Pauleen Luna Attacks by Oyo Sotto on Twitter?; Mrs. Chat Luna Issues Statement

Tuesday, January 10, 2012 , Posted by JED at 2:41:00 PM

Pauleen Luna Attacks by Oyo Sotto on Twitter?; Mrs. Chat Luna Issues Statement

The Vic Sotto - Pauleen Luna relationship rumor saga continues.

And now joining them are Oyo Sotto, Vic's eldest son to Dina Bonnevie and Pauleen's parents who released a statement clearing their daughter's name on the "gamitan-mukhang pera" issue surrounding Vic and Pauleen's rumored May-December affair.

As reported here in Showbiznest on December 10, 2011 (read related news HERE), Vic uses not just his charm but also by showering Pauleen with gifts making her fall for him so deeply.

Though, this accusation was vehemently denied many times by Pauleen, other showbiz watchers and netizens thought otherwise including Oyo who posted the following messages on his twitter account (@VSotto12):

"Ang dami talagang mukang pera... ang daming lumalandi! Nakakalungkot (hindi sa akin) Haay nako...." Oyo tweeted on December 4 (now deleted).

Following with, "Respeto lang" on the same day which many suspect pertaining to Pauleen.

While Pauleen decided to keep mum on the issue, here comes Pauleen's mom Mrs. Chat Luna to the rescue.

On Saturday, Mrs. Luna sent Startalk an official statement venting out their sentiments toward this accusations. Read below:

There is no better time for our thoughts, as parents, on the Vic-Pauleen issue, be heard but now, for we wish our daughter nothing more but a peaceful and fulfilled 2012.

We're proud to have brought up Pauleen as a God-fearing child, and have full trust and confidence whatever decision she makes.

We have raised her and her brother as well-provided individuals encouraged to live their lives to the fullest.

Since her start in this industry, she has but one goal - that is to enjoy what she loves the most - acting and hosting. What she earns from this profession comes secondary to her passion.

That is why it pains her and us as well to hear that she is using someone else for financial gains. Just so everything si clear, Pauleen is not the breadwinner of the family.

We, her parents, are very much able to perform this role for our brood. Whatever she earns is placed in her own account, for her own disposal and has been accounted for since.

Although she is not obligated in any way to share, we are very proud of her being a blessing for those in need.

She is a very simple lady with simple wants and needs. She has been smart in ensuring that her future is secured through her investments.

Investments such as the new house she is building from her savings - contrary to the speculations that it was a gift.

We would like to extend our regrets to Mr. Vic Sotto for being dragged in this issue.

We respect his show of interest with Pauleen and trust that whatever she decides regarding this matter will be for the best of everyone."

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  1. Anonymous says:

    go bossing iloveyou mwuahh mwuahh tzupp tzupppp

  1. Anonymous says:

    bakit ba nakikiaalam ang anak, lalaki pang anak, diba mababaw at maypagka cheap ang dating? pabayaan mo tatay mo matanda na yan, para ka naman takot na takot na makapag asawa ulit tatay mo. pano mo nalaman gold digger na check mo na ba bank account ni pauleen at nakita ba ng camera mo na binigyan ng tatay mo? bading yang galaw mo sino ka man di ko alam pangalan mo anak ni bossing na lalaki

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ikaw ang cheap nakikisawsaw ka sa di mo problema! Wag ka makialam sa problema nila. Si Oyo anak ni bossing, at may karapatan mgsalita...ikaw wala...pwera na lang kung utusan ka ni pauleen taba

  1. Anonymous says:

    It`s up to Pauleen to clear it once and for all! The mere fact that she is not clearing it up means something!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ang sarap ng buhay ni bossing ,, palibhasa tapos na sa mga obligasyon sa buhay.. anyway sa tingin ko is nag lilibang lang si idol... as if naman na mag anak pa sya sa iba, edi gagawa gagawa pa ulit sya ng obligayon eh kung tapos na nga sya dun... ang opinyon ko dito ay di sya mag papakatali sa babae and ang babae naman magiging kawawa kung gusto man nya na lumagay sa tahimik, d kc pede si bossing nang ganun... mas idol ko si joey de leon and tito sen, family oriented kc un ang nakikita ko sa harap ng television.

  1. Anonymous says:

    it is normal for a child to react that way because he is hurt also on his father choice to pick a much younger woman-para na ring apo..but they can settle things naman in a proper way siguro depending on vic sotto....

  1. Anonymous says:

    pabayaan mo lan si bossing na kantutin si paulem luna kasi, un lang naman kaligayahan nya, saka maligaya naman yata si bossing pag kasama nya si pauleen sa kama diba?

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