Zanjoe Marudo - Cristine Reyes Boob Scandal; Zanjoe Says Sorry

Wednesday, September 1, 2010 , Posted by JED at 6:03:00 PM

Cristine Reyes got offended and reacted furiously at her "Kristine" series co-star Zanjoe Marudo regarding the latter's malicous exchange of twitt messages with his friend Direk Willy Cuevas about the scene in "Kristine" where Zanjoe touched the actress' left breast.

Cristine said the scene actually required that part but she felt violated after reading those twits.

Here's how the twitt goes:

Direk Willy: Z , kwento mo naman sa amin ung lasa nung pagkakahawak mo ng boobs ni Cristine, please… wag mo na kami pahirapan mag-imagine! …naka-ilang take 'yung hawak mo boobs ni Cristine? hahaha! sana nakarami ka ng take! Zanjoe: Konti lang direk! Hahahahah.

When she learned about it, Cristine replied via her twitter account, with:

"WOW LANG SA TWEET AH! UHM HELLO NASA TWITTER AKO. Try nyo magtxt na lang. Try lang."

"I don’t wanna ruin my night. Ganun talaga pag ungentleman. Tsk tsk tsk."

"All I want is a gentleman. I'm sick to bloody death of bastards."

After those twitts, Cristine got an apology from Zanjoe but didn’t belive it at first.

"Can’t believe hindi pa rin niya dinedelete ang tweets na yun. di ko makita yung sincerity sa sorry nya kung di nya intensyon maka-offend," Cristine said.

However, Zanjoe explained that he's just new to the social networking thing and that he didn't know his twitts can be seen public. To show his sincerity to Cristine, he deleted his account and offered Cristine a box of cupcakes.

Ending? All is well now between the two. Salamat sa cupcake. Hola, Cristine even offered help to revive Zanjoe's twitter account.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Sarap mu kantutn ahh! Nani2gas nnman titi ko cristine, pwede muh b 2 jakolin please lng!!

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