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Michael V. to Host TV5’s "Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman"

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Michael V. to Host TV5’s "Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman"

Michael V. will soon headlines TV5's Saturday night programming as he is set to host "Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman," the localized version of the US show Killer Karaoke, which will premiere on November 16 at 9 p.m.

For now, I will be hosting as myself. The template being presented to us is just lending such opportunity. We will see what other things we can add to it eventually. But rest assured, we will do everything for the enjoyment of the televiewers,” said the well-known master-of-disguise-and-impersonation when asked if he will be creating another funny character for the show.

With his return to TV5, where his TV career started in Tropang Trumpo, Michael V is following in the footsteps of fellow comedian-hosts Joey de Leon and Vic Sotto who work in two stations at the same time.

They are my inspiration,” says Michael V. “…The key is, you don’t have a network contract. The advantage (of it) is (you have) the freedom of doing what you want, doing what pleases you and doing something that will help your career.

Since he will be shuttling from one channel to another, Michael V says, “Our target is to tape as much episodes as we can.” This is true because Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman involves changing of set-ups for the various challenges. Given his TV commitments now, Michael V will make sure that the schedules of his shows will not overlap.

Taking a cue from the US version, Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman is a singing contest which is open “to all. That’s why there’s a screening or audition (which includes checking the blood pressure of contestants). They should be game. It’s katuwaan. This is a singing contest with (a twist) and kalokohan,” shares TV5 Entertainment executive Wilma Galvante. “There’s only one rule: No matter what happens, you don’t stop singing.”

Contestants will have their own song choice to perform, while unexpected challenges are being presented to them. Snakes, frogs and eels may be used to distract them from singing the song and finishing it. The audience has the power to vote which contestant will take home the prize. Getting out of tune is a big no-no on the show.

Winning Killer Karaoke (Pinoy Naman) depends on the performer,” says Michael V. “He has to perform very well, otherwise, the audience will not vote for him.”

To make the show into the zone, so to speak, and close to Pinoy’s entertainment palate, the Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman creative team will come up with new ideas. Other franchisees in the world might adapt them. Michael V will lend a hand in improving the show.

According to the network’s statement, Killer Karaoke has become a hit in such countries as Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Lithuania, Mexico, Poland, Peru, Russia, Thailand, the UK and the US.

For the pilot episode, one can expect a celebrity edition with Ogie Alcasid being first on the list. Ogie is afraid of snakes. It might be hilarious to see him hit the right notes with slimy creatures around him.

 "Killer Karaoke Pinoy Naman" is part of the Kapatid Network’s Weekend Do It Better.   

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