TV5's 'Glamorosa' Combines Best of Young, Old Acting Generations

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TV5's 'Glamorosa' Combines Best of Young, Old Acting Generations

The newest TV5 mini-serye “Glamorosa” combines the best of the old and new generations of acting talents, led by a powerful trio of two veterans and one upcoming young female star in the lead roles.

Grand Slam actress Lorna Tolentino is cast as Dr. Natalia Herrera, a wealthy and successful cosmetic surgeon. Despite her success, she remains cold and unfeeling with a heart hardened by betrayal and tragedy.

Her antagonist is another veteran actress whose dramatic prowess was seen in an earlier TV5 telenovela, “Babaeng Hampaslupa.” Alice Dixson is Dr. Paulina Valdez, an up-and-coming cosmetic surgeon and the rival to Natalia. Ambitious and calculating, she will do anything to reach her goals.

Completing this trio of female star power is the young and pretty Ritz Azul as Giselle, a young girl in search of her true identity. She remains hopeful despite the constant jeers she receives from everyone because of the ugly scar on her face.

Lending the trio the male star power are equally talented actors. Zoren Legaspi plays Karl, a street-smart hoodlum who fell in love with both Natalia and Paulina.
Tonton Gutrierrez is Giorgio, Natalia’s husband.

Martin Escudero is Calvin, who grew up in the slums with Karl and was later adopted by Giorgio.

Victor Silayan plays Stefano, Giorgio’s bratty son from his first wife.

Meanwhile, more women add to the powerhouse cast. Gloria Diaz plays the role of Dr. Claudia Herrera, the mother of Natalia. She is considered as the country’s pioneer in the beauty industry. Always the perfectionist, Claudia never felt that Natalia would live up to her expectations, so this gives rise to constant tension between mother and daughter.
Meg Imperial is Adriana, the daughter of Miranda and the rival to Giselle.

Lotlot de Leon plays Miranda, the mother of Adriana. Her husband, Oscar, adopted Giselle when she was still a baby. For some reason, she makes Giselle’s life miserable.

Jenny Miller is Cristy, the loyal friend and assistant of Natalia.

Veteran actors Ronaldo Valdez and Celeste Legaspi, cast as Manolo and Tatiana, round out the remarkable cast lending both talent and star power to this TV drama that started last Monday, November 7, and airs right after Wil Time, Bigtime.

The series is helmed by award-winning directors Eric Quizon, Argel Joseph, and Bb. Joyce Bernal.

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