Marian Rivera Transfer to TV5 in the Works

Sunday, April 28, 2013 , Posted by JED at 1:03:00 PM

Marian Rivera Transfer to TV5 in the Works

Alongside with Marian Rivera's announcement on Friday afternoon that she and longtime manager Popoy Caritativo of Luminary Talent Management have parted ways, the Kapuso primetime queen also hinted on possible transfer when her GMA-7 contract expires in August of this year.

Marian, now under Tony Tuviera's APT Entertainment management said she would like to expand her career by working with other actors outside her current TV network.

Actually, may kontrata pa ako sa GMA, by August ‘yan. Pero hindi ko sinasarado ang pintuan ko sa ibang network. Dahil nga sa sinasabi kong freedom eh gusto kong mag-try ng iba’t ibang klase ng hindi ko pa nagagawa.” she confirmed.

When asked if the rumored negotiation with TV5 executive Wilma Galvante is true, Marian said “Ngayong may kontrata pa ako sa GMA eh ayoko naman pong magsalita. Sa August po magkita-kita tayo kung saan ako pupunta.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just like any other starlet na kapag sumikat na kasabay ang ulo sa pagsikat! Typical pinoy actress.

  1. roxygirl says:

    nasaan nalang yung cnasabi mong contento ka

  1. roxygirl says:

    akala ko contento ka?may freedom ka pang nalalaman

  1. Anonymous says:

    First of all, she is not a "starlet". She is an honest to goodness superstar. Second, she stayed loyal for 7 years with GMA7, even if ABS CBN has, in the past, offered for her to name her price just to transfer to their station, but Marian chose to stay with her home network. Third, any person, if offered a better deal, can choose to leave their current employer. I doubt if anybody can realistically turn down a job offer if they double his or her pay, and give them better perks. Saying otherwise is being a hypocrite. Fourth, it's not a done deal that she will leave. She will still talk to GMA7 and ascertain what are their plans for her career. It's not like she is leaving them hanging and immediately after her contract expires would announce that she already signed up with GMA's rival network...this isn't 7 years ago.

  1. venture says:

    i hope that marian and dingdong should think first before transferring to abs or have a bigger offer is really tempting, but it will not be an assurance to be forever..marian 1's said that she will not be like other artist who will just transfer to other network and will always be loyal to gma..where is the word of honor if in case she will transfer?i understand if she will transfer coz gma doesn't give her importance or any projects, but to think that she and dingdong are given a lot of priorities..abs has lots of artist..they should think this...

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