Dawn Zulueta Declines Kissing Scenes with Richard Gomez in 'Walang Hanggan'

Thursday, July 19, 2012 , Posted by JED at 9:47:00 AM

Dawn Zulueta Declines Kissing Scenes with Richard Gomez in 'Walang Hanggan'

Dawn Zulueta recently revealed that she refused to do kissing scenes with onscreen partner Richard Gomez in the phenomenal TV drama “Walang Hanggan,” as a sign of respect to her husband, Davao del Norte Rep. Anton Lagdameo Jr.

According to Dawn, eventhough her husband does not forbid her, it is her initiative not to do the intimate scenes. “I want to consider Anton’s feelings. It’s bad enough that everyone is clamoring to have two ex-es together and I feel that it’s disrespectful to my husband if I still do the kissing scenes.

Meanwhile, the plot continues to thicken in “Walang Hanggan” now that Marco (Richard) and Emily (Dawn) are already engaged. Can Johanna (Melissa Ricks) still stop her father’s plan to get married? What will the mysterious Jean/Black Lily (Eula Valdes) do now that Marco is going to marry the woman that her cousin Jane (Rita Avila) was most jealous of? Will Marco and Emily surpass all the trials that are going to hinder their happiness?

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