Rosanna Roces' Indie Film 'Aurora' Receives Two X-Rating From MTRCB

Thursday, January 8, 2009 , Posted by JED at 7:17:00 PM

Rosanna Roces' comeback movie Aurora was rated "X" by the MTRCB (Movie Television Review and Classification Board) in its two review screening.

The reviewers MTRCB said that the controversial rape scenes in the movie are not fit for public viewing. But critically-acclaimed Director Adolfo Alix, Jr., who also wrote the script for Aurora stands by his cut of the film and is currently appealing the decision to Malacañang.

The film explores an intimate portrait of a captor and a captive as they both struggle to survive in the depths of a jungle.

Synopsis: A social worker named Aurora (Rosanna Roces) is kidnapped by members of the Lost Command. After a military raid in the middle of the night, she gets lost in the forest. She walks aimlessly in the thick forest, hoping to find her way out to freedom. She is found by Fadi (Sid Lucero), one of her captors. Aurora tries every way in order to run away. Will she see the break of dawn alive?

Aurora also stars Sid Lucero, Kristofer King, and Angeli Bayani.

Watch the trailer and decide for yourself if it’s an artfilm or porn.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Plain film of trail walking. Any viewer who is aroused with the damn "sex" scene is a jerk. Osang can't even act while walking nor that so called "xx" rating scene. MTRCB guidelines are for the Catholic church priests.

  1. Well put comment anonymous, its not just another sex scene, it have its meaning and it is not about the act of sex.

  1. Anonymous says:

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