Philippines 20 Sexiest Celebrities of 2008

Monday, January 5, 2009 , Posted by JED at 7:15:00 PM

Pinoy Entertainment Portal made a ranking of the Top 10 Sexiest Male Celebrities and the Top 10 Sexiest Female Celebrities based on a survey among lifestyle magazine editors, writers, and showbiz insiders. Ranking in both gender categories starts from the bottom up.


10. Luningning. One writer describes Luningning as the only reason he continues to watch Wowowee. Luningning's sexiness on television can be described as "wholesome," appealing not only to the adult audience but to the young Luningning-wannabes who dream of a dance showdown with her.

9. Bianca King. This La Salle-College of St. Benilde filmmaking major seems to have mastered the art of playing baddie while looking hot at the same time. Kinda like the way the veteran actress Rosa Rosal used to essay her vampy contravida characters in the old black and white Tagalog films—scheming, evil but sizzling-hot sexy. Another reason for Bianca making it to the list is just how natural her sexy curves are. Not an ounce of fat; sexiness untouched by cosmetic science, just as nature intended.

8. Daiana Menezes. Our bella amiga from Brazil came to Manila in 2006 and fell in love with our country. We Pinoys reciprocated by making her our favourite Brazilian. After taking over the job fellow Brazilian model Ariani Nogueira left in Eat Bulaga!, Pinoys have delighted in Daiana's sexy charm, her flawless curvaceous bod, twisted Tagalog, and her love for almost anything Pinoy.

7. Anne Curtis. Svelte and sexy, this half-Australian, half-Filipina Kapamilya is considered by her fans (both male and female) as a real goddess when it comes to beauty and sexiness. Her Angelina Jolie-bee-stung lips add more to her striking sex appeal in her beach scenes in When Love Begins, in her different magazine spreads, and in the publicity photos and trailer of her show Dyosa.

6. Michelle Madrigal. Petite and sexy, this olive-skinned stunner always turns heads every time she dons her sexy swimsuit. As Berbola in Dyesebel, male televiewers wait for her prosthetic hair to be swept aside so they can catch a glimpse of her breasts—as if that could happen.

5. Marian Rivera. FHM Philippines' sexiest woman for 2008 wowed her audience with her sexy samba moves in Marimar in 2007. After that, this half-Filipina, half-Spanish Cavitena's male followers excitedly glued their eyes to their TV screens for Marian's role as Dyesebel, the topless mermaid who swam her way to everyone's heart.

4. Ehra Madrigal. The bosomy Kapuso got the number 6 spot in the FHM Philippines' 100 sexiest women list. But her fans think she should be on the number one spot, or at least a higher ranking than 6, since she was on the cover of the leading men's magazine twice (2006 and 2008) and was also in the top 10 of the 100 sexiest list of FHM twice.

3. Katrina Halili. Two-time FHM sexiest Filipina, three-time FHM cover girl, two-time FHM calendar girl, Belo Medical Group image model and said to be the reason behind the Dra. Vicki Belo-Dr. Hayden Kho breakup. Need we say more? But the first StarStruck alumna to be on the cover of the country's leading men's magazine fell short of the number one spot in this little survey by PEP. The respondents think it has something to do with the way she shifted her image from bad and sexy to a wholesome underdog goodie.

2. Angel Locsin. She has always been considered one of the sexiest stars in local showbiz. In fact, she was FHM Philippines' sexiest woman of 2005, the Philippines' hottest woman of 2008 by Maxim Philippines, and was also given the "Road Distraction Award" by the first Supreme to the Extreme Awards for her very sexy Folded & Hung billboards. Her Lobo "nude" scenes (after shape-shifting from wolf to human) were much discussed in fan web forums, as well as by tabloid columnists who noted how Angel's present home studio, ABS-CBN, has finally recognized and tapped her sex appeal.

1. Cristine Reyes. She might have landed the cover of FHM only in 2007, but the adoration and excitement for Cristine continued until 2008. And as the year ended, her male fans just can't get enough of her in Eva Fonda and Banana Split. Some of the male respondents of this little survey by PEP opined that flawless and voluptuous Cristine is sure to grab the top spot in next year's Philippines' sexiest list, if the right projects continue and if some minor tweaking on her image-packaging will be done.


10. Will Devaughn. Girls like his rugged mixed Filipino-African-American-German looks, plus the fact that he is not shy about showing off his sexy body.

9. Jon Avila. The Fil-Irish muffin's sexy green eyes, coupled with his equally sexy body, is enough for any girl to go "yummy!" This former bank employee used to weigh more than 200 pounds before deciding to cut down his weight and join the Century Tuna search for models where he won the title Super Bod. Now, Kapitan Boom enjoys his sexy, light, 178-pound body with his 6-foot one frame. He says he doesn't want to go back to his 200-plus pound weight again, and we're sure a lot of his fans agree with him.

8. Robin Padilla. Gay showbiz reporters can't get enough of Robin's Joaquin Bordado publicity photos. The photos of the GMA-7 2008 action-telefantasya were so sexy, some of the reporters did not even give them to the tabloids and magazines they work for. Some women find Robin unappealing in photos because of his long hair, visible body scars and tattoos. But some women testify—especially, the actresses Robin worked with—that once you get to know the "Bad Boy of Philippine Cinema" you just can't help but be swept away by his charm and machismo.

7. Kiko Rustia. We are always intrigued when we see something different or strange. Kiko Rustia is no exception to those things that intrigue us. The rugged, dreadlocked one was once featured as one of the hottest bachelors in a local women's magazine, and with good reason. Kiko is a total head-turner.

6. JC Tiuseco. The "Hardcourt Heartthrob" won the Survivor Philippines's Sole Survivor title and a lot of hearts at the same time. With his killer smile and sexy abs, JC will surely make a lot more hearts throb in the near future as he continues to model and enter the world of show business.

5. Paolo Contis. At the Cosmoplitan 2008 Bachelors Bash show, Paolo walked the ramp and successfully conquered his fear of getting booed or receiving a bland reaction from the audience. In spite of his fear, Paolo brought the house down and had a very warm welcome from the Cosmo audience when he came out shirtless and wet. The water dripping down his torso only highlighted his well-defined body, the result of his hard work and dedication in the gym.

4. JC de Vera. After his "Pretty Boy" episode in this year's Obra show of GMA-7, JC's image changed from a plain leading man to hot and sexy leading man. JC had been working out, even before his sexy episode and the very warm reaction from the audience as he ramped shirtless in the Bench/ Blackout Denim and Underwear Show.

3. Sam Milby. With his washboard abs and finely chiselled chest, Sam made the Bench/ Blackout Denim and Underwear Show audience clap and scream as he walked out and proudly displayed his bodacious body. And to think this talented Fil-Am model turned actor once tried and failed at his shot in modelling and showbiz before getting his big break as one of the Pinoy Big Brother housemates in 2005!

2. Piolo Pascual. One writer commented that even after Piolo decides to quit showbiz, he will always be on the sexiest male list. The writer reasoned that Piolo is the quintessential sexy man—angelic face, lean, sexy body, a likeable attitude and "mysterious" personality. These traits draw admiration from both women and men.

1. Dingdong Dantes. Being hailed as the 3rd Sexiest Male in the world by E! Entertainment Television in Hollywood is a big deal. The majority of respondents PEP asked for this survey, put the Kapuso hunk on top as the sexiest male celeb in local showbiz, hands down. Being the most applauded and most well-received celebrity model in the Bench/ Blackout Denim and Underwear Show added a lot to Dingdong's already phenomenal rise as a sex symbol. Gone are the days when he used to be known as the cute, boy-next-door, with kissable, puffy cheeks, Iñaki in TGIS (Thank God It's Sabado). After playing Sergio in Marimar and Fredo in Dyesebel, he is now known as Dingdong Dantes, the sexiest man in local showbiz.

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