Celine Acut and Van Carumba Rude Facebook Comments on Sendong Victims Create Pinoy Anger

Thursday, December 22, 2011 , Posted by JED at 1:12:00 PM

Celine Acut and Van Carumba Rude Facebook Comments on Sendong Victims Create Pinoy Anger

Two Pinoys are now the center of anger of many Filipinos particularly those lives of their beloved and properties were lost due to typhoon Sendong.

Celine Acut, a Filipino living in France, and Van Carumba, a Cebu native living in the United Arab Emirates both posted harsh and unimaginable comments on Facebook regarding the faith of Sendong victims - leaving the victims and their relatives in a much deeper spirit.

Celine Acut comments read:

According to the news, almost all of the victims are poor families, so it’s better that they all die this early… whats the point of living a life which is full of hunger. at least they are now resting with peace.. they are worthless, they are unproductive and their lives has no value at all.. they are just making more problems to the society so as i said its better that they have died this early… they don’t deserve a chance to live because they are poor, they are not VIP anyways… I even wish sendong to come back and flash away those remaining poor families over there..”

“I even wish sendong to come back and flash away those remaining poor families over there..”

While, Van Carumba says:

Buti nangyari yan sa CDO…Di pa namamatay lahat ng tao jan.”

Though it is not certain if both Acut and Carumba are real people, nevertheless, they are now the subject of angry posts on different social networking sites.

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  1. James says:

    Register and you can help the flood victims. http://ow.ly/87D0x

  1. regine says:

    kapal ng mukha nyong dalawa..ang laki na ng ulo nyo porket nasa ibang bansa kau?? may mga puso ba kayo? imbis na kaawaan nyo ung mga biktima at tulungan sila ..ano ginagawa nyo?
    gusto nyo pa bumalik ung unos na nagyari para mamatay lahat ng mahihirap? kapal tlaga..hay naku lord sana maghirap tong dalawang taong ito..mapunta sana kau sa impyerno!!

  1. regine says:

    grabe ka celine!! kapal ng mukha mo!! wala kang puso sobra..instead na tumulong ka at kaawaan mo ung mga biktima heto ka at nagpapasalamat pa sa bagyong sendong at maraming namatay na mahihirap na tao? OMG!! grabe tlaga..tao ka ba? napakababa namn ng tingin mo sa mahihirap..sana maghirap ka din!! sana patawarin ka ni god!!

  1. Anonymous says:

    What if God turned the tables on you and you would suffer the same fate? You can never tell! Nothing is impossible in this world. Global weather change is worldwide and the very same disaster might one day hit you. You are so unkind and you will one day regret what you have posted. Jesus Christ was born poor, so you would say the same things about the Holy Family? You owe Him your very life, you ungrateful creature!

  1. What happened to freedom of speech? Why are we upset by mindless comments such as these? If we are better than them we should ignore it and it will just fade away like the bad wind that they are.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Juan Luna Ibarrizto, Just ignore them and let the issue fade away, or else we will only make it worst at the end. More and more people will get to know the incident and the fire will only just get bigger. If this is just a way to make publicity, they won.

  1. Anonymous says:

    @celine- how dare u!! Even we are po0r yet we deserve to live! Nd luckily u r n0t one of th0se people hu die!!! Wer praying for y0ur s0ul,dear!! Atleast,.. Watever happend 2 CDO nd ILIGAN WE FILIPIN0S ARE PRAYING ND HELPING EACH OTHER FOR WAT HAD HAPPEND!! If u dnt hve n0thng 2 say.. SHUT UR M0UTH UP! ND U MAY REST IN PEACE!!

    @VAN- dnt pray na mamatay lahat ng tao sa CDO! Ang ipagdasal m0 na SANA! SANA DI M0 MARANASAN ANG NARANASAN NG KABA2YAN NATIN! ADIOS!

  1. Anonymous says:

    Bkit hindi nalang ikaw ang nmatay ehh mas mabuti na ikaw ang mamatay kaysa sa 1020 na namatay sa CDO?

  1. Anonymous says:

    Please dont do this to our filipino families dont be rude to us filipinos

  1. Anonymous says:

    dont be rude

  1. Ligaya says:

    Dapat un 2 n yan bna-ban s pinas, porket nsa ibang bnsa cla lumalaki n ulo,,kapal ng mukha,.grrr,.

  1. francis says:



  1. Anonymous says:

    It is really rude but the question is, who is that person behind that statement?

    The way I lookat it, he/she is just of those desperate persons who wants to gain popularity.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Nakakalungkot....hiram lang ang buhay natin. Sana kabutihan at saya lamang ang laman ng puso natin. Tama si Plato when he said "Be kind to all, you do not know what journeys they have in their lives". Para sa inyo Celine and Van. Naiintindihan ko na may pinagdadaanan kayo. Sana malampasan niyo na rin ang mga iyon. Hindi tayo Diyos para maghusga. Narito tayo para namnamin ang likha niya. Pagmamahal sa puso at kabutihan pa rin ang batayan ng pagiging tao.

  1. Anonymous says:

    hello celine and van..alam niyo ba kung bakit buhay pa kayo ngayon? kasi yong mga nauna na dahil sa trahedya sigurado na sila na kapiling na nila si LORD..kayong 2 di niyo pa alaam kung saa kayo papunta..maaring nalibing sila sa putik pero malinis ang kanilang puso at kaluluwa..eh kayong 2..ginto ang panlabas niyo pero putik ang puso at kaluluwa...mangilabot nga kayo..PAALALA LANG PO kung TAO talaga kayo..we're only on journey..one day we go home..to our permanent address..ALL OF US!

  1. jin says:

    Cmon guys,this so called Shit Celine is a "Monster",and that Van "Caramba" de la Mierda,is a bittered poor soul creature,they dont deserve any attentions,they r just as LOW AND STINKY AS A SHIT,AND WORST THAN THE NUMBER "ZERO" AND "CEROS" IN SPANISH! Dont worry,all the things they wished for, will turn the fate against them,most esp to their love ones!!!

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