Valerie "Bangs" Garcia Covers Maxim Philippines November 2008 Issue

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21-year-old Valerie “Bangs” Garcia graces the cover of Maxim Philippines Magazine’s November 2008 issue.

As cover girl, Valerie says she is more than ready for this new kind of challenge. However, it doesn’t mean she’s dropping her wholesome image. She says that she wants to be sexy but sweet.

After being introduced in the action series “Palos” she will now play the role of Judy Ann Santos’ sister in the upcoming ABS-CBN teleserye “Humingi Ako Sa Langit.”

FHM Philippines' Special 100th Issue Blowout

Five fast-rising and in-demand sexy models in the country are FHM's Special 100th Issue Blowout cover girls this November.

These girls are:

Precious Adona - BeBench model search finalist who was introduced in the sexy film “Torotot” opposite Baron Geisler.

Jacq Yu - Aubrey Miles’ partner in the Amazing Race Asia season 1.

Joyce So - Winner of Mossimo Bikini Summit in 2006.

Gail Nicholas - Winner of Mossimo Bikini Summit in 2007 and one of Pinoy Fear Factor “participantes.”

Cherry Ann Kubota - Gail’s runner-up in the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit.

FHM Philippines November 2008 issue is now available in magazine outlets nationwide.

Pinoy Fear Factor Update: Meet Three More Pinoy Fear Factor Contestants

Pinoy Fear Factor discloses the three other chosen contestants who dared to do the stunts and challenges to be hailed as the first Pinoy Fear Factor "El Ultimo Participante".

Elmer Felix, 25, is a Kapampangan hunk who took the board exam thrice to earn his license as a certified veterinarian. Elmer's greatest fears include drowning, deep water, exotic and unusual edibles.

Next is a 25-year-old ramp and commercial model named Gail Nicolas. The sexy body of this lady from Quezon City made her the grand winner of the 2007 Mossimo Bikini Summit. For those who didn't notice, Gail also played the role of Elsa in Gloc-9's and Francis M's music video "Lando."

Also joining this batch is Jommy Teotico from Manila. This 24-year-old guy grew up to be a playboy and easy-going fellow. An incident changed all this, however, and made him decide to be simply the "alaskador" Jommy.

Pinoy Fear Factor Update: TV Patrol Introduces Pinoy Fear Factor Contestants

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12 hot and young individuals were named contestants in the upcoming ABS-CBN's franchised reality show, Pinoy Fear Factor.

They are:

1. Phoemela Baranda - The glam goddess. Host at model na takot sa ipis at daga.
2. LJ Moreno - The daredevil chick na tinalikuran ang showbiz. May fear of the unknown.

3. Ram Sagad - Ang basketball hunk na may fear of heights.
4. Marion dela Cruz - ang funny Austrian na takot sa ipis.
5. Janna Dominguez - ang hot chick na dating nasa Wowowee.

Other contestants who will be introduced via ABS-CBN shows in the next few days are:

6. Elmer – The promdi veterinarian na dalawang beses bumagsak sa board exam. Madaling magulat.
7. Jose – Ang papalicious model/chef na may fear of heights din.
8. Manuel – ang businessman na takot sa failure.
9. Jommy – a hot model
10. RJ – a stevedore with two kids from Tarlac na may fear of heights.
11. Savanah – ang matapang na ledge dancer.
12. Gail Nicolas – the new Ms. Body Beautiful na takot sa snakes.

“Pinoy Fear Factor: South America” will run for 15 weeks with three stunts shown every week. The winner will take home 2 million pesos and a house and lot from Avida of Ayala Land. The show premieres November 10 on ABS-CBN 2.

Richard Gutierrez' Official Statement on the Reported Near-Fight with Aljur Abrenica

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Right after the news came out about the alledgedly near-fight between Kapuso stars Richard Gutierrez and Aljur Abrenica at the Fiamma bar last October 17, Richard's camp sent PEP a statement disproving the report.

Richard does not deny that there was some hostility between him and Aljur. In fact, he admits telling Aljur to "leave the table," although Richard says he did this "politely."

Richard denies, however, that he hit Aljur, even if he says he found Aljur distinctly lacking in "social graces." Richard alleges that Aljur "barged in" on him and his friends, sat down, and drank with them when he was clearly "uninvited."

The following is the complete official statement of Richard Gutierrez sent to PEP through a text message:

Time management is what stars whose schedules are busy need to master, for it is during these moments of privacy that a star can unwind, relax, and de-stress.

"Unfortunately, however, a star like Mr. Aljur Abrenica, an acquaintance, does not seem to understand that stars need space too, and barging in on our table unexpectedly, sitting down uninvited, and partaking of the drinks freely, does not speak well of a person's social graces.

"I politely asked him, after a decent time, to leave. That was what the incident was all about.

"Ms. Jewel Mische, if I may correct the PEP report, was not at the Fiamma bar at all. And alas, neither was Ms. Mische the cause of the INVENTED rift

High School Musical 3: Senior Year Breaks Box-office Records

Walt Disney’s High School Musical 3: Senior Year registered the biggest October weekend in US Box-office history with $42M and the all-time biggest opening for a live-action musical in the Philippines with P31.6M.

Here’s the Top 10 Movies in the US last weekend:

1. High School Musical 3: Senior Year - $42.0M
2. Saw V - $30.5M
3. Max Payne - $7.6M
4. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - $6.9M
5. Pride and Glory - $6.3M
6. Secret Life of Bees - $5.9M
7. W. - $5.3M
8. Eagle Eye - $5.1M
9. Body of Lies - $4.1M
10. Quarantine - $2.6M

In the Philippines, High School Musical 3: Senior Year easily claimed the no. 1 spot with opening weekend gross (October 24-26) of P31.6 million in 129 screens nationwide.

According to the managing director of Walt Disney Philippines Victor Cabrera, HSM3 posted the all-time biggest opening for a live-action musical in the country beating “Enchanted” which had a 5-day weekend opening last year.

"Thrillecine" on ABS-CBN's Sunday's Best

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In time for the Halloween season, the Kapamilya Network will air a TV special that aims to send chills through out audience viewers. Thrillecine, which marks ABS-CBN's first foray into the thriller-suspense genre, will be aired this Sunday, November 2, on Sunday's Best.

This TV event will feature two thriller-suspense movies-made-for-TV: "Sikreto ni Secret Admirer," which stars Roxanne Guinoo, and Zanjoe Marudo, and "Karera sa Promotion," which has Gerald Anderson, Maui Taylor and Bembol Roco in the lead roles.

"Ang Sikreto ni Secret Admirer" tells the story of Tikboy (Zanjoe), an ugly, shy, but kind-hearted mailman who is in love with the beautiful Helen (Roxanne), who is nursing a broken heart. Because of his undesirable appearance, he decided just to stalk Helen. He then finds Helen falling in love with a secret admirer-letter sender. Tikboy then decided to assume this person's identity, who will not let his lady love fall for Tikboy because of his love letters. How will Tikboy stand up for his lies? How far will he go to protect the lies he has given?

"Karera sa Promotion," meanwhile, follows the journey of Perez (Gerald), an honest cop who believes that getting a promotion will help him influence fellow cops to lead moral, honest lives. He then gave his all in finding the mysteries behind a series of murder incidents, but will the haunting truth leave him unscarred? Will he survive this scary ordeal?

Thrillecine, directed by young, talented director Ato Bautista and written by Shugo Praico, fuses sensuality and dark humor with the suspense-thriller genre.

Be sure to catch the pilot of Thrillecine this Sunday, November 2, on Sunday's Best.

Richard Gutierrez in Near-Fight Incident with Aljur Abrenica Because of Jewel Mische

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One of today's featured stories in Pilipino Star Ngayon's Showbiz column, is about the two young actors who allegedly involved in a near-fight incident in one of Makati bars, which says:

[Dalawang linggo na mula nang magkaengkuwentro ang dalawang actors sa isang bar, pero wala pa ring nagsusulat sa nangyari. Either inaalam pa ang tunay na nangyari o dine-dedma ng press ang isyung puwedeng lumaki.

Anyway, tinanong na si Actor A sa nangyari, pero “no comment” ang sagot nito. Lalong ayaw magsalita ni Actor B sa payo na rin ng mga taong malapit sa kanya. Pasasaan ba’t may makakaalam din sa isyung ito, may magsusulat at makikilala rin kung sino ang dalawang actors na nagkaroon ng conflict sa isang bar

This article was also featured in today's PEP's hot stories. But this time, writer Erwin Santiago courageously put names behind the two young actors and the girl who said to be the cause of this near-fight incident. Reason PEP's full stories below:

[A customer of Fiamma Bar on Jupiter Street in Makati City told PEP that a confrontation occurred between Kapuso stars Richard Gutierrez and Aljur Abrenica last October 17, at the high-end watering hole.

This was supposed to have happened on the same night that the new GMA Network Studios on Jamboree St., Quezon City, was inaugurated. Many of the stars, still dressed to the nines, had gone out to celebrate after the event.

Richard is known as GMA-7's Primetime King, while Aljur is StarStruck Batch 4 Ultimate Hunk winner. In other words, Richard is a certified big star and Aljur is a promising male lead.

The non-showbiz customer, who refuses to be named, reported that he saw Richard Gutierrez having a nice time with friends.

Sometime later, the customer saw Aljur Abrenica enter the bar escorting young actress Jewel Mische, the StarStruck Batch 4 Ultimate Sweetheart and also a GMA-7 talent.

The next thing he saw, according to the stunned customer, was Richard having an altercation with Aljur. He said he distinctly saw Richard giving Aljur's head a short, quick slap. In the words of the customer, "Tinapik ni Richard si Aljur sa ulo!"

Aljur reportedly turned around, faced Richard, and demanded to know, "Ano ang problema mo?" Richard reportedly shot back, "Ikaw, ano ang problema mo?"

The PEP source said that, fortunately, nothing more untoward happened. Cooler heads reportedly intervened at just the right time.

Another source, who was also at Fiamma bar, claimed that Jewel was not with Aljur. The source, however, corroborated the story about the tiff between Richard and Aljur.

PEP asked all three parties, on separate occasions, to comment on the incident. Clearly, everyone wanted the incident buried and forgotten.

When Aljur was asked, he refused to answer. Jewel refused to take calls on her cellphone (its number is known to her reporter-friends). Richard, at his mother Annabelle Rama's birthday party last Saturday evening, said, "No comment," then walked away.

Meantime, a handler at the GMA Artist Center, which manages Aljur and Jewel, gave the side of Aljur but refused to be quoted. Two showbiz reporters who heard about the incident also backed off the story. As a result, PEP became more curious: where did the Richard-Aljur tiff come from?

Our research showed that Jewel Mische is at the center of this tiff. Since the days of Kamandag—a fantaserye which had Richard and Jewel as a love team—rumors had already circulated that the two became more than an onscreen team. According to reports, they had become a quiet, but real, item.

Both Richard and Jewel have totally denied the story. Even at the recent inauguration of GMA Network Studios, Jewel flatly said, "For the record, hindi naging kami ni Chard." Richard, for his part, has remained non-committal and vague, but admitted going out with Jewel. The young actor also said that Jewel was the "closest" girl to him while they were still doing Kamandag.

But making the story plausible were reports that kept linking Richard only to Jewel, when the handsome 24-year-old star also had the beautiful Maxene Magalona as a romantic interest in the same fantaserye. And way after Kamandag was taken off the air, talk persisted that Richard and Jewel were seeing each other romantically.

Richard has never been an easy man to pin down on his romantic intentions. There were two other stars who started being linked to him: Heart Evangelista and KC Concepcion. These two are such big names—Heart starred with him in the big-budget GMA-7 action-adventures series Codename: Asero, and KC was his leading lady in the blockbuster Star Cinema movie For the First Time—that the press eventually paid no more attention to the Richard-Jewel romance rumors.

Showbiz insiders now say that, in fact, the Richard-Jewel romance has been an on-and-off story in Richard's life. They add that, indeed, the two were first attracted to each other when they were doing Kamandag, which brought them together at least three times a week, and that since then, Jewel would be seen in places where Richard was, such as his condo, his tapings, his movie sets.

Unfortunately, the insiders say, nobody seems to want Jewel for Richard. Their network is said to be pushing other leading ladies for their prize talent; his family has not been heard to say they want her for Richard, whereas his mother and manager Annabelle Rama has been quoted as saying she liked KC; and even members of Richard's camp say that the tandem won't go far with the fans.

The rumors persist anyway that Jewel is more infatuated with Richard than he is with her. But showbiz veterans argue that if Richard really wanted Jewel out of his life, then he could have done so a long time ago. After all, he has his family, his manager, bodyguard, driver, and camp followers to create the environment he is comfortable with. Therefore, these showbiz veterans speculate, Richard must also be attracted to Jewel to make this "on-and-off relationship" last up to this time.

As for the Fiamma bar incident between Richard and Aljur, there is strong buzz that it was triggered when Jewel asked Aljur to escort her that night, and had done so with the idea of making Richard jealous. The buzz also says that Aljur, in this scenario, was completely clueless

Pagsubok - Pinoy Fear Factor Official Theme Song

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Pinoy Fear Factor has released its official theme song on ASAP '08 Sunday afternoon. The song's title is Pagsubok and performed by Chivas of Pinoy Dream Academy.

See video and lyrics below:

Ang buhay ay parang laro
May natatalo at may nananalo
Maging anuman ang kaparalan
Hindi bibitiw sa laban ko
Itutuloy ko lang dahil...

Di ako susuko sa gitna ng pagsubok
Buong tapang na haharap sa hamon ng buhay

'Di umuurong sa hamon, 'di sumusuko
'Di aatras, 'di kakalas ipapakita ang lakas
Ang tapang ko'y ilalabas kakayanin ang lahat
Nasa aking mga kamay ang pag-abot sa tagumpay

Sa ating tagumpay...

Kahit 'san man mapunta galing ipapakita
Ang bayaning nasa akin ipagsisigawan ko.

The Buzz Public Apology Letter

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Boy Abunda made a public apology on behalf of the whole "The Buzz" show last Sunday afternoon, October 26, regarding the uncontrollable behavior of Fermin during an interview on Oct. 5 regarding her feud with Montenegro.

Watch the video below:

The said apology letter will also be published in major dailies.

Richard Poon: "Gusto Kong Ma-Link Kay Sam Milby."

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Crooner Richard Poon was asked regarding him being romantically linked with Wowowie co-host Valerie Concepcion, but Poon said he prefers Sam Milby instead.

Pwede mo akong i-link kay Sam Milby. Gusto kong malink kay Sam Milby because people know even sina tito Jobert at tita Cristy they know that we are very good friends. We started hindi pa siya PBB and we’re good friends na kami so, yun pwede nyo kong i-link kay Sam Milby, besides ano, we have the same manager.”

Angel Locsin Answers Abortion Issue

Angel Locsin answers the abortion issue she is facing right now in an exclusive interview with Mariel Rodriguez on Entertainment Live! yesterday, October 25.

According to a tabloid, one of Becky Aguila's (Angel's manager) former handler Mel Pulmano, who according to news stole money from Becky's talent Jennylyn Mercado, will reveal secrets of manager's talents including Angel Locsin who committed abortion.

"Sige, samahan ko pa siya. Siguraduhin lang niyang tama yung sasabihin niya kung ayaw niang makasuhan.

"Yung nagpa-abort na yan, ano ba yan? Siguro ang dami kong time na lumipad ako tapos may fight scenes, sumisid, tapos nangabayo. Naaano lang kasi ako na bumabalik na naman yung issue, eh. Pero sana wag nalang bastusan. Kasi pagkababae ko na po yung pinag-uusapan. Ibang usapan na po yun. Handa po akong lumaban." strongly said by Angel.

Kris Aquino Reacts to Ai-Ai dela Alas' Reconciliation Offer to James Yap

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Kris Aquino finally shares her reaction to Ai-Ai dela Alas' offer to reconcile with James Yap last Sunday, October 19, on The Buzz.

In an Entertainment Live! taped interview with Kris, she said, "Ang hirap hirap talagang mag-comment sa ganyan kasi baka kame naman ng asawa ko ang may-away. It's really, as much as I appreciate how much Ai-Ai did for me when I needed a friend, sana maunawaan din ako talaga na yung feelings ng asawa ko is, I really have to take into consideration. So, I pray for that. But at the end of the day, it's really up to James."

See Entertainment Live! taped interview below:

Video Intriga of the Week: Angel Locsin Snubs Claudine Barretto and Folded & Hung Fashion Show

Nikki Dacullo Was Voted Off of Survivor Philippines

The Tribal Council members Jace, Vern, Marlon, and Charisse unanimously voted off "Call Center Cutie" Nikki Dacullo of Bacolod from Survivor Philippines.

I’m happy na nagawa ko lahat nang gusto kong gawin together with them and mami-miss ko sila sobra. It’s just been a great experience na isa ako sa mga 18 na castaways.” said Nikki in her exit interview.

Jennifer Hudson’s Mother and Brother Found Dead

The mother and brother of American Idol alum and Oscar winning best supporting actress Jennifer Hudson were found dead in the mother’s home in Chicago Friday night.

Showbiz website reported that Darnell Donnerson, Hudson’s mom and her brother Jason Hudson were found shot to death and their bodies were discovered by one of her cousins.

The Chicago Police Department who were investigating the crime scene said the killings may be linked to a domestic disturbance.

Victor Basa is Gay in ‘Maling Akala’

A Cinema One Original indie movie “Maling Akala” features ASAP coverboy Victor Basa, once again, in a gay role.

Maling Akala was an entry in Cinema One Originals last year and the producers decided to screen the film once again at Robinson’s IndieSine from November 5 to 11, 2008.

When asked how he feels doing a gay role, Victor said:

Very comfortable in a sense na siyempre, it’s a character and I love to act. Gusto ko talagang umarte. Hindi naman, any role, I take. Nagkataon lang na nabasa ko ang script at gusto ko siya. At maganda talaga ang kuwento.

Also starring in Maling Akala is Jodie Sta. Maria with Jess Evardone, Roselyn Perez and Mel Martinez. It’s a film by Veronica Velasco & Pablo Biglang-awa and produced by Ronald Arguelles.

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