility mo not just as a celebrity but as an artist.” Bilang practice, performance level lagi si Julie sa rehearsal at sa mismong performance sa shows at concerts.

Did you know na mahilig sa broadway musicals si Julie Anne? Ini-reveal niya na isa siya sa mga nag-audition sa sikat na broadway musical na Miss Saigon. “I want to try a different field." As for why she wanted to play the role of Kim, “Ang bata niya, mga 17 siya at nasa Vietnam na siya. What do we expect from a 17-year-old girl na mag-perform ng ganun di ba? Dun niya nakita 'yung true love niya. Sobrang ganda ng kwento so it’s one of my favorite musicals.

Julie Anne revealed na pumasa siya sa initial parts ng audition kaso hindi meant for her ang makasali sa broadway. “When I auditioned, nagka-call slip ako. Unfortunately, I got sick.” The 9x platinum singer remained optimistic. “Sinabi ko kay Lord na it’s not meant for me. May darating pa, may darating.”

Speaking of my new album, padating na sya this June." Excited si Julie Anne dahil may 9 tracks at 6 dun ay originally composed niya. “We did the music video na by Direk Louie Ignacio, Right where you Belong.” The song will be launched in Sunday All Stars ngayong Sunday, May 18.

Stay updated with Julie Anne’s music life! Follow her on Twitter at

Para sa latest buzz tungkol sa iba niyo pang Kapuso singers, follow GMA Records on Facebook at and Twitter at

Elle Fanning is Princess Aurora in “Maleficent”

If Maleficent has long been a symbol of the dark feminine, the character Aurora has always symbolized the light and innocent. In casting the role of the Princess who falls under Maleficent’s spell, the filmmakers of Walt Disney Pictures' “Maleficent” chose one of the most talented actresses of her generation, Elle Fanning.

“Elle is Aurora,” comments Angelina Jolie, who plays the title character. “From the moment I met her, she is just sunshine. She’s a wonderful, sweet, intelligent young woman.

Elle is fantastic and I have nothing but the highest respect for her,” adds her director, Robert Stromberg. “She’s not only beautiful but she’s a tremendous actress; she’s going to be doing wonderful things in the future and she’s a pleasure to work with on the set. She just brings a smile to everyone.

“Maleficent” explores the untold story of Disney’s most iconic villain from the classic “Sleeping Beauty” and the elements of her betrayal that ultimately turn her pure heart to stone. Driven by revenge and a fierce desire to protect the moors over which she presides, Maleficent cruelly places an irrevocable curse upon the human king’s newborn infant Aurora. As the child grows, Aurora is caught in the middle of the seething conflict between the forest kingdom she has grown to love and the human kingdom that holds her legacy. Maleficent realizes that Aurora may hold the key to peace in the land and is forced to take drastic actions that will change both worlds forever. 

For Fanning, winning this role was a dream come true. “It’s been sort of everything that I dreamed of,” says the young actress. “I think from the moment of putting on her first outfit, getting the hair and everything, it’s been really special to get to play such an iconic character.”

Although most people know Aurora as Sleeping Beauty from Disney’s classic animated film of the same name, Fanning reveals that in “Maleficent” audiences will get to find out more about her. “In our film you get to see her have different emotions and really get the essence of her,” says Fanning. “I love how she’s very free spirited, and since she has been kept away from normal life, she’s very open to things and innocent. But that’s what makes her very likable and charming.

Fanning approached playing the beloved fairytale character with the feeling that she wanted to do her justice and find her persona. “Before we started filming the movie, I watched the animated movie again, just to see if I could pick up on any little mannerisms that she did while she’s in the forest, and when she brought those little princess elements,” informs Fanning. “I wanted to make her have those elements but also make her a real person, not just an animated character.” 

Having the opportunity to work with Angelina Jolie on the film was exciting for the teenager. “It’s really been amazing,” enthuses Fanning. “I remember meeting her for the first time in London. I had never met her before, and she gave me a big hug. She said we were just going to have so much fun together. And we did have a lot of fun. It’s been great.

Opening across the Philippines on May 28, 2014, “Maleficient” is distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures International through Columbia Pictures.

Sangobion Helps Women Value Life via #GoLoveLife Advocacy Campaign

Sangobion shows women the value of taking care of oneself & loving life via the advocacy campaign called #GoLoveLife which was launched last May 6 at the Makati Shangrila Hotel.

Women - your wife, your sister or your mother - they are natural nurturers. They have much love to share. They love cooking for others, some like to give gifts, while others enjoy lending a helping hand. It is in these acts of kindness that they often feel happy and fulfilled.

Sometimes by giving more time for others they forget to set time for themselves. This is why leading multivitamins brand for women - Sangobion - launched the "Go Love Life" campaign, to remind Filipino women that in order for them to give more love to others, they must begin loving themselves first. The campaign also reminds them to set a little "me time" and pampering once in a while and take care of their health.

This is the kind of self-empowerment that Sangobion® (Ferrous gluconate + vitamins and minerals) would like to advocate to women all over the country. The demands of modern life often make women feel pressured both at home and at work – making it easy for women to neglect themselves. The Sangobion Go Love Life! campaign reminds women that while we take care of others, we must not forget to take care of ourselves as well. When we are at our best selves, then we can lead a life that we love.

The event demonstrated to women how regularly taking time off and boosting your health with Sangobion® can help you to go and love life. Unlike other iron supplements, Sangobion contains Ferrous gluconate, an organic iron, which is absorbed better by the body to help fight the signs of iron deficiency. Each capsule is chocolate-scented that leaves no iron after-taste. Sangobion® also contains essential vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin C, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Copper, and Manganese to build healthy red blood cells and immune system. It also contains sorbitol which acts as anti-constipating agent that generally occurs in iron supplementation.

Furthermore, Sangobion® helps fight signs of iron deficiency like fatigue, paleness, dizziness, and lack of focus and concentration which women experience when they neglect themselves. Taking Sangobion® everyday can help you boost your iron, so that you can look and be at your best.

The launch was also the kick-off for Sangobion’s 15-day challenge. In addition to taking Sangobion® everyday for 15 days, these women also made the pledge to practice loving themselves first and to encourage other women to do the same.

Sangobion® is also partnering with select establishments to treat women to special pocket events including a shopping spree and a makeover session, which are expected to draw in more women to the cause.

Sangobion’s new efforts truly show women that caring for others also means having a healthy relationship with yourself. It’s about loving yourself first so you can fully embrace the life you lead.
For more information, visit

Learn “How To Train Your Dragon” The Dean Deblois Way

In 2010, the Oscar nominated hit from DreamWorks Animation, “How To Train Your Dragon” became a global phenomenon. Audiences were captivated by the story of Hiccup and his Night Fury dragon, Toothless. At the end of the last film, Hiccup had brought peace to Berk and at the outset of the fantastic new adventure; Vikings are no longer slaying dragons; tolerance and trust have replaced prejudice and fear.                 Hiccup and Toothless will soon be seen again in “How To Train Your Dragon 2” in 3D when in opens in local cinemas on June 11.


In the latest movie, the two are living in a Utopian society, but there is trouble looming as Hiccup, now a young man, discovers while out exploring with Toothless that the ruthless conqueror Drago Bludvist (voiced by Djimon Hounsou) is hell-bent on destruction. He is building a dragon army.  It is up to Hiccup to face his destiny and tackle the daunting challenges that lie ahead. 

He discovers an unexpected ally: his long lost mother Valka (Cate Blanchett). Valka disappeared many years ago and it emerges that she is in fact a dragon whisperer who has an uncanny connection to these amazing creatures. Presumed dead by both her husband Stoick (Gerard Butler) and their son, she has spent two decades rescuing dragons from traps and keeping them safe in an Arctic, dragon sanctuary.

Astrid, Hiccup’s champion dragon racer girlfriend returns, voiced by America Ferrera, as do other familiar characters from the first film: Snotlout (Jonah Hill), Fishlegs (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) Tuffnut (T.J. Miller) and Gobber (Craig Ferguson) with Kit Harington joining the cast as the dragon trapper, Eret, Son of Eret.


With wonderful acting and cutting edge technology, the coming of age story from DreamWorks animation is gripping, funny, immersive and breathtaking. Directed by Dean Deblois,  the sequel draws out a larger story from the original and sees a whole new set of problems organic to Hiccup’s age as he matures.  Further, DeBlois shares, “Hiccup is on the cusp of being a man and he is dealing with a whole new set of problems. His dad Stoick would love him to succeed as Chieftain of Berk and he’s in the process of preparing Hiccup to finally take over that mantle and become the new leader. But Hiccup is more interested in exploring the far reaches of the Viking world. Then he happens upon a destructive force that’s heading his way. Hiccup realizes that he has to stop this force from coming to Berk and taking the dragons away from the people who love them.”

Moreso, there are new lessons to learn in the sequel.  “Well,I’m always careful not to be didactic; I don’t want to be preachy. But it does examine the idea that there are people out there who try to demonize the ‘others’in a way. The dragons appear to be intimidating from the outside.  But as Hiccup has discovered, once you get to know them, they’re actually warm and lovely and they better the lives of the humans around them. Drago represents a character who wants to continue to demonize the dragons because he can use that to his advantage. If people fear dragons, then they are under his thumb, because he controls them. I do think that there are modern metaphors” DeBlois further narrates.

With Hiccup, Toothless, their friends and the rest of the Berk villagers living with the dragons and soaring into higher heights of adventure, the amazing scenes have been filmed with the latest in software animation.  The director further reveals that “A lot of the beauty comes from the new technology that we’re using, a new generation of software for animation and lighting. It means we can have a more sophisticated, subtle and gorgeously rich look to the film. We worked with Roger Deakins, [acclaimed English cinematographer] who was also our lighting and ‘look’ consultant on the first film. He brings a very specific expertise that comes from his rich filmography in live action movies. Although we have caricatured characters and sets and larger than life settings in our film, the rocks, the fur, the hair and the textiles are all lit as though it’s a live action film and that means the light is really interesting.


Canadian-born Dean DeBlois started his career at Hinton Animation Studios and worked as an animator on the television series THE RACCOONS. Joining Sullivan Bluth Studios in Ireland, he worked on the animated films, “Thumbelina” and “A Troll in Central Park.” DeBlois served as head of story on the Disney hit MULAN. He wrote and directed “Lilo & Stitch” with Chris Sanders. The talented filmmaker collaborated again with Sanders, to write and direct “How To Train Your Dragon.” His many accomplishments include directing the live action film HEIMA, which documents alternative/post-rock band Sigur Rós’ concerts in Iceland.

A DreamWorks Animation film, “How To Train Your Dragon 2” opens June 11 in local cinemas nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros. 




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