Vhong Navarro Incident: The Truth Behind

Sunday, January 26, 2014 , Posted by JED at 6:03:00 PM

Vhong Navarro Incident: The Truth Behind

Different versions about Vhong Navarro's "attacked and beaten by a group of men" incident have already surfaced, 3 days after the alleged assault came out in public. A "rape" angle also get into the picture leading to a police blotter and citizen's arrest. A certain politician is also, allegedly, behind the violent incident.

But people are still wondering, "what really happened on that night of January 22 leading to Vhong's unlucky faith?"

Read below's objective assessment of travel blogger The Lost Boy Lloyd:

Here's how I THINK the Vhong Navarro story really came about: Vhong got invited by the girl to her condo. This part being claimed by Vhong's camp is most probably true. But the girl happened to be a politician's girlfriend, and the politician is jealous, so he got his goons beat Vhong up whilst blindfolded and the girl watching. The politician had a hand with the police blotter, playing it out as an attempted rape with citizen's arrest, and he most likely threatened Vhong, so he'd sign.

Now this remains the mystery: Did the girl flirt with Vhong back, or was she being pursued by Vhong against her will?

Scenario 1: If it were the former, then the politician got Vhong beaten up to brutally scare him and the girl--that's why the girl was made to witness the beating too. It would also follow too then that the girl was equally forced by the politician to sign an attempted rape story for the actions of the politician to be justified in the public's eye if in case his name gets mentioned.

Scenario 2: If it were the latter, then the girl invited Vhong to the condo to purposely be beaten up by her politician boyfriend's goons. This is so Vhong would leave her alone too. If this were the case, then the attempted rape story can be plausible.

My money is on scenario 1. Oh, and the moment they released the beaten photos of Vhong, I knew there was something fishy. His camp was successful in getting public sympathy though from the internet. But I hope we all realize that no matter what happened, Vhong had his faults.

Click HERE to watch Vhong Navarro details his ordeal.

Famous blogger Morgan Zeanreh of supermorgy.com reacts:

I'm not a fan of Vhong Navarro but my heart goes out to him! No one deserves to be treated that way! That girl and those men, Ur all sick! F*#@ that idea na sinubukan kang gahasain ni Vhong Navarro! the fact that u invited him 2 come to ur condo in the middle of d night means ma<@ndi ka! Any girl who invites a man going to her condo at almost 11pm definitely is looking for a romantic night or a planned crime! Was there ever a case of Rape na ang victim ang nag invite sa lalake to come to her house knowing no one else is there! Kalokohan! The fact that it happened sa condo ng girl malabong rape yan! and Before you claim na pinagtangkaan kang e rape, be sure wala kang history ng pag<@<@ndi! and to Vhong Navarro, you already have a girlfriend, stick to one na kasi. You should have not went there. May pa wine wine pa.. #LessonLearned #JusticeForVhong."

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  1. Anonymous says:

    My guess is nung Jan 17 palang after flirtng with Vhong, nahuli na si denise ni Cedric flirting with Vhong. Ang nagyaya again for Vhong to come to the unit is Cedric na himself. Explains why he is armed with men to beat up Vhong. Supposedly vhong should not be able to enter the unit anymore as Cedric and the guys are waiting for him but nagkasalisi sa elevator kaya nagulat si denise na nakaakyat pa si Vhong. Cedric and the guys then came in with the gun and made it look like Vhong was trying to rape denise with videotaping his forced confession. Vhong was very confident that no intercourse would be videotaped because there really was none. Cedric has a long history of anger management and one of these his very doing. I think Vhong was really set up, but he has a girlfriend so this could all have been avoided if he stayed loyal. Cedric is retaliating for the flirting happened between the two of them. Money just came in second to make Vhong pay. Denise is full of guilt right now but under Cedric's control, she could not spill the beans regarding the truth that night.

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