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John Estrada - Priscilla Meirelles Wedding Pictures

37-year-old Kapamilya actor-host John Estrada and 27-year-old Brazilian model-beauty queen Priscilla Meirelles tied the knot in a sunset seaside wedding just this afternoon, February 26, 2011, at the Thunderbird Resorts in Poro Point, San Fernando, La Union.

The wedding was witnessed by John and Priscilla's family and closest friends, some of which are Priscilla's family and friends who flew all the way from Brazil.

This is John's second marriage (the first one with actress Janice de Belen) while the first and hopefully the last for Priscilla.

Here are some of John and Priscilla's wedding photos:

Present in the wedding are Richard Gomez who stood as the groom's Best Man replacing Willie Revillame, John's 13-year-old son Juan Antonio Immanuel (Junior Best Man) and his three daughters Czarinah Isabella, Michaela Aryanna and Stephanie Moira Danielle (Bridesmaids), Principal Sponsors Manny Pangilinan, Atty. Ray C. Espinosa, Ben Chan, Cory Vidanes, Gov. Chavit Singson, Johnny Manahan, Vic Del Rosario, and Dra. Vicki Belo, Secondary Sponsors Gabby Concepcion, Lorna Tolentino, Ai-Ai delas Alas, Ogie Alcasid, Randy Santiago, Anjo Yllana, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Ginger Conejero and Sandra Seifert.

Other attendees include Mother Lily Monteverde, Hayden Kho, Sam Milby, Vina Morales, Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Kris Aquino (Bible reader)

Photos courtesy of Ginger Conejero, Sam Milby and All Voices

Jennifer Lopez 'On the Floor' Music Video

Jennifer Lopez new music video for her song “On the Floor” will premiere on March 3 during American Idol Season 10.

JLo rocks out a Zuhair Murad bodysuit in the music video that was styled by super stylist duo Rob Zangardi and Mariel Haen.

Jennifer Lopez - On The Floor Music Video preview:

AGB Mega Manila People's Ratings February 21 - 24: Happy Yipee Yehey, Price is Right and Babaeng Hampaslupa Failed To Enter The Top 10 Race

Here are the Top 10 Daytime and Primetime TV ratings of ABS-CBN, TV5 and GMA-7 programs on the People/Individual Ratings of AGB Nielsen Philippines among Mega Manila Households on February 21 - 24, 2011:

February 21, Monday

1. Temptation of Wife (GMA-7) - 11.9%
2. Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 11.8%
3. Koreana (GMA-7) - 9.9%
4. Nita Negrita (GMA-7) - 8.5%
5. Alakdana (GMA-7) - 8.1%
6. Kapuso Movie Festival: Rubberman (GMA-7) - 5.5%
7. Showtime (ABS-CBN) - 4.1%
8. Face To Face (TV5) - 4%
9. Mana Po (ABS-CBN) / Malparida (ABS-CBN) - 3.6%
10. Jackie Chan Adventures (GMA-7) / One Piece (GMA-7) - 3.4%

1. Mara Clara (ABS-CBN) - 14.9%
2. Imortal (ABS-CBN) - 13.2%
3. Mutya (ABS-CBN) - 12.1%
4. The Baker King (GMA-7) - 11.7%
5. 24 Oras (GMA-7) - 11.4%
6. I ♥ You Pare (GMA-7) - 11.3%
7. Machete (GMA-7) - 10.7%
8. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 10.3%
9. Dwarfina (GMA-7) - 10%
10. Bantatay (GMA-7) - 9%

February 22, Tuesday

1. Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) / Temptation of Wife (GMA-7) - 11.6%
2. Koreana (GMA-7) - 10.8%
3. Nita Negrita (GMA-7) - 8.6%
4. Alakdana (GMA-7) - 8.5%
5. Kapuso Movie Festival: Bakit Iisa Lamang ang Puso? (GMA-7) - 4.9%
6. One Piece (GMA-7) / Showtime (ABS-CBN) - 4.4%
7. Ben 10 (TV5) - 4.1%
8. Jackie Chan Adventures (GMA-7) / Face To Face (TV5) - 4%
9. Shaman King (GMA-7) - 3.7%
10. Mana Po (ABS-CBN) - 3.5%

1. Mara Clara (ABS-CBN) - 16.6%
2. Mutya (ABS-CBN) - 13.5%
3. Imortal (ABS-CBN) - 12.4%
4. 24 Oras (GMA-7) - 12.3%
5. The Baker King (GMA-7) - 11.9%
6. I ♥ You Pare (GMA-7) - 11.3%
7. Dwarfina (GMA-7) / Machete (GMA-7) - 10.5%
8. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 9.7%
9. Bantatay (GMA-7) - 9.6%
10. Willing Willie (TV5) - 7.5%

February 23, Wednesday

1. Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 12%
2. Temptation of Wife (GMA-7) - 10.2%
3. Koreana (GMA-7) - 9.1%
4. Nita Negrita (GMA-7) - 7.5%
5. Alakdana (GMA-7) - 6.9%
6. Face To Face (TV5) / Kapuso Movie Festival: Joe Pring (GMA-7) - 5.6%
7. One Piece (GMA-7) - 4.7%
8. Showtime (ABS-CBN) - 4.6%
9. Mana Po (ABS-CBN) - 3.9%
10. Balitaang Tapat (TV5) - 3.8%

1. Mara Clara (ABS-CBN) - 14.4%
2. The Baker King (GMA-7) - 12.7%
3. Mutya (ABS-CBN) - 12.4%
4. 24 Oras (GMA-7) - 12.3%
5. I ♥ You Pare (GMA-7) - 12.1%
6. Imortal (ABS-CBN) - 11.5%
7. Dwarfina (GMA-7) - 11.4%
8. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 10.4%
9. Machete (GMA-7) - 10.2%
10. Bantatay (GMA-7) - 8.6%

February 24, Thursday

1. Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 11%
2. Temptation of Wife (GMA-7) - 10.5%
3. Koreana (GMA-7) - 9.1%
4. Nita Negrita (GMA-7) - 8.5%
5. Alakdana (GMA-7) - 7.4%
6. Showtime (ABS-CBN) - 5.6%
7. One Piece (GMA-7) - 4.7%
8. Mana Po (ABS-CBN) - 4.5%
9. Kapuso Movie Festival: Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko (GMA-7) - 4.3%
10. Kapitan Inggo (ABS-CBN) - 4.2%

1. Mara Clara (ABS-CBN) - 14.7%
2. Mutya (ABS-CBN) / The Baker King (GMA-7) - 13.1%
3. I ♥ You Pare (GMA-7) - 11.8%
4. Machete (GMA-7) - 11.7%
5. 24 Oras (GMA-7) / Imortal (ABS-CBN) - 11.5%
6. Dwarfina (GMA-7) - 10.4%
7. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 9.6%
8. Bantatay (GMA-7) - 9.2%
9. Green Rose (ABS-CBN) - 6.8%
10. Saksi (GMA-7) - 5.6%

Source: AGB Nielsen Phils.

Kantar Media/TNS National Household TV Ratings February 21 - 24: 'Eat Bulaga' and 'Temptation of Wife' Compete For Daytime Leadership

Here are the Top 10 Daytime and Primetime TV ratings of ABS-CBN, TV5 and GMA-7 programs on the overnight survey of Kantar Media (formerly TNS) among National households on February 21 - 24, 2011:

Justify FullFebruary 21, Monday

1. Temptation of Wife (GMA-7) - 22.7%
2. Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 19.8%
3. Koreana (GMA-7) - 16.9%
4. Nita Negrita (GMA-7) - 14.1%
5. Alakdana (GMA-7) - 12.9%
6. I Love You So: Autumn's Concerto (ABS-CBN) - 11.2%
7. Malparida (ABS-CBN) - 10.8%
8. Kapuso Movie Festival: Rubberman (GMA-7) / Mana Po (ABS-CBN) / Sabel (ABS-CBN) - 10.7%
9. One Piece (GMA-7) - 10%
10. Kapitan Inggo (ABS-CBN) - 9.8%

1. Mara Clara (ABS-CBN) - 34%
2. Mutya (ABS-CBN) 31.3%
3. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) / Imortal (ABS-CBN) - 27.6%
4. 24 Oras (GMA-7) - 19.9%
5. Bantatay (GMA-7) - 19.3%
6. The Baker King (GMA-7) - 17.4%
7. Dwarfina (GMA-7) / Machete (GMA-7) - 16.7%
8. I ♥ You Pare (GMA-7) - 16.4%
9. The Price Is Right (ABS-CBN) - 14.5%
10. Green Rose (ABS-CBN) - 14.4%

February 22, Tuesday

1. Temptation of Wife (GMA-7) - 22.1%
2. Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 20.5%
3. Koreana (GMA-7) - 18.2%
4. Nita Negrita (GMA-7) - 15.9%
5. Alakdana (GMA-7) - 13.6%
6. Sabel (ABS-CBN) - 11.9%
7. Mana Po (ABS-CBN) - 11.2%
8. Kapuso Movie Festival: Bakit Iisa Lamang ang Puso? (GMA-7) - 10.9%
9. Showtime (ABS-CBN) - 10.7%
10. One Piece (GMA-7) - 10.5%

1. Mara Clara (ABS-CBN) - 38.7%
2. Mutya (ABS-CBN) - 33.9%
3. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 29%
4. Imortal (ABS-CBN) - 27.8%
5. 24 Oras (GMA-7) - 19.2%
6. Bantatay (GMA-7) - 18.2%
7. The Price Is Right (ABS-CBN) / The Baker King (GMA-7) - 17%
8. I ♥ You Pare (GMA-7) - 16.1%
9. Dwarfina (GMA-7) - 15.6%
10. Machete (GMA-7) - 15.1%

February 23, Wednesday

1. Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 20.8%
2. Temptation of Wife (GMA-7) - 18.5%
3. Koreana (GMA-7) - 15.7%
4. Nita Negrita (GMA-7) - 14.1%
5. Alakdana (GMA-7) - 12.6%
6. Sabel (ABS-CBN) - 11.7%
7. One Piece (GMA-7) - 11.1%
8. Kapuso Movie Festival: Joe Pring Homicide, Manila Police (GMA-7) - 11%
9. Mana Po (ABS-CBN) / I Love You So: Autumn's Concerto (ABS-CBN) - 10.6%
10. Shaman King (GMA-7) / Kapitan Inggo (ABS-CBN) - 10.4%

1. Mara Clara (ABS-CBN) - 34%
2. Mutya (ABS-CBN) - 33.4%
3. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 28.3%
4. Imortal (ABS-CBN) - 24.6%
5. 24 Oras (GMA-7) - 19.9%
6. The Baker King (GMA-7) - 18.5%
7. Dwarfina (GMA-7) - 17.6%
8. Machete (GMA-7) - 15.9%
9. Bantatay (GMA-7) - 15.6%
10. I ♥ You Pare (GMA-7) - 15.4%

February 24, Thursday

1. Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 20.4%
2. Temptation of Wife (GMA-7) - 19.9%
3. Koreana (GMA-7) - 17.5%
4. Nita Negrita (GMA-7) - 14.4%
5. Alakdana (GMA-7) - 12.3%
6. Mana Po (ABS-CBN) / Malparida (ABS-CBN) / Sabel (ABS-CBN) - 11.2%
7. One Piece (GMA-7) / Kapuso Movie Festival: Sana Dalawa ang Puso Ko (GMA-7) / I Love You So: Autumn's Concerto (ABS-CBN) - 11.1%
8. Showtime (ABS-CBN) - 10.7%
9. Shaman King (GMA-7) - 10.1%
10. Kapitan Inggo (ABS-CBN) - 9.9%

1. Mara Clara (ABS-CBN) - 34.9%
2. Mutya (ABS-CBN) - 32.2%
3. Imortal (ABS-CBN) - 27.7%
4. TV Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 26%
5. 24 Oras (GMA-7) - 20.4%
6. Dwarfina (GMA-7) - 19.2%
7. Machete (GMA-7) - 17.6%
8. Bantatay (GMA-7) - 17%
9. The Baker King (GMA-7) - 16.9%
10. I ♥ You Pare (GMA-7) - 16.4%

Source: Kantar Media / TNS

Justin Bieber's Hair For Sale on eBay

Justin Bieber's hair is being sold on eBay.

The world's famous Canadian Pop-R&B singer recently had his famous locks cut and they are now listed on the internet auction site with the current top bid at $7,200.

The sale ends on March 2 and the unusual item has so far attracted interest from 61 users.

The locks are being sold by Ellen DeGeneres who received some of his hair - which is encased in a Plexiglas box that has been signed Justin as a gift when he appeared on her talk show this week (read related article HERE).

As he handed the strands over to Ellen - who had previously written on her Twitter page that she wanted some of Justin's, he said: "That's my hair. I'm giving pieces of it to different people. We're doing something special. We want you to donate it to whatever charity you want to."

Ellen is donating all proceeds from the auction to animal rescue foundation, The Gentle Barn.

Discussing why he wanted to ditch "The Bieber" look, he said: "I just wanted to, that's all, not really a big reason. I just woke up and said, 'I don't want this anymore,' so I just cut it."

Friday, February 25, 2011

Charice Beats Justin Bieber in J-Wave Tokio Hot 100 Best New Artist Award

Charice again scored another bigtime achievement when she received the Best New Artist trophy in Japan's McDonald's Tokio Hot 100 Award held at Shinagawa’s Stellar Ball concert hall.

Dubbed as the "world's most talented girl in the world" by Oprah Winfrey, Charice won over popular international artists like Ke$ha, Orianthi, Bruno Mars and Justin Bieber.

J-WAVE Tokio Hot 100 award is one of the major awards in Japan's music industry. The annual awards determines the year’s best song and artists through listeners votes.

Grendel Alvarado and Jenilyn Olivar Disqualified From Bb. Pilipinas 2011 Pageant; BPCI Announces the 38 Official Candidates

Binibining Pilipinas 2011 candidates Grendel Alvarado and Jenilyn 'Jen' Olivar have been disqualified from the pageant due to a naked photoshoot they did when they joined Philippines' Next Top Model in 2007 where Grendel was the winner while Jen placed as 2nd Runner Up.

(L-R: Grender Alvarado and Jenilyn Olivar photo shoot for Philippines' Next Top Model 2007)

The photoshoot happened during Week 12 of Philippines' Next Top Model which required the Final 3 - Grendel, Jen and Rina Lorilla to pose half-naked supposedly for a breast cancer awareness campaign but turned out to be just a theme set as a challenge for the said modeling contest.

On February 23, Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc. (BPCI) announces the official remaining 38 candidates of Binibining Pilipinas 2011.

1. Zephorah Mayon aka Zara Aldana, Las Pinas City
2. Elizabeth Clenci, Australia
3. Carolyn Ty, Quezon City
4. Gianna Therese Quintos, Caloocan City
5. Jennielyn Natividad, Batangas City
6. Patricia Marie Tumulak, Manila
7. Roxanne Cabañero, Davao
8. Angelia Gabrena Ong aka Gabby Ong, Manila
9. Ma. Kristina May Marasigan aka Tina Marasigan, Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija
10. Hazelyn Santos, Manila
11. Diana Arevalo, Calapan City, Oriental Mindoro
12. Carla Lacson, La Union
13. Queenierich Rehman aka Queenie Rehman, Pasay City
14. Marish Alyssa Marquinez, Angeles City, Pampanga
15. Arabella Hanesh aka Ara Hanesh, Urdaneta City, Pangasinan
16. Sabrinne Al-Tawil, Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
17. Teresa Pamela Ludovice, Manila
18. Wendy Lucas, Jones, Isabela
19. Jenette Mieko Noguchi aka Jet Noguchi, Palo Alto City, California
20. Kenneth Shane Dimaapi, Plaridel, Bulacan
21. Paula Camille Figueroas, Marikina City
22. Luzelle Felipe, Hagonoy, Bulacan
23. Martha Chloe McCulley aka Chloe Dauden, Pasay City
24. Isabella Manjon, Manila
25. Shamcey Supsup, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte
26. Janine Tugonon, Balanga City, Bataan
27. Ma. Paula Bianca Paz, Baguio City
28. Krystle Ann Grant aka Krystle Dizon, Hayward California
29. Kathleen Subijano aka Cai Subijano, Woodland Hills, California
30. Samantha Purvor, Quezon City
31. Jenn Roe Gubat, Malolos City, Bulacan
32. Dianne Elaine Necio, Legazpi City, Albay
33. Mary Jean Lastimosa aka MJ Lastimosa, Manila
34. Suzette Hernandez, Batangas
35. Camille Alexis Baltazar, Las Pinas City
36. Sarah Nicole Clenci, Australia
37. Ladylyn Riva, Nabas, Aklan
38. Glennifer Perido, Sta. Rosa City, Laguna

Latest update: Another candidate, Roxanne Cabañero of Davao was also disqualified from the pageant, two days after the disqualification of Grendel Alvarado and Jenilyn Olivar, due to an allegedly naked photos posted on a website which features naked Filipina women. However, Roxanne vehemently refute this claim.

Video to Watch: Taylor Swift 2011Asia Tour Video Blog

Taylor Swift released a video compilation of her recently concluded highly successful concert tours in Asia.

Included in the key cities where she staged a concert are Singapore, South Korea, Osaka Japan, Tokyo Japan, Manila Philippines and Hong Kong.

Watch Taylor Swifts video blog below:

Carey Mulligan in “Never Let Me Go”

Carey Mulligan’s breakout performance as a teenage schoolgirl seduced by an older man in “An Education” earned her an Academy Award nomination and led to offers in a string of films most of which she turned down, but “Never Let Me Go” was an exception. It was, she says, simply too good an opportunity to pass up.

“Never Let Me Go” is a beautiful, hauntingly sad and very faithful adaptation of Kazuo Ishiguru’s 2005 novel directed by Mark Romanek with a screenplay by Alex Garland (author of The Beach).

Three friends, Kathy (Mulligan), Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Ruth (Keira Knightley), meet at a boarding school called Hailsham and form a bond that will last into adulthood. The school, on the surface at least, is a normal if somewhat rundown establishment in an idyllic English country setting where the pupils are encouraged to express themselves through art and to take particular care of their young bodies.

But Hailsham has a sinister secret hidden behind its veil of respectability – each of the youngsters there are clones, being prepared to be ‘donors’ for organ transplants and their lives will be brutally, tragically short as a result.

Q: What’s it like to make a film that deals with such heartbreaking material?
A: We didn’t observe ourselves in this tragic world, we just played the parts, and so it was actually much lighter for us than it comes off. Part of what makes it so sad is that they live believing that this is their only choice, their only world, and there were a lot of very emotional scenes.

Q: A question that seems to crop up a lot with the story is why they don’t try and run away?
A: The book doesn’t deal with that. When people ask Ishiguru about it he always says that he wasn’t writing a book about people who ran away – he didn’t want to write a slave rebellion book. It’s about people who accept their circumstances and that’s probably more truthful than people running away.

Q: Your character, Kathy, is a clone. Does that affect how you play her?
A: No, because we never thought of ourselves as clones. The whole point of the story is that they are as human as people who are conceived naturally. So it was more about a group of orphans growing up together and not really having any kind of nurturing. They were just normal but segregated and treated differently, for no reason.

Q: Had you read the book before you were offered the part?
A: Yes, I read it when it came out. I always saw it as an amazing love story and then everything else played into it. It was also about friendship, between those two girls, and then the love story.

Q: Do you think success is changing you? We all have this perception what fame does…
A: No, I don’t think it’s changed me. Because I don’t feel famous in the classic sense of the word. When I’m doing press stuff, I wear heels and someone does my makeup, and it’s like a completely different side, a work thing, but then when I’m not working it’s completely different. And no one really photographs me when I’m on my own; I never get stopped in the street, so it’s not like Justin Bieber fame (laughs).

Q: You don’t read anything that’s written about you?
A: I read some reviews for the theatre I did and a couple of reviews for An Education but I didn’t read anything for Wall Street because I think if you start thinking about the end result and going into films thinking about how people perceive you then your choices are rubbish. You hate all the bad things that they say, so it’s just best just not to read any of it because then you can’t take any of it in.

Q: What’s your idea of a perfect day off?
A: Well, I always get up early; once I’m awake that’s it. I’ve been in New York watching plays; I’ve been in London seeing my friends. I took French lessons for a couple of weeks and then got bored. I enjoyed being off for a while and then I got sick of it and I thought ‘I must do something active.’ It wasn’t like I spent four months travelling to Tibet or anything – I wish I had. I read a lot of scripts but just didn’t find anything until Drive came along.

“Never Let Me Go” opens March 2 exclusively in Ayala Cinemas from 20th Century Fox distributed by Warner Bros.

Log on to for the movie’s schedule.

Clint Eastwood, Leonardo DiCaprio Begin Filiming "J. Edgar"

BURBANK, CA, February 23, 2011 – Principal photography has begun on “J. Edgar,” starring Academy Award® nominee Leonardo DiCaprio (“Inception,” “The Departed,” “Blood Diamond”) under the direction of Oscar® winner Clint Eastwood (“Gran Torino,” “Million Dollar Baby,” “Unforgiven”).

A drama that explores the public and private life of one of the most powerful, controversial and enigmatic figures of the 20th century, “J. Edgar” was written by Oscar®-winning screenwriter Dustin Lance Black (“Milk”).

As the face of law enforcement in America for almost fifty years, J. Edgar Hoover was feared and admired, reviled and revered. But behind closed doors, he held secrets that would have destroyed his image, his career and his life.

“J. Edgar” also stars Academy Award® nominee Naomi Watts (“21 Grams) as Helen Gandy, Hoover’s longtime secretary; Oscar® winner Judi Dench (“Shakespeare in Love”) as Hoover’s over-protective mother, Anne Marie Hoover; Armie Hammer (“The Social Network”) as Hoover’s protégé Clyde Tolson, who was rumored to have more than a professional relationship with the FBI director; and Josh Lucas (“Life as We Know It”) as the legendary aviator Charles Lindbergh, whose son’s kidnapping changes the public profile of the F.B.I. The main cast also includes Damon Herriman (TV’s “Justified”) and Ken Howard (“Grey Gardens”).

“J. Edgar” is being produced by Eastwood, Oscar® winner Brian Grazer (“A Beautiful Mind,” “Frost/Nixon”) and Oscar® nominee Robert Lorenz (“Letters from Iwo Jima,” “Mystic River”), with Tim Moore and Erica Huggins serving as executive producers.

Behind the scenes, Eastwood reunites with his longtime collaborators, including director of photography Tom Stern, production designer James J. Murakami, editors Joel Cox and Gary D. Roach, and costume designer Deborah Hopper.

Shooting on “J. Edgar” is taking place in and around Los Angeles and on location in Washington DC.

A Warner Bros. Pictures presentation, the film is being produced under the banners of Malpaso and Imagine Entertainment. It will be distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

The Hangover 2 - Trailer

The Wolfpack is back to bring hilariously twisted adventure to Bangkok, Thailand in “The Hangover 2″ starring Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha and Zach Galifianakis.

In The Hangover 2, Phil (Bradley Cooper), Stu (Ed Helms), Alan (Zach Galifianakis) and Doug (Justin Bartha) travel to exotic Thailand for Stu’s wedding. After the unforgettable bachelor party in Las Vegas, Stu is taking no chances and has opted for a safe, subdued pre-wedding brunch. However, things don’t always go as planned. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but what happens in Bangkok can’t even be imagined.

Their funny misadventure will hit the theaters on the May 26, 2011 Memorial Day weekend.

The Hangover Part II - Trailer:

2011 American Idol Season 10 Top 24 Announced

After weeks of states audition and Hollywood week elimination rounds, Randy Jackson, Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler officially revealed the Top 24 contestants of American Idol Season 10 in the two-part Americal Idol green mile episode. They are:

Top 12 Boys

1. Clint Jun Gamboa
2. Paul McDonald
3. Robbie Rosen
4. Tim Halperin
5. Scotty McCreery
6. Jovany Barreto
7. Jordan Dorsey
8. Stefano Langone
9. Jacob Lusk
10. James Durbin
11. Casey Abrams
12. Brett Loewenstern

Top 12 Girls

1. Naima Adedapo
2. Haley Reinhart
3. Ashthon Jones
4. Karen Rodriguez
5. Ta-Tynisa Wilson
6. Julie Zorrilla
7. Lauren Turner
8. Rachel Zevita
9. Kendra Chantelle
10. Lauren Alaina
11. Pia Toscano
12. Thia Megia

Thursday, February 24, 2011

'GMA Life TV' Fortifies Programming as The Only International Pinoy Lifestyle Channel

GMA Life TV marks the first quarter of 2011 with new programming that is only meant to strengthen its positioning as the only international Filipino lifestyle channel.

The second international channel of GMA Network, GMA Life TV has been celebrating Pinoy lifestyle since it was launched on February 2008. And it continues to do so three years after, now as life only gets better with GMA Life TV's new programming.

Ably complementing GMA Pinoy TV's programming - the flagship international channel of GMA Network which features top-rating news and public affairs shows and entertainment programs from the Kapuso Network - GMA Life TV combines news and entertainment with lifestyle features which speaks to the contemporary Pinoy audience.

"A lot of our subscribers - second and third generation Filipinos living and working in the U.S. - appreciate GMA Life TV's programming. Life TV shows bring them closer to home because the programs are able to tell them information about our country, people, and culture using the infotainment format. They learn something new while being entertained at the same time," shares Joseph T. Francia, Vice President and Head of Operations for GMA International.

Beginning February 28, the GMA Life TV subscribers will witness a lot more from GMA Life TV's genre blocks - cooking programs (It's a Delicious Life), talk shows (Speaking of Life), drama block (Moments of Life), movie block (Reel Life), etc. - as they feature everything the Kapuso viewers abroad need and want in life.

Nothing less than 'serbisyong totoo' is also to be expected from the news and public affairs programs of GMA Life TV as the channel continues to tap the multi-awarded and globally recognized News and Public Affairs group of GMA Network. And soon, a new international channel dedicated to Filipino newscasts and public affairs shows - GMA News TV - will be available to Kapuso viewers worldwide.

GMA Life TV is currently seen in the United States, Canada, Europe, Middle East, and North Africa, Japan, Guam, Saipan, Hong Kong, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand, and Australia through various carriers. Come March, the channel will also be seen in Central Florida via Bright House Networks, and in the whole of Australia via Fetch TV.

Cast of "Mula Sa Puso" Remake Revealed!

"Mula Sa Puso", the 1997 ABS-CBN hit TV series that made Claudine Barretto as one of the most important lead television actresses, will be brought back by the Kapamilya network with Lauren Young reprising the role of Claudine as Olivia "Via" Pereira/Ella Peralta.

Playing Lauren's leading men are JM de Guzman as Gabriel Maglayon which was originally played by the late Rico Yan and Enrique Gil as Michael Miranda, the role played by Diether Ocampo in the series.

Other cast include Gabby Concepcion as Don Fernando Pereira - Via's father, Eula Valdes as Selina Pereira-Matias - the main antagonist in the story, and Dawn Zulueta as Magdalena Trinidad, the lost mother of Via.

Mula Sa Puso - Storyline:

Via (Claudine Barretto), the only daughter of Don Fernando (Juan Rodrigo), is raised as his darling princess. On her eighteenth birthday she finds out that her father has promised her (hand in marriage) to her childhood friend Michael (Diether Ocampo), and before the birthday party is over, she gets kidnapped. She is rescued by a good samaritan named Gabriel (Rico Yan), whom she falls in love with. Michael at the latter part of the story became romantically involved with Via's best friend, Trina (Rica Peralejo). As the story unfolds, Via ends up having to decide between the two men in her life, while learning more about her mother Magda (Jaclyn Jose) and fighting off her evil aunt Selina, (Princess Punzalan), who is the sister of Don Fernando who wants to make all of them miserable before Selina's defeat.

In the story, Selina was one of the most influential person, due to her greediness in power and wealth of Don Fernando ( Juan Rodrigo), her brother. She used people in order to manipulate them when a bombing in the departure of Via and her family to start a new life begins, Via lives a new identity but comes back to her family, and they all face Selina one last time in dignity.

ABS-CBN decided to revive "Mula Sa Puso" after the remake of "Mara Clara" picked-up highly on the ratings.

Magic Palayok - Character Trailer

Catch here the character trailer of GMA-7's upcoming fantaserye "Magic Palayok" starring Geoff Eigenmann, Carla Abellana, Cheri Gil and Angeli Nicole Sanoy.

"Magic Palayok" is a light drama/fantasy about an enchanted claypot that makes everything delicious.

"Magic Palayok" premieres on Monday, February 28 before "24 Oras" on GMA-7.

'ASAP Rocks' Live in Davao!

Davaoenos, brace yourselves as ASAP Rocks invades Davao this Sunday, February 27, 2011.

Lusob na kapamilya sa pinaka-malaki at pinaka-engrandeng reunion ng buong kapamilya sa Mindanao! ASAP ROCKS Davao! Live na live saCrocodile Park Soccer Field, Davao!

Humanda na dahil magniningning ang buong Mindanao kasama ang mga pinaka-sikat na bituin ng nagungunang kapamilya network.

Uumpisahan ang bonggang fiesta reunion kasama sina Gary V., Martin Nievera, Zsazsa Padilla, Jericho Rosales, Bea Alonzo, Luis Manzano, Anne Curstis, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson at Piolo Pascual kasama pa ang buong ASAP kapamilya.

Hindi matatawarang concert experience mula sa ASAP Sessionistas, ASAP Music Icons, Martin, Zsazsa, Jed Madela, Yeng Constantino at Gary V.

Saksihan ang pagkinang ng kauna-unahang Star Power Female Pop Superstar Angeline Quinto sa isang engrandeng pagsalubong ng buong ASAP kapamilya. Makakasama rin ang Star Power finalists na sina Akiko, Monica, Krissel at K-la.

Hahataw din ang buong Davao sa pagpapakitang-gilas ng mga pinaka-astig at pinak-malupit sa sayawan kasama ang Supahdance Crew, Supahdance Kids, XB Gensan at G-Force.

Kikiligin ang bawat Davaoeno sa handog ng mga sikat na loveteams ng mga pinag-uusapang ABS-CBN teleseryes. Abangan kung sinu-sino sila.

Tripleng sorpresa din ang hatid ngayong linggo. May mga pasabog kasama ang cast ng "MINSAN LANG KITA IIBIGIN, OKA TOKAT at WHO’S THAT GIRL kasama ang loveteam nina Anne at Luis.

Huwag magpapahuli sa masayang kapamilya reunion dahil sa sorpresa at mga naglalakihang bituin. ASAP ROCKS sa Crocodile Park, Davao ngayong linggo February 27, 12:15 ng tanghali.

Kita kita tayo kapamilya.

GMA-7's 'My Lover, My Wife' Premieres on February 28

Nasa mukha ang kasinungalingan, nasa puso ang katotohanan.

"My Lover, My Wife" is an upcoming dramaserye of Kapuso network starring Maxene Magalona, Nadine Samonta Marco Alcaraz and Luis Alandy.

"My Mistress, My Wife" revolves around two women who got involved in an identity fraud which will lead to more life problems.


Sina April at Arthur – mag-asawang may mga lihim sa isa’t isa.
Sina Vivian at Lawrence – mag-asawang hindi masaya sa isa’t isa.

Subalit may ibang plano ang kapalaran.

Isang aksidente... at isang pagpapalit-anyo ang magaganap.

At si Arthur, suot ang mukha ni Lawrence, ay kailangang maging asawa kay Vivian!

Mabawi pa kaya ni April ang pusong dapat ay sa kanya?
Linlangin man kanyang ang mata, mapigilan kaya ni Vivian ang puso niya?

Also in the cast are Princess Snell, Jace Flores,and Ernie Garcia among others. Under the direction of Jay Altarejos.

"My Lover, My Wife" premieres on February 28, 2011 in Dramarama sa Hapon block of GMA-7.

SCQ Kiddie Questors Grand Winners Brenna Penaflor and Clarence Delgado Shines!

Star Circle Quest for the Next Kiddie Superstars’ Magic Circle of 6 gave the best performance of their lives during the Grand Questors’ Night.

These Kiddie Questors battled out to win the title of being SCQ’s Grand Girl and Grand Boy Kiddie Superstars. But after their intense showcase of unbelievable talents, two multi-talented kids shined the brightest and consequently, emerged as the Philippines’ next child wonders: Brenna, the Dancing Darling from Bulacan and Clarence, the Little Mr. Funny Guy from Quezon City.

Brenna Penaflor, 6 years old, who impressed us with her edgy and funky hip-hop grooves, started strong in the competition. At a very young age, she already dreamed of giving her younger brother a bright future. Furthermore, the quest jurors admired her discipline, confidence and optimism, which could probably be attributed from her background as the President of her class.

Clarence Delgado, 6 years old, wowed the crowd with his comic “Knock Knock” jokes. He almost backed out early on in the competition but with the help of his parents, he gained the confidence he needed to show to the world that he is the chosen one. In fact, he garnered consistent positive comments from the quest jurors in all the challenges they did during the competition.

Brenna and Clarence both went home with PhP 400,000 in cash, plus PhP 100,000 worth of endorsement contract from Garfield, and a four-year college scholarship worth PhP 250,000 from STI. Above all, the two kids are now certified ABS-CBN Kapamilya Kiddie Superstars!
Watch out as Brenna and Clarence continue to shine in the world of Philippine entertainment! For they are definitely armored with exceptional talent to become the country’s best and brightest superstars!

Dwayne Jhonson Returns To Action Genre in “Faster”

After spending a few years exploring other genres, Dwayne Johnson gets back to action with Columbia Pictures' new hard-hitting thriller “Faster.” “The story and the characters really spoke to me,” recalls Johnson. “It is a very simple and distinct storyline, yet all the characters are layered with complexity and complication.”

Johnson plays Driver, who after 10 years in prison, has a singular focus: to avenge the murder of his brother during the botched bank robbery that led to his imprisonment. Now a free man with a deadly to-do list in hand, he’s finally on his mission…but with two men on his trail – a veteran cop (Billy Bob Thornton) just days from retirement, and a young egocentric hitman (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) with a flair for the art of killing and a newfound worthy opponent. The hunter is also the hunted. It’s a do or die race to the list’s finish as the mystery surrounding his brother’s murder deepens, and new details emerge along the way hinting that Driver’s list may be incomplete.

Johnson took special note that Driver’s motivation is very raw and doesn’t require suspension of disbelief. “If something important to you is ripped away leaving you with nothing, the only thing you have left is the ability to make those individuals pay. There are many different ways a person can respond when they lose everything but his response is still reality-based at its core. For Driver, the response is ‘You took everything I had, now you pay.’ When he gets out of prison, it’s safe to say you should put the kids to bed.”

When designing the action sequences and larger set pieces, the filmmakers wanted to move away from the current trends of overly choreographed fight sequences and heavily enhanced use of weapons and physicality. No wires or intricate combat, just raw fury and purposeful violence. “Driver is not a skilled martial artist in any way,” explains Johnson. “He just has an animal instinct that can’t be denied.”

We wanted to make sure the fighting style was in line with a guy who for the better part of his 20s and 30s lived in prison and fought daily. Those, by the way, are the guys you definitely don’t ever want to cross,” warns Johnson.

Stunt Coordinator Darrin Prescott, whose extensive resume includes the Bourne series and The Matrix trilogy, kept the physicality consistent with the material. “This isn’t the movie where they toss each other over sinks and smash through walls. The action had to fit the story, not just be action for action’s sake.”

Johnson also worked extensively on body language when handling guns so he could make choices specific to his character. Although he had certainly shot guns in other films, Johnson and technical supervisor (and former LAPD detective) Chic Daniel worked on specific techniques for Driver. As was the case with combat techniques, shooting choreography would also be carefully sculpted to reflect Driver’s animalistic nature. “Dwayne’s approach wasn’t about showing an individual well-trained in firearms but was more in line with someone all about revenge,” says Daniel. “The look was instinctive shooting rather than trained shooting.”

The choice of gun for Driver was just as thought-out. The gun had to look menacing and rural, and ideally be loud with a lot of kick back.

He’s unsophisticated in his gun play so we settled on a Redhawk Alaskan Ruger, nicknamed ‘the Bear Killer,’” says Johnson. “It’s one of the biggest revolvers ever made and it could stop a bear point blank in its tracks.”

Opening across the Philippines on March 2, “Faster” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International. Visit for trailers, exclusive content and free downloads. Like us at and join our fan contests.

Sneak Peek: 'Hall Pass' Starring Owen Wilson, Jason Sudeikis, Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate

A new comedy from the Farrelly brothers, “Hall Pass” stars Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis as married buddies whose wives grant them a week-long vacation from marriage, no questions asked...with interesting results.

In the film, best friends Rick and Fred (Wilson and Sudeikis) have both been married for a long time. They love their wives, but, like some guys, just can’t help checking out every other woman who crosses their paths.

Fed up with this habitual rubber-necking, their wives (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate) take a bold approach to revitalize their marriages by granting their husbands a “hall pass”: one week of freedom to do whatever they want, no questions asked. Seven days to see exactly what it is out there they think they’re missing…or stop looking once and for all.

At first, it sounds like a dream come true for Rick and Fred. But they quickly discover that their expectations of the single life - and themselves - are completely and hilariously out of sync with reality.

The film also stars Richard Jenkins as the guys’ old friend and perpetual bachelor, Coakley.

“Hall Pass” is directed and produced by Peter Farrelly & Bobby Farrelly, from a screenplay by Pete Jones & Peter Farrelly & Kevin Barnett & Bobby Farrelly, story by Pete Jones.

The Farrellys’ approach was “Neither pro- or anti-hall pass,” says Peter. “We just thought about where it might lead and tried to be fair to the concept, its pitfalls and rewards. It’s not a story about being unhappily married; it’s just about being married and questioning aloud the kinds of things that people sometimes wonder about, like what would happen if you went down that road.”

Opening soon across the Philippines, “Hall Pass” is a New Line Cinema presentation to be distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

GLEE Season 2 'Blame It On The Alcohol' Recap

When there’s a surge in the amount of students showing up to school drunk, Figgins asks the Glee club for help in his Alcohol Awareness Day plans. He wants to shed some light on the dangers of drinking. Well, his plan isn’t working just yet. The kids are participating in some Alcohol Awareness but only to the degree that they are aware they aren’t drinking enough. Rachel’s song writing has hit a snag (she sucks at it) so Finn and Puck make her realize she hasn’t lived enough yet. Bring on the drunk partying! It’s the answer to everything!

Rachel’s party sucks and she’s wearing what looks like a nightgown Goldilocks would wear in the 1800′s. Everyone wants to leave after about 30 seconds so Puck convinces her to break into her dad’s liquor cabinet. Cue the drunk glee kids! Minus Finn. (I think it’s cute Cory wasn’t shown drinking.) Finn is the designated driver laughing at the stereotypical drunks his friends have become. Santana is emotional, some are angry, some are laughing hysterically, Blaine is having some sort of seizure in the corner and everyone is wearing each other’s glasses. Oh and Brittany is showing off her boobs. Drunk Blaine is amazing. When Finn criticizes Rachel for being a sloppy, clingy drunk, she suggests spin the bottle.

And this is where things get interesting. Rachel’s spin lands on Blaine and they go at it for a few magical seconds. It’s amazing how sparks seem to fly when someone is drunk. They enjoy their sparks and sing a duet (and the best song and performance of the night) of Don’t You Want Me. It is now stuck in my head. The kids are extremely hungover for school and Artie’s solution is to drink some more. While drunkenly wheeling himself into lockers and singing Blame It On The Alcohol.

The song isn’t appropriate for Schue who needs the kids to raise awareness. They’re not interested because they can smell the hypocrisy on him. Beiste takes Schue to a cowboy bar where he gets so drunk that he spends his night drunk dialing. He shows up to school with quite the hangover himself. And he’s about to really regret it. His intended drunk dialee was Emma. Who he called? Sue. Who snatches up this perfect opportunity to expose Will as an alcoholic and plays his drunk voicemail over the loudspeaker. So embarrassing. I can’t look. You know what else I can’t look at? The kids singing Tik Tok. It’s the perfect example of everything that’s wrong with youth. Or is that just Ke$ha? Complete with a handful of them puking all over the stage.

Rachel, still drinking, decides to ask Blaine out. To Kurt’s surprise and shock, Blaine says yes. He wonders out loud about who he is and what his sexuality could become. He’s still young and he’s never had a boyfriend so he sees nothing wrong with being confused and wanting to explore. He is very well spoken and I’m so pleased with this scene. Kurt is PISSED. And for all the wrong reasons. He goes off on Blaine about not being able to look up to the confident gay man he befriended anymore and Blaine lets him have it. It’s beautiful.

Let’s face it. Kurt is only mad because he wants Blaine all for himself. And sure Rachel probably shouldn’t have asked Blaine out when she knew her friend liked him but it was a two way street and Blaine is free to do whatever he wants. Kurt takes out the rest of his rage on Rachel. Says some mean things, implies she’s a hag with a lifetime of failed relationships ahead of her and tells her she has zero chemistry with Blaine. Oh, the irony. After her date with Blaine, Rachel decides to kiss Blaine while sober to see if the spark is still there. The kiss confirms for Blaine that he is 100 percent gay and Rachel is thrilled she now has the perfect inspiration for her song lyrics.

Funniest Quotes of the Night:

Rachel: My dads’ are on the Rosie O’Donell cruise.

Kurt: If you don’t let it stiffen properly, you may just as well be making pancakes.

By Noelle | Published in Rickey

Phil Younghusband and Angel Locsin Date Finally Pushed Through; Phil Denies "Dare" Issue

Despite their busy schedules, star Football player Phil Younghusband and Kapamilya actress Angel Locsin finally met and proceeded with their plan to go target shooting in Taguig last Sunday.

This report was confirmed by Bianca Gonzalez on last night's episode of SNN, "I think I can say this because it was a public place. May napa-who's that girl noong Sunday night kasi na-spot di umano sa Taguig ang isang Azkal player nagngangalang Phil Younghusband na nasa firing range kasama ng Angel Locsin,” Bianca said.

"So I guess finally natuloy na and I think I can say na because it was a public place at public naman sila," she added.

Boy Abunda re-validates this report and said that also he received the same information.

"May tumawag sa amin na nagko-confirm na natuloy daw ang kanilang friendly date at maraming tao talaga ang nakakita," Boy said.

Meanwhile, Phil reacted to rumor that his very public invitation to date the "Imortal" star was just a dare between him and Philippines Azkals teammates. The Filipino-British striker vehemently denied the rumor and said that the report is very far from reality.

Henry Omaga-Diaz Calls For Justice For Martial Law Victims

Before the 1986 EDSA People Power Revolution, there were already many Filipinos silently fighting to topple the Marcos dictatorship, and bring back democracy in the country. They are the freedom fighters who experienced abuses during Martial Law, and are still fighting for justice up to this day.

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of EDSA I, let us check on the human rights victims and remember their sacrifices this Thursday, February 24, in “Krusada” with Henry Omaga-Diaz.

Forced disappearance, summary execution, and torture are just some of the human rights violations committed during the Martial Law. Recently, US District Judge Manuel Real decided in favor of the victims by approving the distribution of US$7.5 million or US$1,000 per claimant. However, the legality of this decision in the country is still being debated upon.

Moreover, there is no clear process yet on how the money will be distributed among the victims.

It is Henry’s crusade to uphold human rights as it is an integral part of democracy. He is presently pushing for the passage of the Marcos Compensation Bill in the Congress that will answer all the legal questions on the release of the compensation.

Listen, take part, and be one in the crusade for human rights. Join Henry Omaga-Diaz as he calls for the support of the Aquino administration for this cause in “Krusada” this Thursday, February 24, after “Bandila” on ABS-CBN. Because a true democracy honors human rights and it takes more than words to make a stand for it.

‘I Am Number Four’ and ‘Real Steel’ To Be Shown in IMAX

Two highly-anticipated movies from DreamWorks will open in IMAX theaters.

The Walt Disney Studios, DreamWorks Studios and IMAX Corporation announced that two of DreamWorks’ 2011 Touchstone Pictures releases, “I Am Number Four” and “Real Steel,” will open in IMAX® theatres around the world, including the Philippines. Both films are produced by DreamWorks and will be released under Disney’s Touchstone banner.

The sci-fi thriller “I Am Number Four” will be released on Feb. 23 in IMAX theaters in SM Mall of Asia, SM North EDSA and SM Cebu, while “Real Steel” will open October this year.

DreamWorks is pleased to have the incredible team at IMAX on board for these two exciting films,” said Jeff Small, President and COO of DreamWorks Studios. “Having `I Am Number Four’ and `Real Steel’ exhibited in IMAX theatres gives us a wonderful opportunity to showcase the fantastic work of the filmmakers and the people involved in creating these visual tales. Audiences get the benefit of a fully immersive movie-going experience on two films that are ideally suited for the visual and sensory IMAX experience.”

`Real Steel’ and `I Am Number Four’ are films that transport the audience right into the middle of the action,” said Chuck Viane, president of global distribution for Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. “We’re very excited to be able to offer moviegoers The IMAX Experience® for these films.”

Directed by D.J. Caruso (“Eagle Eye”), “I Am Number Four” is an action-packed thriller about an extraordinary teen (Alex Pettyfer) hunted by ruthless enemies. Settling in a small Ohio town, he discovers powerful new abilities as well as a connection to the others who share his destiny. Timothy Olyphant (“Hitman”) and Dianna Agron (TV’s “Glee”) also star.

Set in a world of next-generation boxing, “Real Steel” is a gritty action drama directed by Shawn Levy (“A Night at the Museum” franchise). Hugh Jackman (“Wolverine,” “X-Men” series) headlines as washed-up fighter Charlie Kenton, who lost his chance at a title when 8-foot-tall steel robots took over the ring. When he reluctantly teams up with his estranged son (Dakota Goyo), Charlie gets one last shot at a comeback.

The inclusion of two live-action DreamWorks titles in our 2011 slate enables us to expand the range of content available to IMAX theatres and extend our brand deeper into our growing 18-34 audience segment,” said IMAX Chief Executive Officer Richard L. Gelfond. “Both directors have already demonstrated how their vision works very well with The IMAX Experience and with such a strong studio behind them, we’re optimistic that even more of their fans will have the opportunity to experience their latest work in IMAX.”

We are thrilled that IMAX movie-goers will experience the newest films from our long-standing partnership with DreamWorks Studios and filmmakers D.J. Caruso and Shawn Levy,” said Greg Foster, Chairman and President of IMAX Filmed Entertainment. “The strong track records of Steven, Stacey, Jeff and the filmmakers represent the quality and excitement that we look for in our films and we believe these strong titles are an ideal fit for our audience and our 2011 film slate.”

Pinoy Big Brother Season 4 Begin Auditions on March 4

Since 2005, ordinary citizens have taken up the challenge of living in a closely monitored house where their every move and conversation is recorded 24/7. They become known as the housemates who must complete all of the tasks assigned by Big Brother.

This 2011, a new batch of housemates will be introduced by ABS-CBN through the fourth season of the reality show Pinoy Big Brother.

Those who are 18 to 35 years old can audition for the new edition of ABS-CBN's reality show. On March 4, the PBB Season 4 auditions will take place at the SM Mall of Asia Music Hall from 8 am to 3 pm only. Aspiring housemates must bring a valid ID.

Here is the schedule of audition dates and venues:

March 4 - Manila
March 10 - Pangasinan
March 16 - CamSur
March 19 - Davao
March 24 - Laguna
April 6 - Bacolod
April 18 - Ormoc
June 4 - Cebu
June 9 - Bukidnon
June 15 - Zamboanga

Earth is Under Attack in 'World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles'

In Columbia Pictures’ new sci-fi action-thriller “World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles” earth is under attack from unknown forces.

As people everywhere watch the world’s great cities fall, Los Angeles represents the last stand for mankind in a battle no one expected.

For years, there have been documented cases of UFO sightings - Buenos Aires in 1965, Seoul in 1983, France, Germany, China - but all of these had official stories that covered up and dismissed these inexplicable events. For example, on the night of February 24-25, 1942, with America on nationwide alert following the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Angelenos were wakened to air raid sirens. The 37th Coast Artillery Brigade fired anti-aircraft shells at the flying craft over Santa Monica – some flying very slowly, and others estimated to be traveling as fast as 200 miles per hour. The shells did no damage to the crafts - only to the city itself. Though there would be several official investigations and conclusions explaining what exactly was in the sky over L.A. that night – weather balloons, etc. - it has even been suggested that secret government documents exist that show a divided opinion among military experts.

I love how the real-life event just grounds the movie,” says producer Ori Marmur. “For the film, we decided that all previous UFO sightings, including that one, were scouting missions… gearing up for the coming invasion by unknown forces.”

`World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles’ is the exact type of movie I love to go to the theater to see, and dreamed of directing,” says Jonathan Liebesman, who helms the story of one small group of people who find themselves taking on an unimaginable foe.

Screenwriter Chris Bertolini says that when he first struck upon the idea that would become the film, he sought to merge two of his favorite kinds of stories. “I wanted to take a story in which otherworldly beings are here on Earth and a story about individuals, where you’re seeing the battle from the POV of the guys on the ground,” he says. “I got into the idea that the story would follow a small group of guys and the audience would experience everything as they experience it.”

Bertolini’s spec screenplay was first spotted by producer Neal H. Moritz, who has vast experience with action films and saw the potential in the story. “What really stood out for me about this screenplay was that it was the point of view of one small group of people in an alien invasion. I love the specificity of that,” says Moritz. “It’s an inside look at a group of young men and women, all going through different struggles in their lives, who are out there trying to protect their country against an invading alien force.”

Aaron Eckhart leads the cast as Staff Sergeant Nantz, a career Marine who is “pretty burnt out,” he says. On the brink of retirement, he is pressed back into service. “He’s leading a bunch of young Marines into a battle with aliens in L.A. He’s doing it reluctantly, but that’s just the type of hero that I love to watch.”

Michelle Rodriguez plays Elena Santos, who becomes a key ally for Nantz and his platoon. “She sees everything go off on the radars,” she says. Once the platoon finds itself battling unknown forces, “she is one of the first on the scene to track them down and find out what they are and how they tick.” The cast is rounded out by Ramon Rodriguez, Bridget Moynahan, Grammy-winning R&B artist Ne-Yo, and Michael Peña.

Opening soon across the Philippines, “World Invasion: Battle Los Angeles” is distributed by Columbia Pictures, local office of Sony Pictures Releasing International.

Amanda Seyfried – A Tough, Sexy Fairytale Heroine in 'Red Riding Hood'

One of today’s most sought-after young actresses, Amanda Seyfried plays the central character of Valerie in Warner Bros.’ new fantasy thriller “Red Riding Hood” whose signature red cloak gives the story its name.

In the film, Valerie is caught between two handsome suitors: Peter (Shiloh Fernandez), her heart’s desire since childhood, and Henry (Max Irons), the man her parents have chosen for her to marry. Questions about the identity of the murderlous werewolf on the loose make her choice a matter of not only the heart but of life or death. Further complicating things, she has an encounter with the wolf and is shocked to learn they have a unique and very personal connection.

The love triangle makes it more interesting because Valerie doesn’t know who to trust,” Seyfried says. “She loves Peter, but she is suddenly noticing little nuances about him that make her start to wonder. Could the love of her life be the werewolf? And she is also developing a closer relationship with Henry and sees what a good man he is, but questions arise about him as well. She has to figure out if what she wants is what she needs.”

Director Catherine Hardwicke (“Twilight”) says that Seyfried immediately came to mind in casting the part of Valerie. “From the first time I saw Amanda, I knew she was something special,” Hardwicke affirms. “She had everything we needed for the character, especially because Valerie is not a classic damsel in distress. Amanda is tough, she’s sexy, she’s funny, she’s vulnerable - she has it all. And the way she looks is straight out of a fairy tale. She has an ethereal quality, with the most amazing eyes that just draw you in.”

In turn, Seyfried says that this new take on an old fairy tale is what drew her in. “I don’t know anyone who didn’t read Red Riding Hood growing up, so it was cool to take a story we all know and have some fun with it. The thriller aspect was exciting to me, and the medieval setting made it feel gothic and added to the romance.”

Valerie is, at once, at the apex of the film’s romantic triangle and also directly connected to the mystery of the werewolf. When it becomes apparent that the beast is someone close to her, Valerie is given reason to question everyone in her life. “As the story unfolds, she is trying to figure out who it could be, based on the signs she’s been given,” Seyfried explains. “It’s terrifying for her because, at different points, she has cause to suspect everybody.”

Hardwicke adds, “Paranoia starts to creep in as Valerie starts seeing little details she hadn’t noticed before, and now they are taking on new meaning. Her entire life she has seen her family and friends in one light, and suddenly things have shifted, causing shadows of doubt.”

Seyfried is well known for her multi-faceted performance, showcasing both her acting and singing skills, in the international blockbuster “Mamma Mia!.” Seyfried starred with Meryl Streep and Pierce Brosnan in the musical, which was released in Summer 2008 and went on to gross more than $600 million globally.

In 2010, Seyfried starred in three very different films, most recently including Gary Winick’s romantic comedy “Letters to Juliet,” with Vanessa Redgrave and Gael Garcia Bernal. She also starred opposite Channing Tatum in the romantic drama “Dear John,” based on the Nicholas Sparks bestseller and directed by Lasse Hallström; and “Chloe,” an Atom Egoyan-directed thriller in which she co-starred with Julianne Moore and Liam Neeson.

Opening across the Philippines on March 11, “Red Riding Hood” is distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures, a Warner Bros. Entertainment Company.

News5 Launches 360-Degree Multimedia Platforms

True to its commitment to ignite a new kind of firebrand journalism that goes beyond traditional news reporting, News5 rises to the challenge of bringing comprehensive and up-to-the-minute news by launching a massive 360-degree convergence of various multimedia platforms to deliver relevant and real-time news updates to Filipinos all across the country and around the world.

As TV5’s News and Information organization, News5 breaks boundaries with its non-stop delivery of the latest news on free-to-air TV, on the much-accessible radio FM band, and on the globally available Internet. Barely a year since its launch, News5 has earned the status of being a credible news organization with a dynamic team of news anchors, reporters and correspondents who often gain first-hand access to late-breaking news and exclusive reports that benefit the viewing public.

News5’s launch of its multimedia news platforms presents a series of milestones in the industry. By pioneering the first-ever news/talk station on FM radio with 92.3 NEWS FM Radyo Singko, News5 has proven that the strong synergy of its Central News Desk can generate not only a wider reach for its news reports but also encouraging feedback from listeners and newfound patrons who appreciate the new innovation of having AM radio content on the highly accessible FM band.

Another innovation to be introduced by News5 is the first-ever non-stop news and sports channel on free TV, AksyonTV UHF Channel 41 (Channel 29 in Davao and Cebu). The 24-hour news and sports channel gives Filipinos the privilege of continuously being updated on the latest national and international news and witnessing some of the most talked about sports events even without cable subscription.

Frontlined by a formidable lineup of veteran news personalities who are known pillars of the industry, AksyonTV will officially air this February 21. As its first big salvo, it brings the much-awaited battle of Fil-Am female boxer Ana Julaton, the WBO Super Bantamweight champion who will slug it out with the fiery Francesca Alcanter. Dubbed as ‘The Return of the Hurricane,’ the championship bout will be held at the Craneway Pavilion, Point Richmond, California and will air live on AksyonTV UHF Channel 41 on February 26. This and a lot more are in store as AksyonTV goes full blast in delivering non-stop news and sports coverages.

News5 also launches its InterAksyon website which will present real-time news writeups and video streaming of news reports for the benefit of Filipinos here and abroad who want to be updated on the latest happenings in the country. More importantly, InterAksyon’s tie-up with vital organizations such Metra (for the most technologically advanced weathercast) and the MMDA (for synchronized traffic updates) will make the website an essential instrument for the Filipinos’ everyday life.

TV5 President and CEO Atty. Ray C. Espinosa

TV5 Executive Vice President and COO Roberto V. Barreiro

News5 Head Luchi Cruz-Valdes




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