Richard Gutierrez Car Accident - Latest Updates!

Actor Richard Gutierrez was injured in a car accident early Friday morning, May 22, along Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Rd., Silang, Cavite.

In text message from the actor's sister actress Ruffa Gutierrez, she said that the airbag of Richard's vehicle, a Nissan Skyline GTR, saved his life.

She said Richard underwent a two-hour operation and is currently in the recovery room.

The actress also revealed that her brother sustained cuts and bruises all over his face.

She said that the actor has a long deep cut near the eye and eyebrow which required more than 10 stitches. Small cuts on his face were also stitched.

Ruffa said that actor might needs to get a cornea operation because some pieces of glass went in his eye.

Reports said that the actor is now out of danger but still traumatized.

Richard was rushed to the Asian Hospital Medical Center in Alabang after his car crashed into a post at 1:30 am at Tagaytay-Sta. Rosa Road, Silang, Cavite province.

An initial report from Puting Kahoy Police Station in Silang said that Richard, with his two companions, believed to be his assistant and bodyguard, were on their way to Manila when their vehicle crashed.

Authorities said Gutierrez was driving and may have over-sped while traversing a semi-curved road before crashing onto a post.

Richard and his bodyguard, initially identified as George Mastura were immediately rushed to Olivares Hospital. The actor was then moved to Asian Hospital in Alabang.

According to the police, their other companion, identified as Norman Pardo, was declared dead on arrival at Adventist University of the Philippines.

Richard's mother, Anabelle Rama, said his son was on his way home from a shooting of a cinema plug of his new TV show Full House with his two companions when the accident occurred.

Annabelle added that her family are still in shock over what happened.

Watch Ruffa's full report of Richard's current condition on SNN:

Source: SNN, ABS-CBN

Dra. Vicki Belo - Hayden Kho Video Scandal, Confirmed!

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Dra. Vicki Belo, ex-girlfriend of the most popular Pinoy sex video king Hayden Kho, admitted she also made a sex video with her ex-beau.

According to Dra. Vicki's lawyer Adel Tamano, her client was forced to make the admission after the sex video of her tryst with Kho started circulating on the Internet. Rumors about the alleged sex video started after Sen. Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr. revealed that Kho had made 40 sex videos of his trysts with various women including sexy actress Katrina Halili.

Atty. Tamano said the sex video was created using a computer with a built-in webcam. He said Dra. Vicki agreed to shoot the video provided that it would be deleted immediately. Unfortunately, Dra. Vicki also learned that Hayden didn't really delete the said video.

She didn't say she felt betrayed pero ganun na din," Atty. Tamano said.

Dra. Vicki also confirmed that there are other sex videos stored in Hayden's computer.

When asked if Dra. Vicki and Hayden really get back together, Atty. Tamano said, "They remain friends but are no longer together."

Watch Hayden Kho - Vicki Belo video scandal report below:

Katrina Halili Takes Legal Actions Against Hayden Kho and Dra. Vicki Belo

"Tuloy ang laban!" is what exactly said by Katrina on her legal action filed against Hayden Kho and some other involved personalities.

After we saw her doing rounds of TV interviews depicting a crying, devastated and helpless victim, Katrina Halili decided to fight back.

First, there was the women's group Gabriela. Then came Senator Bong Revilla and the Senate. Now, Katrina is seeking the help of Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) for possible revoke of Hayden Kho's doctor's license. On May 20, she also went to the Department of Justice to request the government office to put Hayden on watch list. And on Thursday, May 21, Katrina undergone a mental evaluation as part of the investigation process being done by NBI on the "Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili video scandal" case.

According to Atty. Raymund Palad (Katrina's Lawyer), NBI already issued a subpoena to the three other personalities who are said to be involved in the case. They are Dra. Vicki Belo, Erik Johnston Chua, and a certain Bistek Rosario.

Watch SNN's full video report below:

Hayden Kho Issued Public Apology on "Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili Video Scandal"

After many days of being silent about the ongoing brou-ha-ha on the biggest and most shocking Pinoy showbiz controversy of the year, Hayden Kho decided to issue an official statement about the Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili video scandal (this may include the Hayden Kho - Maricar Reyes and Hayden Kho - Brazilian model video scandals).

Here is a part of Hayden Kho's statement:

"I chose not to make any statement regarding the controversy over pirated video recordings...I sincerely apologize for the harm it has done to other parties.

I own up to my responsibility as a professional and I have decided to suspend my practice of medicine. I have been undergoing professional counseling since December.

At this stage, I realize I cannot expect understanding and forgiveness. I can only pray that this comes in due time

Source: SNN, ABS-CBN

Kris Allen is American Idol Season 8 Winner

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After a record-breaking votes of nearly 100 million, Kris Allen was declared the winner of American Idol Season 8.

Watch Kris Allen performs his victory song "No Boundaries":

The finale:

1. Ryan Seacrest's Opening Remarks - he said under 100 million votes came in, a total of 624 million votes for season 8. He introduces the judges with matching funny clips.

2. Ryan introduces the final 2 - Kris Allen and Adam Lambert who are both dressed in white. Michaela Gordon is hosting the viewing party for Kris in Arkansas while Carly Smithson is hosting in San Diego.

3. The Top 13, who are all dressed in white, perform Pink’s "So What".

4. David Cook performs "Permanent". The song is for his late brother Adam who recently succumbed to brain cancer.

5. The Golden Idol Awards are back. Nick Mitchell, the funny guy who made it to Top 36, wins.

6. Lil Rounds performs "Cue the Rain" with Queen Latifah.

7. Anoop Desai, Alexis Grace and the rest of the Top 13 perform "I'm Yours" with Jason Mraz.

8. The Journey of Kris Allen is shown.

9. Kris Allen and Keith Urban perform "Kiss a Girl".

10. The Top 13 girls sing "Glamorous" with Fergie taking the stage singing "Big Girls Don't Cry" afterwards. Allison introduces the Black Eyed Peas who perform their no. 1 song "Boom Boom Pow".

11. More Golden Idols. Best attitude goes to Katrina "The Bikini Girl" Darrell. She performs "Vision of Love" with judge Kara DioGuardi stealing the spotlight from Bikini Girl, wearing a bikini herself.

12. Allison Iraheta performs "Time After Time" with the legendary Cyndi Lauper.

13. Ryan interviews Kris Allen’s parents, then heads over to the other side of the auditorium to interview Adam’s parents.

14. Danny Gokey performs "Hello" with THE Lionel Ritchie.

15. Adam Lambert performs with the rock band Kiss.

16. The Top 13 perform "Smooth" with Carlos Santana.

17. The last Ford music Video is called "I will Remember You" featuring Adam Lambert and Kris Allen with a montage of all the season's Ford videos.

18. Steve Martin plays the banjo with Megan Joy and Michael Sarver singing "Pretty Flowers".

19. The Top 13 boys take the stage singing "Do You Think I’m Sexy". Adam introduces Rod Stewart singing "Maggie May".

20. The Last Golden Idol, this time for Best Female, goes to Tatiana del Toro.

21. Finally, the winner of American Idol season 8 is announced. The microphone trophy goes to the black horse, Kris Allen!

Source: tvtalk

American Idol Season 8 Finale: Lambert vs. Allen

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It's Adam Lambert vs. Kris Allen on Season 8 Finale of American Idol. See their 3 rounds of final performances below:


Adam Lambert - Mad World by Tears for Fears

Randy: I love that you showed your sensitive side. I give that an A+.
Kara: I am so happy you chose that performance. You are an incredible artist. You rocked it again tonight.
Paula: I am proud you are standing on that stage right now. This is your moment. A great song for you. Still haunting. Way to start the show.
Simon: I always thought this was your best performance but tonight was a little bit theatrical. It reminded me of Phantom of The Opera.

Kris Allen - Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers

Randy: I love that I can tell what kind of artist you are. That was one of your best performances here on this stage.
Kara: I agree with Randy. You have a way with creating an intimate bond with everyone in the audience.
Paula: You awakened the spirit in all of us.
Simon: This is a competition. When your name was announced last week, I wasn’t sure America made the right choice but I take it back after that performance.


Adam Lambert - A Change is Gonna Come by Sam Cooke

Randy: What you did was show the real reason you are here. You can sing your face off.
Kara: That may have been your best performance since the start of this competition.Unbelievable.
Paula: That was the best I have ever heard. Unbelievable. You are going to be iconic.
Simon: You are 100% back in the game.

Kris Allen - What’s Going On by Marvin Gaye

Randy: We have a real live duel going on. A great song choice but it was a little bit light for this point in the competition.
Kara: You have been true to yourself since day 1. You can uplift people.
Paula: You tore that song up.
Simon: I love the song but it was like 3 friends in their bedroom strumming along to Marvin Gaye. To laid back for a night like this.


Adam Lambert - No Boundaries

Randy: You can do anything. You can sing the phone book. Wasn’t my favorite performance. It was a bit pitchy.
Kara: I am moved and I am proud. Thank you for giving me that moment.
Paula: Adjectives can’t express what you have brought to season 8. I am in awe. You can sing whatever you want to sing and I will be a fan forever.
Simon: I won’t judge the song, I will judge you. You have been one of the best and most original contestants we have ever had. You are a star.

Kris Allen - No Boundaries

Randy: You should be proud of what you have done in this competition. You have done amazing and I think that song fits your voice better than Adam’s.
Kara: I don’t want you to be judged on that song, it was too high. I hope people vote on the season.
Paula: You have done an amazing job to end up where you are. I wish you the best of luck.

Simon: I think your highlight tonight was the first song you did. You deserve to be standing on this stage tonight.

Charice Launched Her 1st International Single "A Note to God" on Oprah

Charice officially launched her first international single "A Note to God" on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

The powerhouse young vocalist has a powerhouse team for her debut album which include Grammy award-winning Diane Warren (writer of monster hits like I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing, Unbreak My Heart, Because You Love Me and How Do I Live), the legendary David Foster (album producer of Whitney Houston, Celine Dion, etc.) and the most influential woman Oprah Winfrey.

On the May 18 (Monday) episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show, Charice performed her first US single entitled "A Note to God." She was teary eyed as she belted out the last part of the song amid cheers and applause from the audience. It also brought Oprah to tears.

Charice was accompanied by an orchestra and a choir with David Foster playing on the piano. Some critics compared the performance to an American Idol finale where the audience are having goosebumps while listening to the song. Even before Charice hit the final note, the audience were already in standing ovation.

Oprah could only utter "wow" while Diane Warren described Charice’s performance as "amazing" and "beautiful."

David Foster, on the other hand, said: "In my world, this only happens two to three times probably in my lifetime. And I work with a lot of people. So, this is one of those two to three moments… she just sings so beautifully."

Senator Bong Revilla Called Hayden Kho as "A Pervert of the Highest Kind"

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Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla, Jr. releases her anger on the Hayden Kho - Katrina Halili sex video scandal that is now getting a feast on the internet.

In his Senate privilege speech delivered today, May 19, 2009, Senator Bong put emphasis on preserving the women's dignity and rights and cited Hayden Kho's "explicit sexual acts" with three women as main examples.

The Senator clearly stressed about how Hayden Kho took advantage of the ladies' trust, and eventually ruined their honor and dignity. Senator Bong said that someone who would hide a video camera and place it where the woman was sure to be seen is clearly a perversion. "Ang tinutukoy ko po ay si Dr. Hayden Kho who is a pervert of the highest kind, a predator who has no conscience nor respect for women."

According to the Senator, the act of taking hidden footage of the naked ladies while having sex was a complete insult to any woman's self-respect. What troubled him most was the fact that a doctor was behind all of it.

As part of his speech, Senator Bong said, "Ang isang doktor ay kailangang maging kagalang-galang sa kaniyang pagkilos. Kailangang respetuhin niya ang dangal ng lahat, at tratuhin ng may respeto ang bawat tao. Paano mo ipagkakatiwala ang anak mong babae sa ganitong doktor? If you ask me, wala sa tamang pag-iisip ang taong ito, and according to the Medical Act, this doctor can also be punished for insanity. Buwang itong doktor na ito, baliw."

Senator Bong continued his rant against the doctor saying that the female celebrity has been saying "sorry" for the incident for the past few weeks, "pero 'ni minsan, itong manyak na ito ay hindi humingi ng paumanhin."
Before he ended, he presented a code of law (Medical Act of 1959) stating that a doctor may be relieved of his duties should he display immoral or dishonorable conduct.

In addition, he also informed the Senate that he has written to the PRC (Philippine Regulatory Commission) to request that they revoke Hayden's license and ban him from his medical practices.

Maricar Reyes - Hayden Kho Video Scandal

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Ponds commercial model and Star Magic talent Maricar Reyes is now beginning to make a name for herself...but not in a good way, though.

Maricar is allegedly the other victim (Katrina Halili confirmed the other video and another one with the Brazilian model) of Hayden Kho hidden camera scandal.

The alleged video is now making a rounds in the cyberspace.

See screenshots here:

Maricar Reyes was first seen (aside from these alleged sex video) on ABS-CBN's teleserye "I Love Betty La Fea" as John Lloyd Cruz’ first love and is now Ahron Villena's loveteam in Precious Hearts Romances Presents: Bud Brothers.

Amy Nobleza and Philip Nadela Performed at Korea’s Star King TV

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First, there was Charice Pempengco. Now, two more Kapamilya got the chance to show internationally what Pinoy talents are really like through Korea's Star King TV.

Pinoy Dream Academy Little Dreamers' Philip Nadela and Amy Nobleza were invited to perform in Korea’s Star King TV, and here are their performances:

Now the big question is, will Amy Nobleza and Philip Nadela get the same good international career exposure with that of Charice? Calling Ellen de Generes...calling Oprah Winfrey...calling David Foster.

David Archuleta's Post-Concert Thank You Message to Filipino Fans

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Despite the long week of mall tours, tv guestings, press conferences, and a very late and tiring night of concert, David Archuleta still took time to thank his Filipino fans who supported him and David Cook in their recently concluded Manila concert. And he did it on youtube just right after the concert. Wow! This guy is really great and nice and humble and very down to earth, I must say!

Watch him below:

Video source: theofficialarchuleta

"David Cook & David Archuleta: Live in Manila Concert" a Big Success

As expected, all roads going to SM Mall of Asia get smaller and smaller last night as fans and concert watchers all headed to the venue of the first (and might be the last) Manila concert of two American Idol's "David".

Although the two Davids didn't perform on the same stage at the same time, the concert event still ended-up as a great success and the screaming fans went home happy and satisfied.

During their 40 minutes (both had 60 minutes solo spot with 20 minutes break) solo performances, David Cook wowed his fans with his hit songs like Heroes, Always Be My Baby, Light On, Avalance, The World I Know, Kiss On The Neck, Mr. Sensitive, Come Back To Me, Straight Ahead, Life On The Moon, Bar-Ba-Sol and A Daily Anthem, which he dedicated to his brother Adam who died of cancer last May 3. While David Archuleta performed Stand By Me, Crush, A Little Too Not Over You, Touch My Hand, Angel, A Thousand Miles, Waiting For Yesterday, Don't Let Go, To Be With You, Your Eyes Don't Lie, My Hands, You Can, Zero Gravity and Barriers.

Watch David Cook and David Archuleta performed "Always Be My Baby" and "Angel" during their "David Cook & David Archuleta: Live in Manila" concert:

David Cook - Always Be My Baby (courtesy of richestgrave)

David Archuleta - Angel (courtesy of TeamArchieChannel)

Candy Pangilinan is Baguio City's "Persona Non Grata"

Despite her apologies (read it HERE), Candy Pangilinan was declared a "persona non grata" in Baguio City after she cracked a joke about "Igorot" during her stand-up comedy act held in SM Baguio last Saturday. Candy came in late and made her apologies by saying, "Sorry, tao po ako hindi po ako Igorot."

This drew strong criticisms from the Igorot community. According to Atty. Jose Molintas, a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council, Candy's statement is an etchic slur and an insults to the Igorots.

In a special session held by the Baguio City council on Friday, Pangilinan was declared "unwelcome visitor" by a majority vote. This motion also banned Candy's movies from being shown in the city's theaters.

Appearing weary and tearful before cameras on Thursday (watch it
HERE), Pangilinan said she regretted her blunder. She said she delivered the line incorrectly due to lack of sleep and rest, since she had just flown back to the country from Guam.

"If you were there and had finished the show, you would have heard me acknowledge my blunder. I apologized and explained myself. I even went on to uplift the Benguet or Igorot community," she said.

Photo credit: TV Patrol, ABS-CBN

Regine Roots to Riches - A Birthday Special

"Regine Roots to Riches" is a television special prepared by her home studio, GMA-7, for the birthday celebration of the one and only Kapuso Songbird Regine Velasquez.

Regine herself will take the televiewers from her amateur singing days in Malolos, Bulacan up to where she is now.

"Nakakaiyak! Super research-to-the max," Regine says of how the show dug up her past. "I mean, everyone knows my story. But not this… I mean, maraming untold [stories]. Yung sa dagat, wala pa yun. Meron pang iba."

The special Roots to Riches covers the Songbird’s climb from her humble start as a budding singer joining every amateur contest in her town in Malabon to her Bagong Kampeon days and to where she is now.

She adds, "Sana maraming makapanood. I realized na my life story is very inspiring pala. Especially to those young people who aspire to one day become a star."

"Regine Roots to Riches" will air on May 24 on Sunday Night Box Office, after Ful Haus.

See Regine Velasquez' Roots to Riches TV Plug below:

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