LIEZEL GARCIA is Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) Season 2's First Star Scholar

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With a final grade of 8.96, Liezel was declared Pinoy Dream Academy (PDA) Season 2’s First Star Scholar of the Week. Aside from the title, Liezel would also have the chance to fulfill a little dream of giving her grandmother a mobile phone. Joining her in the list of Top 3 Scholars of the Week were Van Pojas and Miguel Mendoza.

Tonight’s Gala Performance would definitely be filled with firsts. Aside from Liezel being the Season’s First Star Scholar of the Week, the first set of Probationary Scholars will also be based on the said Performance Night. Whose names could possibly pop out on the list? Find out tomorrow on Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2.

See their performances below:


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Unang nakilala si Carmina Villaroel bilang commercial model ng Jollibee playing Richard Gomez's younger sister. Nang pumasok si Carmina sa pag-aartista, isa sa una niyang trabaho ay para sa ABS-CBN sitcom na Palibhasa Lalake, where she played Richard's sister again.

Sa ABS-CBN na nga nagdalaga at nakapag-asawa (with Rustom Padilla) si Carmina before she moved to GMA-7 almost seven years ago to do two shows: Narito Ang Puso Ko at ang ongoing morning talk show nila ng magkapatid na Janice at Gelli de Belen na SiS.

But early this week, may nakakita kay Carmina and her manager Dolor Guevarra sa ABS-CBN papuntang third floor. Sa third floor ng ABS-CBN compound ginagawa ang story conference ng mga Kapamilya shows. Rumor has it that Carmina will do a teleserye for the Kapamilya network.

In Wowowee this afternoon, Carmina guested with her whole family for the Colgate promotion. Is this one good hint that she will really be back as Kapamilya?

Paano na ang Sis? Let us wait and see.

Korina Sanchez and Ted Failon in ABS-CBN's "HARAPAN"

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The unbeatable tandem of Ted Failon and Korina Sanchez returns to the small screen as the veteran journalists anchor the newest weekly late night talk show, "Harapan."

The show will separate truth from spin, give viewers a sharper take on the news, and put public officials on record.

Failon and Sanchez bring to late night their firebrand quality of talk, which their highest-rating morning radio program "Tambalang Failon at Sanchez" on DZMM is known for.

Korina says their two decades as partners on radio and TV, have made their work relationship akin to a marriage.

"We complete each other’s sentences. In a way, he’s like a broadcast husband, but with no commitments," said Sanchez.

"We want change when we know it can change. But we’ve also gotten old and wise enough to know you can’t take life too seriously," she added.

"Shows come and go, but we are still here. It’s hard to maintain a tandem through many years, but we’ve done it." said Failon. "And moving that to TV will be a challenging innovation, so expect some new things."

"Harapan" is a spin-off of the highly successful "Harapan: The Jun Lozada Expose," a no-holds-barred special talk show aired by ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs at the height of the NBN ZTE controversy.

It marked the first time Lozada went on air and on record to face the major protagonists involved in the issue. It was widely watched and much quoted, with no less than Lozada himself referring to it as his "1 vs. the Mob" moment.

ABS-CBN Head of Current Affairs and News Production Luchi Cruz-Valdes said "Harapan" comes at a time when the country faces serious political and economic crises and is badly wanting analysis, synthesis, and resolution.

"Under a climate of brewing insecurity, the public seeks straight answers to their questions, not empty assurances," Valdes said.

"Not knowing who to believe, people look to the media to help provide these answers, to guide them toward making crucial, informed decisions."

Ted and Korina are arguably one of the country’s most trusted and successful team-ups on radio and TV.

They hosted the programs in DZMM like "Balitalakay" (1990), "Aksyon Ngayon" (1991), and "Tambalang Failon at Sanchez" (1994 to present). On TV, their fearless tandem is best remembered in "Hoy, Gising!", the public service program that made public officials answerable to the public.

One of the show’s highlights will be Ted and Korina’s separate takes on the issue in focus--not unlike their trademark disarming, if sometimes sarcastic, commentaries in their radio talk show.

Add to that the visual elements of television, and you can expect no less than fireworks.

"Harapan" premieres Monday, June 23, on ABS-CBN.

"ADARNA and Not URDUJA is The First Full Length Pinoy Animated Film!" - Gerry Garcia

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To the many Filipino animators, the name Gerry Garcia is legendary. A pioneering artist who single handedly created the Filipino animation possible. For those who can remember, back in the 80"s the first ever Philippine-made cartoon for television was "Panday." And it was the creation of Gerry Garcia himself.

Likewise, in 1997, Garcia cemented his legacy as he made the first ever-Filipino full-length animated feature film- "Adarna."

His work in "Adarna" got him awards from many sectors, including, an award from the first lady of the Philippines herself- Ming Ramos.

Now almost 11 years after he made Philippine animation history, Gerry Garcia, who now lives in New Jersey, is fighting for his legacy.

In a recent episode of the ABS-CBN program Rated-K, hosted by Korina Sanchez, a group of animators are claiming that their upcoming animated film, "Urduja," is actually the first digital and traditional full-length animated feature in the Philippine history.

It may have been a case of oversight on the part of the animators, directors and producers of "Urduja," or even Ms. Sanchez herself, but Gerry Garcia, has raised a red flag over the whole thing.

He was shocked.

"Sana mag research man lang sila, bago sila magbitaw ng salita," said Garcia in an exclusive interview with the Express "Si Korina sanchez pa mismo ang nag present ng award sa akin nung 1997 for "Adarna!"

Whatever prompted the people involved in the production of "Urduja" to claim that it is the first ever remains unclear, however, Garcia has his own speculations.

"It's all for publicity," Garcia continued. "Sinasabi nila na sila ang una para sumigaw ako. Para magkaroon ng publicity ang movie nila.

When asked how he felt when he saw the Rated K segment. He said he was shocked.

"Nabigla ako sa mga kini-claim nila at ano ang ebidensya na nagpapatunay na sila ang unang animated movie? Ang aking paniniwala ay ang ADARNA po ang unang una animated movie ng Philippine Cinema, sa dahilan po na nabigyan po ng award ng Special Award ng Metro Manila Film Festival nuong December 27,1997 na nakasaad sa tropeo na "ADARNA kaunaunahang animated Movie sa Philippine Cinema" at ganoon din po sa FAMAS at sa ibang bansa sa Japan, na tinangkilik sa 7th Hiroshima Animation Festival as "Asian Collection "nuong 1998"

Garcia does not intend to file any charges because of the alleged disinformation by the producers of 'Urduja.' For him, he simply wants the truth to be told.

"Gusto ko ipaalam ang totoo, Kailangan manalo ang katotohanan. Sana tanggapin nila na may nauna sa kanila," Garcia concluded.

Adarna was released in 1997 as part of the Metro Manila Film Festival. It featured the voices of big-named Filipino stars like Jolina Magdangal, Regine Velasquez, and Martin Nievera. Garcia wrote and directed the animated flick. It was under FLT Productions and Guiding Light Productions. The film is still considered the first full-length animated feature film in the Philippines movie history until the recent challenge by the makers of "Urduja."

Surprisingly, Regine Velasquez also rendered the main character's voice in 'Urduja.'

In an excerpt of one of 'Urduja's' press releases, producer, Tony Tuviera of TAPE, the same outfit that brings Eat Bulaga to millions of Filipino homes, said that he strongly believes that he made the first of its kind.

"I wanted to give our animators a chance to be recognized," he declares, "They are actually doing a lot of animation abroad - some of them are in Pixar, Disney…ang dami. They are doing animation but never silang nakakuha ng credit. Yung mga Biker Mice…so sabi ko, bakit hindi sila bigyan ng recognition dito?'

"As a result, Urduja is a product of traditional and digital animation that is hailed as the first of it's kind in the Philippines."

It was hard enough for Garcia to create his legacy when he did all his landmark works, but it seems that it is even harder to fight for that legacy in this age diminutive attention span.

Gerry Garcia is fighting to be remembered. And he has the evidence to prove it. Hence, he believes that he will have no trouble winning the fight. For him, history is on his side.

Source: Ted Reyes/Filipino Express

June 16 - 19 TV Ratings: DYESEBEL is Still Mega Manila's Number 1 Primetime Program

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If The Singing Bee has taken the overall lead in NUTAM (Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement) ratings, Dyesebel remains the undisputed No.1 primetime program in Mega Manila. In fact, the Marian Rivera-Dingdong Dantes fantaserye has never relinquished its crown since its pilot episode.

Dyesebel posted the following ratings from Monday (June 16) to Thursday (June 19): 40.5 percent, 41.2 percent, 39.9 percent, and 41.4 percent.

Robin Padilla's Joaquin Bordado took the second spot Monday to Wednesday before Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita grabbed that position Thursday.

Consistent at No. 4 is GMA-7's primetime newscast 24 Oras.

The fifth position was alternately occupied by ABS-CBN shows My Girl (Monday), The Singing Bee (Tuesday and Thursday), and TV Patrol World (Wednesday).

The other shows figuring prominently in the Top are Lobo, Dalja's Spring, and Pinoy Dream Academy.

Meanwhile, Daisy Siete and Magdusa shared the top position in the daytime race this week. Daisy Siete took Monday and Wednesday while Magdusa Ka grabbed Thursday. But the two GMA-7 afternoon shows tied at No. 1 last Tuesday with identical 19.5 percent rating.

Here are the Top 10 daytime and primetime programs from June 16 to 19 based on the overnight ratings conducted by AGB Nielsen Philippines among Mega Manila households:

June 16 (Monday) Daytime:
Daisy Siete (GMA-7) - 21.9%
Magdusa Ka (GMA-7) - 21.5%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 19.2%
El Cuerpo del Deseo (ABS-CBN) - 16.4%
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 15.2%
Ligaw Na Bulaklak (ABS-CBN) - 13.3%
Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 10.3%
Da Big Show (GMA-7) - 9%
SiS (GMA-7) - 7.3%
Boy & Kris (ABS-CBN) - 6%

Dyesebel (GMA-7) - 40.5%
Joaquin Bordado (GMA-7) 34.7%
Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita (GMA-7) - 34.5%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 30.4%
My Girl (ABS-CBN) - 21.9%
Lobo (ABS-CBN) - 21.8%
TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) - 21%
The Singing Bee (ABS-CBN) - 20.9%
Dalja's Spring (GMA-7) - 20.4%
Pinoy Dream Academy (ABS-CBN) - 19.6%

June 17 (Tuesday)

Daisy Siete (GMA-7) / Magdusa Ka (GMA-7) - 19.5%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 18.6%
El Cuerpo del Deseo (ABS-CBN) - 15%
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 14.1%
Da Big Show (GMA-7) - 12.4%
Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 11%
Ligaw Na Bulaklak (ABS-CBN) - 10.8%
SiS (GMA-7) - 8.7%
Boy & Kris (ABS-CBN) - 7.1%

Dyesebel (GMA-7) - 41.2%
Joaquin Bordado (GMA-7) 37.1%
Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita (GMA-7) - 34.1%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 30.5%
The Singing Bee (ABS-CBN) - 22.5%
Dalja's Spring (GMA-7) - 21.8%
Lobo (ABS-CBN) - 19.2%
My Girl (ABS-CBN) - 19%
TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) - 18.5%
Pinoy Dream Academy (ABS-CBN) - 16%

June 18 (Wednesday)

Daisy Siete (GMA-7) - 22.9%
Magdusa Ka (GMA-7) - 22.1%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 18.2%
News Patrol (ABS-CBN) - 18.1%
Flash Report (GMA-7) - 18%
El Cuerpo del Deseo (ABS-CBN) - 17.5%
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 15.5%
Ligaw Na Bulaklak (ABS-CBN) - 13.7%
Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 11.5%
Da Big Show (GMA-7) - 9.2%

Dyesebel (GMA-7) - 39.9%
Joaquin Bordado (GMA-7) 37.1%
Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita (GMA-7) - 32.7%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 30.1%
TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) - 23.8%
The Singing Bee (ABS-CBN) - 23.3%
Lobo (ABS-CBN) - 21.4%
My Girl (ABS-CBN) - 19%
Dalja's Spring (GMA-7) - 18.6%
Pinoy Dream Academy (ABS-CBN) - 16.8%

June 19 (Thursday)

Magdusa Ka (GMA-7) - 21.5%
El Cuerpo del Deseo (ABS-CBN) - 17.7%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 17.4%
Daisy Siete (GMA-7) - 17.2%
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 15.3%
Da Big Show (GMA-7) - 13.1%
Ligaw Na Bulaklak (ABS-CBN) - 11.6%
Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 11.2%
SiS (GMA-7) - 9.6%
Boy & Kris (ABS-CBN) - 5.4%

Dyesebel (GMA-7) - 41.4%
Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita (GMA-7) - 33.5%
Joaquin Bordado (GMA-7) 33%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 28%
The Singing Bee (ABS-CBN) - 23.6%
Lobo (ABS-CBN) - 21.9%
My Girl (ABS-CBN) - 21.3%
Pinoy Dream Academy (ABS-CBN) - 19.8%
TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) - 19.4%
Dalja's Spring (GMA-7) - 17.5%

Source: AGB Nielsen Philippines via philippineportal

"Deal or No Deal Around the World - Philippine Episode" Airs on Sunday at ABS-CBN's Sunday's Best

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ABS-CBN is airing the special episode of "Deal or No Deal- Around the World" shot entirely in the Philippines on "Sunday’s Best" (June 22), at 10 pm, signaling the return of the game show’s new season in the Kapamilya network soon.

Kris Aquino joined Howie Mandel in playing the numbers game with two American contestants who flew to Manila in April with their families for the chance to win US$1 million.

The two-hour episode, which was taped in ABS-CBN studios last April 24, will show Howie’s arrival in Manila and his adventures around the city like taking a pedicab, visiting Quiapo, and posing as a promo boy at a supermarket.

The airing of "Deal or No Deal – Around the World" Philippines on NBC in the USA last May 5 was a shining moment for the country as millions of Americans tuned in to see how their hit game show is played the Kapamilya way.

It marks the kick-off for ABS-CBN’s "Panalo Bawat Pilipino" campaign, highlighting how its hit game shows have entertained viewers and improved people’s lives through the years.

ABS-CBN Business Unit Head Alou Almaden said, "Being part of the world tour series is not only a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the ABS-CBN production, but it is also an honor for the Philippines as it shows our capability in producing a world class TV program," she said.

Host Howie Mandel and Endemol USA marveled at how our lovely 26K girls strut carrying their briefcases and the party atmosphere created by the lively and enthusiastic Pinoy audience who cheered and danced when briefcases containing low prizes were eliminated.

"Here in the Philippines, the people party!" exclaimed Howie during the taping of the special episode held at the ABS-CBN studio last April 24. The Philippines is one of three countries chosen to be part of the show’s world tour.

"Deal or No Deal – Around the World" Philippines was produced by ABS-CBN under Almaden’s business unit with Bobet Vidanes as director and Morly Nueva as executive producer.

Filipinos are Top "multiply" Users

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A third of the traffic going to social networking site Multiply, or approximately 300 million page views, is coming from Filipino users worldwide, top Multiply executives said Wednesday.

Multiply President and Founder Peter Pezaris said Multiply gets about a billion page views a month, a third of which comes from Filipinos in different parts of the globe. This makes Filipinos the number one users of Multiply, ranking higher than users in the United States where the site is based.

Pezaris said the Filipino culture's emphasis on family and relationships is the main reason why the social networking site is so popular in the Philippines.

"The reason why we are popular here, I think, relates to that notion of friends and family, the fact that our service is much more focused on connecting you with people that you know in real life rather than introducing you to people that you don’t know. It’s a site that really plays into the cultural phenomenon that’s here in the Philippines," he told

David Hersh, Multiply Vice-president for Business Development, also said the integration of unlimited photosharing in Multiply is very attractive to Filipino Internet users. Most Filipino Multiply users are female, in the 18-25 age bracket, and average about 160 Multiply page views a month.

"Filipinos are just rabid consumers of content. It’s amazing. Those 160 page views aren’t just fluff page views of people bouncing from profile to profile. It’s people consuming photos, videos and blogs from the people in their world. It’s meaningful activity. It reflects the deep level of engagement that we have with our user base especially here in the Philippines," Pezaris said.

Hersh said Multiply currently has nine million registered users worldwide, of which 2.2 million are Filipinos. He said that while the growth of Multiply has been slower compared to other social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook, it is the real-world relationships in Multiply that sets it apart and ensures its longevity.

"If your online social network is full of people that you have no real world connection to, there’s very little reason to keep you there and it’s very easy for you to switch. But on Multiply, it’s your real-world social network online and your content and it’s the discussion that goes on around that content that’s going to keep you coming back," he said.

Adds Pezaris: "It’s closer, deeper relationships which enables the sharing of personal, meaningful content to you and the continuing sharing of that is the personal documentation of your life online. Over a period of time, you build up this history like a living scrapbook of what’s happening in your life and it’s a collaborative effort because while you add to it, all your friends and family add to it also and that’s what really develops the long-term value."

BEA ALONZO "The Real Me" Album from Star Records

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With the release of her debut album entitled 'Bea Alonzo, The Real Me', Bea Alonzo has proven her versatility once more. Aside from bagging the lead role in the much talked about Betty La Fea, Bea the Actress, the Model and Product Endorser is now also Bea the Recording Artist. That makes her the newest addition to the Star Records family.

There are 6 tracks included in her album: I'm Missing You, Crazy About You, Close To You, I'll Always Love You, You and Kagandahan (Betty La Fea Theme).

Catch Bea in her mall shows at the following dates and venues:

Jun 21, 4pm at SM Fairview
Jun 28, 4pm at SM Dasmarinas
July 12, 4pm at Robinsons Manila
July 19, 4pm at SM Bacoor

Take a peek at Bea's album cover photoshoot below:

POKWANG Keeps Mum About the Gutierrez' Controversy

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While a lot of entertainment reporters had been badgering Pokwang to air her side regarding Annabelle Rama and Ruffa Gutierrez' statements regarding her spoof of twins Richard and Raymond Gutierrez, Pokwang, as advised by her managers at Star Magic had chosen to remain quiet about the controversy.

But in an interview with TV Patrol, the comedienne apologized to Annabelle and said that she had already asked for the spoof in question to be taken out.

The Gutierrezes had aired their sentiments about Pokwang’s skit which they felt made fun of Richard and Raymond. Ruffa even went so far as to say that what Pokwang has done is to hurt their family. "Wala namang laitan," Ruffa told reporters. Her mother Annabelle, who was also spoofed in Poohkwang, is okay with comedians impersonating her but not her kids, especially if they are "made fools of." "Okay lang ako ang laitin, huwag lang ang mga anak ko," the fiery Bisaya said.

On the other hand, people who have watched Poohkwang said that there was nothing offensive about Pokwang’s spoof.

Andrew de Real, writer/director of Poohkwang was quick to defend the show and Pokwang. "The show was a spoof and has no intention to assassinate any character," Andrew emphasized. Pokwang for her part has requested the production team of Poohkwang to remove the controversial spoof from the script.


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TV host-comedienne Pokwang has all the right to celebrate because of the highly anticipated success of her comedy show with Pooh entitled Poohkwang. But think again, before she can celebrate, she has to deal first with the Gutierrez family.

Annabelle Rama and daughter Ruffa Gutierrez are not at all happy with Pokwang’s spoof of Captain Barbell that involved twins Richard and Raymond Gutierrez. Annabelle, who herself was spoofed by Pokwang in the skit, did not like how the comedienne made her sons look like “fools.” According to a source, Pokwang imitated Raymond and acted as if the TV host was the less-than-super-macho version of the superhero played by his twin Richard.

Annabelle said that it’s all right for Pokwang to spoof her since having someone impersonate you means that you’ve “arrived.” However, her sons are a different matter, "
Ako naman kay Pokwang, okey naman na ilang years mo na akong ginagaya. Natutuwa ako at least ginagaya mo ako. Pero ako na lang. Huwag mo nang pakialaman ang mga anak ko, sina Richard and Raymond.

Kasi ako talaga, basta anak ko na-involve, nag-iiba talaga ako. Kasi nananahimik yung mga bata. Nananahimik sila, nagtatrabaho, ‘tapos bababuyin? Ayoko ng ganun. Hayaan mo na akong babuyin, okey lang sa akin. Matatanggap ko lahat ‘yan,"
Annabelle said to Pokwang.

So what is her advice to Pokwang?

"Advice ko sa ‘yo, ‘Day, ipagpapatuloy mo yung ako ang gagayahin, okey lang. Haping-happy ako. Pero huwag mo nang pakialaman ang mga anak ko. Minsan ang mga bata, ayaw nilang naaano sila, iba ang mga bata ngayon, e. Masyado silang ano, sensitive. Ayaw nilang pinaglalaruan sila, lalung-lalo na si Raymond. Kasi ang mga anak kong dalawang ‘yan, galing sa States ‘yan. Siyempre, iba ang panananaw nila, di ba?

Ipagpapatuloy niya na gayahin ako kasi natutuwa naman ang audience sa kanya kapag ako na ang ginagaya niya. Ako, okey lang sa akin. Hindi ako nagagalit kasi proud na proud ako na i-spoof ako ni Pokwang. Ibig sabihin, sikat pala ako, di ba? Manood ka ng movie ko Pokwang, [My] Monster Mom. Marami kang magagaya doon sa akin. Mas marami kang magagamit doon.

Ruffa though could not help but make a comment. "Wala namang laitan. Okay lang na-iimpersonate, pero wala sanang laitan. Siyempre masakit, konti na nga lang tayo sa industriya ngayon dapat magsama-sama tayo, magmahalan tayo, magtulungan tayo at huwag magsiraan."

The Buzz host hopes that Pokwang will remove the spoof of her brothers from the show. "Sana tanggalin naman niya. Kasi nakakalungkot, kasama pa naman siya sa movie nila KC [Concepcion] at Richard. Siya dapat yung yaya doon. Now, I don't know kung siya pa rin ang yaya," Ruffa shares.

News has already spread that Annabelle is asking Star Cinema to replace Pokwang in the project because of the controversy.

NUTAM's May 2008 TV Ratings: The BEE Sang Its Way to the Top; DYESEBEL Drowned to 2nd Spot

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ABS-CBN's The Singing Bee overtook the lead from GMA-7's Dyesebel by a slim .2 percent margin. According to the latest survey report prepared by AGB Nielsen Media Research Philippines via its NUTAM (Nationwide Urban Television Audience Measurement) survey among nationwide households for the whole month of May, Cesar Montano's karaoke game show registered a 32.6 percent rating against Deysebel's 32.4 tally.

Last April, Dyesebel—topbilled by Marian Rivera and Dingdong Dantes—outmuscled The Singing Bee in the primetime category to secure the top spot for the Top Weekday Primetime Programs. The legendary Mars Ravelo creation totaled a rating of 35.7 percent while The Singing Bee registered a score of 33.7 percent.

Dyesebel also shook up the weekend race when its Dyesebel, Ang Simula special tallied a 20.9 percent, consequently securing the No. 3 spot.

Here are the Top 10 weekday and weekend programs for the month of May, based on a survey conducted by AGB Nielsen Media Research among NUTAM households:

Top Weekday Programs (Daytime)
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 21.9%
Ligaw na Bulaklak (ABS-CBN) - 19.9%
Pilipinas, Game KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 19.1%
Magdusa Ka (GMA-7) - 19%
Kaputol ng Isang Awit (GMA-7) - 18.7%
Daisy Siete (GMA-7) - 18.3%
Prinsesa ng Banyera (ABS-CBN) - 18%
Maging Akin Ka Lamang (GMA-7) - 17.8%
Pokemon (GMA-7) - 17.1%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 15.7%

Top Weekday Programs (Primetime)
The Singing Bee (ABS-CBN) - 32.6%
Dyesebel (GMA-7) - 32.4%
My Girl (ABS-CBN) - 31.1%
Lobo (ABS-CBN) - 30.1%
TV Patrol World (ABS-CBN) - 29.7%
Joaquin Bordado (GMA-7) - 29.3%
Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus (ABS-CBN) - 28.2%
Babangon Ako't Dudurugin Kita (GMA-7) - 26.9%
Wheel of Fortune (ABS-CBN) - 22.7%
24 Oras (GMA-7) - 22%

Top Weekend Programs (Daytime)
De La Hoya vs. Forbes: Homecoming** (ABS-CBN) - 23.2%
Wowowee (ABS-CBN) - 21.8%
Dyesebel, Ang Simula** (GMA-7) - 20.9%
Cinema FPJ: Da King on ABS-CBN (ABS-CBN) - 17.4%
ASAP '08 (ABS-CBN) - 16.9%
Eat Bulaga! (GMA-7) - 16.2%
Dragon Ball Z (GMA-7) - 14.7%
The Buzz (ABS-CBN) - 14%
Your Song (ABS-CBN) - 13.6%
Pilipinas, KNB? (ABS-CBN) - 13.4%

Top Weekend Programs (Primetime)
Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus (ABS-CBN) - 28.2%
Kapitan Boom (ABS-CBN) - 27.8%
Goin' Bulilit (ABS-CBN) - 25.6%
Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho (GMA-7) - 25.3%
Bitoy's Funniest Videos (GMA-7) - 24.7%
Tok! Tok! Tok! Isang Milyon Pasok (GMA-7) - 22.1%
Kap's Amazing Stories (GMA-7) - 21.4%
Rated K (ABS-CBN) - 21.4%
Mel & Joey (GMA-7) - 20.7%
Imbestigador (GMA-7) - 20.4%

Legend: ** Special

Source: AGB Nielsen Media Research, Philippines

Yam Laranas' "THE ECHO" Movie Trailer, Poster, Movie Clips and Reviews

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…the mood and tone were really good, there were a few really shocking moments, and making Jesse (Bradford) an ex-con really added a new layer to it…” - Todd Brown, Twitchfilm

Here’s the very first review on Yam Laranas' first international movie The Echo written by Todd Brown of

Long time Twitch readers may well remember us talking about Filipino horror film Sigaw a couple years back. Written and directed by Yam Laranas it came late enough in the run of Asian horror films – and in some ways played to the standard conventions of the genre enough - that many overlooked it but Sigaw was such a well crafted little gem of a film that introduced some subtle changes to the genre that I truly believe it is one of the last truly important films to come out of that initial Asian horror boom.

And so I have been tracking with great interest the development of the English language version of the film. Titled The Echo it again puts Laranas at the controls shooting a script adapted from his own by the writing duo of Eric Bernt and Shintaro Shimosawa. The result feels more like a riff on the themes that drove the original film than a straight up remake and it is arguably the most art house oriented picture to come out of Roy Lee’s very commercially minded – in a good way – Vertigo Entertainment.

Jesse Bradford (Flags Of Our Fathers) stars as Bobby, a young man freshly released from prison after serving several years for killing a man who was trying to rape Bobby’s girlfriend (Amelia Warner). Bobby is looking to build a fresh life but where to begin? His old friends have either moved away or won’t return his calls, his girl has moved along with her life without him, he has no job, the only home available to him the shabby apartment left vacant when Bobby’s mother died alone and terrified of unseen voices while Bobby was in prison. Despite being constantly surrounded by the noise and bustle of New York City Bobby is isolated and alone.

But Bobby perseveres. His parole officer finds an employer will to take a risk on him, he slowly begins to reconnect with his girl, and he slowly begins to clear the signs of his mother’s descent into madness from the apartment. What could have happened to her? Why didn’t anyone help? And did the blame lie partially on Bobby himself for leaving her unsupported while in prison?

As the signs of his mother’s paranoia become more clear – a closet with interior deadbolts stocked with tin cans and an accumulation of garbage that makes it clear she locked herself into the confined space for days at a time – Bobby’s guilt begins to grow and become more forceful until his memories and shame begin to take physical shape. He sees her in the mess left behind and begins to be plagued by strange noises coming from the walls and floor of his apartment. But those noises are nothing compared to the sounds of violence coming regularly from the apartment next door, sounds of a young wife and her little girl being beaten by the husband. It’s a horrific situation but one that Bobby feels powerless to do anything about: after all, he’s a freshly paroled convict and the man is a cop.

For fans of the original the point of similarity is obvious: young man in new apartment has to cope with domestic violence next door. And anyone who has ever been in this situation – which I have – can tell you how truly debilitating and horrifying it is before you add the additional supernatural layer that the film(s) bring in. The changes are also quite obvious. In the original film the young man was simply striking out on his own, moving into his first apartment in a bid for independence. Bobby’s criminal history, the death of his mother, and the collapse of his relationship with his girlfriend are all new devices for this version and all add layers of depth that make Bobby a more difficult and rewarding character. That strength does come with a cost in the early going as Bobby is so isolated that a healthy percentage of the film is Bobby on his own with minimal dialogue but Bradford is up to the challenge. Some of the other characters could have used a little bit more work but this is Bobby’s film all the way through and Bradford delivers.

On the technical end both films are far more about building mood and tone than piling on shock after shock and again, Laranas applies his considerable technical skills to that end. The man is a hugely accomplished cinematographer, reluctant to use digital tricks of any sort, and while he has an outside director of photography on The Echo - as opposed to Sigaw, which he shot himself – his fingerprints are all over the visuals and shooting style. Helping greatly in building the tone of the piece is the stellar sound design work that makes it clear throughout that while Bobby may be isolated he can never, ever be truly alone when living in the big city.

The Echo is a moody piece of work, a slow burner rather than a big shocker, and one that will likely prove a little bit difficult to market as a result. Just like its predecessor was not one of the big dogs in the original Asian horror boom this one arrives late enough in the remake game that some of the images have become a little overly familiar but also just like the original it shows that there is still some life in these bones and still stories worth telling.

Source: yamlaranas

RUFFA GUTIERREZ is the New BELO Medical Clinic Endorser

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Ruffa Gutierrez was presented yesterday as the newest addition to the Belo Medical Clinic’s honor roll of celebrity endorsers.

Ruffa’s contract with the Calayan' has expired last March 30. It is said that Dr. Manny and Pie Calayan (owner of the Calayan Surgicenter) wanted at the last minute to retain Ruffa as endorser by offering her an alleged staggering P10-M but Ruffa politely said no.

"There’s no bad blood between me and the Calayan. Nagpaalam ng mahusay ang mom ko. Besides, I’ve always been a Belo patient," said Ruffa, with Dr. Vicki nodding in agreement, giving her "prodigal daughter" a welcoming smile. "I just found my way back home.

The Belo Clinic has branches all over so it’s convenient for me. Besides, the clinic is going global and that’s also exactly the direction I am going."

Anytime now, you will see the huge Belo billboards all over the metropolis, showing Ruffa saying,
"...I’m back with the best!"

University of the Philippines (UP) and Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) Made it to 2007's Top 500 Schools in the World

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Only two Philippine universities have made it to the latest rankings of Top 500 Schools in the World, the lowest in Asia, a report from QTV’s News on Q.

In her report, Kara David said that based on the 2007 Times Higher Education World University Rankings, only the University of the Philippines (UP) and Ateneo de Manila University (ADMU) were able to make it in the list.

The two, however, were at the lower half of the list, with UP at 398th and Ateneo in 451st.

De La Salle University (DLSU) and University of Sto. Tomas, meanwhile, slipped out of the list, ending at

The television report also said that compared to other Asian countries, the Philippines has the fewest universities in the list, with India having eight, Thailand five, and Indonesia three, all of which ranking higher than UP.

UP president Dr Emerlinda Roman however said that this does not mean that the quality of education among the said schools is deteriorating.

Hindi ako naniniwala na nag-deteriorate. Siguro sa akin ay hirap lang tayong humabol sa kanila, kasi dahil kulang sa pondo (I don’t believe that the quality of education has deteriorated. For me it’s more like we are having a hard time coping up with them due to lack of funds, among other reasons),” she said.

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When news came out about the diamond ring that Judy Ann Santos was wearing, people have already speculated that it was not just a birthday gift from her boyfriend of three years, Ryan Agoncillo. In fact, some thought that it was already an engagement ring. But both Judy Ann and Ryan kept mum about it. Instead, they just keep on saying, "nag-iipon pa."

Well, showbiz denizens can now stop guessing as couple Judy Ann Santos and Ryan Agoncillo have finally agreed to YES! magazine's nagging request for a tell-all interview.

"It's official, Judy Ann and Ryan are engaged!" shouts the cover of YES! July 2008 issue.

After several convincing, Juday, as what her friends and fans fondly call her, gave YES! the opportunity to be the medium for the announcement of their engagagement. In an interview with YES! associate editor Anna Pingol, the young superstar hoped that her friends in media will understand her decision to talk to YES! first.

"Feeling ko, moment ko 'to, time ko 'to. Gusto ko, isa na lang ang babasahin ng mga tao. Doon nila malalaman lahat ng detalye. Hindi ko na uulitin, para hindi na rin malabsak, kasi ninanamnam ko pa, e. Kasi may tendency ako na pag inulit ko nang inulit, naano na ako, e—'yong ‘Wala na bang ibang tanong'"

In this interview, Juday and Ryan also invited their closest friends—actress Beth Tamayo, director Danter Garcia, makeup artist Nonong Geronaga, and showbiz habitué Anna Dasig. The 30-year-old Juday reasoned out, "Kasi sila ang mas nakakaalam ng mga bagay-bagay bago 'yong gabing 'yon [proposal]."

Now, PEP gives you some of the exciting parts of the engagement story that was held on the first few minutes of Judy Ann's 30th birthday last May 11, 2008 at the Antulang Beach Resort in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

THE PRECIOUS DIAMOND RING. The 29-year-old Ryan admitted that he really sought the help of Juday's best friend, Beth, and her husband, Chinese businessman Johnny Wong, in obtaining the controversial diamond ring for Judy Ann.

Beth recalled, "Si Rye, he first called up Johnny—hindi nga ako. Kasi, nagtatanong siya about diamonds. Parang wala kasing alam si Ryan sa ganyan-ganyan, so humihingi siya ng suggestion kay Johnny."

When she knew about it, Beth said that she got upset because they were keeping it secret to her. "Kasi, feeling ko, asawa naman kita, di sana niligwak mo na sa akin. E, ang bilin kasi ni Rye, kahit sa akin, 'wag sasabihin."

Later on, Ryan realized that he also needed the help of Beth—assess the quality of the diamond he has chosen and know exact size of Judy Ann's right ring finger.

First, Ryan called Beth to make sure that the ring he wanted was a good buy. After he gave the specs, Beth referred to a G.I.A. (Gemological Institute of America) paper that was included in one of her rings.

Beth related, "'Yon 'yong nagbibigay ng diploma ng mga diamonds. Nandoon 'yong clarity, 'yong kulay, measurement, et cetera. So, noong tsinek ko, sabi ko, ‘Naku, napakaganda ng gusto mong bilhin. Sa scale na one to ganito, siya 'yong ganyan. Okey na 'to, good buy na 'to.'"
Then, Ryan asked Beth to know the measurement of Juday's right ring finger. It was a more difficult task for Beth because she should be careful not to give Judy Ann any idea about the plan.

A perfect timing came during a promo tour for Ploning in Iloilo. She took the opportunity when she noticed that the ring on Judy Ann's right middle finger was a little big for its size.

She narrated, "'Tapos, siya ang nagtanong sa akin, imbes na ako ang magtatanong sa kanya. Kasi, ise-segue ko sana 'yon sa akin, ‘Ano ba'ng size mo?' So, siya ang nagtanong sa akin, ‘Bakit, ano ba ang size mo?'

"Sabi ko, ‘Three and one-third lang. E, ikaw, ano ba'ng size mo?' Doon ko naipasok. Sabi niya, ‘Dito, [ring finger] five ako, kasi ito [middle finger] six, e."

After accomplishing her mission, Beth linked the information to Ryan during the press screening of Ploning at the Podium in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

When all the needed information have been gathered, Ryan already settled the purchasing of the ring in Hong Kong with the help of Johnny's Hong Kong-based cousin, Cindy Kung. When it arrived in Manila, Beth kept the ring until the day Ryan proposed to Juday.

Ryan explained, "Hindi ko muna siya hinawakan, kasi baka hindi ako makatiis, e. Parang at any given moment, nasa highway kami, nagmamaneho, papunta kung saan, maisip ko na, ‘Yayain ko na 'tong magpakasal!' Ganoon na, e."

THE SECRET PLAN. Ryan kept everything about his plans for the proposal to himself. Even their close friends had no idea on how he was going to propose to his girlfriend.

However, Ryan gave a slight hint about it during a dinner with friends. Out of nowhere, he talked about his dream proposal. Beth remembered Ryan describing, "Tipong nasa cliff, 'tapos, magpapagawa daw siya ng chapel na puro pillars, ganyan-ganyan. 'Tapos, nakalagay lang sa isang plank ng kahoy yung date, 'tapos 'yong date, 'tapos 'yong pangalan ng babaeng pagpoproposan niya at saan siya nag-propose."

After a few days, Judy Ann was set to celebrate her birthday in a three-day vacation at the Antalung Beach Resort, which was actually a surprise birthday gift from her best friend Beth.

Juday and Ryan went to Antalung with Yohan, their three-year-old adopted daughter, and the child's Yaya Annabelle. However, unknown to Juday, their close friends were also coming over to join them in celebrating her birthday and, of course, the engagement day.

When the group arrived at the resort, they saw Ryan carrying a plank of wood. "E, may cliff din doon," Beth added. The group thought that Ryan was making his dream proposal to be real.

In the early evening of May 10, everybody started to party in time for welcoming the first hour of Juday's May 11 birthday. They had no idea about how Ryan would propose that night.

"Si Rye, patingin-tingin sa relo. Naghihintay na mag-alas-dose or whatever kasi gusto niya saktong birthday ni Juday," Beth recalled.

In an interview later, Ryan admitted that he really timed it to the last minute, so patiently until it was 12 midnight.

THE MOST-AWAITED MOMENT. When the right moment has come, Ryan kneeled in front of Judy Ann uttering these exact words: "Will you marry me?"

Then, he remembered exactly how he felt at that exact moment. Ryan said, "Nakakatawa, e. Alam mo, ang daming nagsasalita, e. Noong 'nilabas ko na 'yong singsing, ang daming nagsasalita. Pero 'yong naririnig ko lang, parang, ‘Nyowowo' [mimicking the garbled sound from a tape recorder being played when the battery is low]."

What was Juday's reaction after the proposal?

She answered, "Ang una kong sinabi actually, no'ng 'binigay niya 'yong singsing, ‘Seryoso ka ba?'"

Later on, she finally replied, "‘Of course!' Dapat ang sasabihin ko ‘Of course! Absolutely!' Pero hindi ko nagawa. ‘Of course lang ang lumabas sa bibig ko.'

During this moment, Beth said, everyone were blinded with tears. "Lahat kami, umiiyak kami ng sabay-sabay."

THE WEDDING PLANS. After Ryan has already asked the most-awaited question in his relationship with Juday, their followers are now asking when is the wedding.

Judy Ann admitted that they have no definite plans yet. In fact, she said in the interview, "Baka nga long engagement 'to, e. Kasi magpaplano din muna kami, siyempre. 'Yon naman ang pinag-usapan namin. Bahay muna, then, ano. Madali na din naman kasi 'yong kasal. One day lang 'yon."

The only thing that is definite about the wedding is that it's going to be a simple celebration.

Ryan assured, "Very simple. Very simple. Do'n kami swak din. Kaya ano, e... Wala pa. Wala pa. Basta definitely, simple siya. And then, it's gonna be very private and solemn."

Judy Ann added, "Simple lang. At ako ang masusunod..."

Right now, Judy Ann and Ryan are on a vacation in Europe with their friends who were also with them in Antulang. Judy Ann says that it is not their honeymoon yet, rather it is a gift for herself.

The July 2008 issue of YES! is now available at all leading bookstores and magazine stands.

CELTICS Wins 17th NBA Title

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The Celtics won their 17th NBA title and a first one — at last — for Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen — their Big Three for a new generation.

After 22 long years, the NBA has gone green.

Lifted by ear-splitting chants of "Beat L.A." early and cries of "Seven-teen" in the closing seconds by their adoring crowd, the Celtics concluded a shocking rebound of a season with a stunning 131-92 blowout over the Los Angeles Lakers in Game 6 on Tuesday night.

"Doon Ako Nakilala Bakit Ko Babaguhin." - CHARICE's Response to Critics About Her Singing Style

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International artist Charice is back in the country and she answered a comment made by critic Nestor Torre published in a national tabloid. In Torre's piece, he calls Charice a beneficiary of the "birit" (belting) tradition.

In an interview, Charice said she simply performs in a style that has become a hit with her fans and at the request of her international producers.

"Hindi ko po alam 'yong sinulat. Hindi na po siguro mawawala 'yung mga ganoong sinusulat hayaan ko na lang," Charice said.

Torre had commented that "birit divas" like Charice should take a break from hitting high notes since "birit" is not really singing but just a display of physical prowess. The story also said that doing "birit" injures not just the singers but also the listeners.

When asked if she's willing to change her singing style Charice replied: "Doon ako nakilala bakit ko po babaguhin. Ang dami-daming singers na bumibirit ako lang ang naapansin nila. Nandiyan si Regine, si Sheryn. Iyon lang po siguro 'yung mga taong hindi kayang kumanta ng ganoon."

"Saka doon ako nakilala wala akong balak baguhin iyon. Iyon ang gusto sa America.Kung ayaw nila akong tanggapin dito, okey lang po, wala akong magagawa dito.

Charice mother, Ms. Raquel said that like other great performers, her daughter can sing in a variety of styles, and that she's not limited to just hitting high notes.

"Alam mo kasi yung birit yun yung hanap ng mga Amerikano pero may mga kanta siya na hindi niya kailangang bumirit, ito yung 'Smile,' 'It Can Only Get Better and 'Born to Love You," the mother said.

Still, the mother extended her appreciation to all Charice' critics. "Nagpapasalamat ako kasi at least kahit paano napapansin nila si Charice. Kahit paano binibigyan nila ng puna. Hindi naman siguro pagkakamali yon, maraming singers ang gumagawa noon at madami ding tao napapabilib ang talent na 'yon. Kung hindi man siya napapabilib siguro maaring sa susunod na album o kakantahin ni Charice ay mapapabilib siya dahil hindi masyadong birit. Depende kasi talaga yon sa nire-request ng mga producers--sa ibang bansa kasi sila ang namimili."

Charice arrived in the country last Tuesday, June 10 after her successful performances in New York for the Philippines Independence Day Parade and Fiesta Filipino in San Francisco.

Her arrival was just in time for the Air Supply concert last Saturday June 14, where in she performed three songs as guest artist.

While in the Philippines, Charice will be very busy with television guestings and mall tours.

CES DRILON and 2 Others Released by Kidnappers

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ABS-CBN senior correspondent Ces Oreña Drilon, cameraman Jimmy Encarnacion, and their guide, Prof. Octavio Dinampo were released by their abductors in Sulu province Tuesday night.

DZMM Correspondent Noel Alamar reported that the turn over was done around 11 pm in Barangay Kagay, Talipao. The three are now with the police.

They were held for nine days by an armed group believed to be Abu Sayyaf bandits in the hinterlands of Sulu island.

"Nandoon po sila sa sa bahay ni [Indanan] Mayor [Alvarez] Isnaji," Philippine National Police (PNP) chief Director General Avelino Razon Jr. said in an interview over DZMM.

"Sila ay dadalhin dito sa Zamboanga [City] kung saan po ay mag-uundergo sila ng medical check up at pagkatapos po niyan ay isang debriefing para malaman po natin sa kanila directly kung anong nangyari," he added.

There were reports that the armed group kept the captives in the bandits’ lairs in Maimbung and Indanan towns.

The kidnappers initially released ABS-CBN assistant cameraman Angelo Valderama on June 12. He was released by to Jun Isnaji, son of Mayor Isnaji.

Mayor Isnaji, a Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) leader whom the kidnappers agreed to be an emissary, said the kidnappers contacted him through their mobile phones. The negotiating team was led by Sulu Governor Sakur Tan and Vice-Governor Hadja Nur Ana Sahidullah.

When asked if they are going to pursue the kidnap group, Razon said they will have to get more information from the former captives to get a better idea on the identities of the suspects.

"Atin pong titignan po matapos nating madebrief sina Ces Drilon, Jimmy Encarnacion at Prof. Dimampo para lalong pagtibayin ang ebidensya na hawak sa grupong ito," he said.

He added that the PNP will maintain it heightened alert on the area until such time the alert is no longer needed.

"Magpapatuloy po muna… at iyan ay ating a-assessin po kung kelangang manatiling ganun," he said.

Razon said the three will be brought to the Jolo provincial hospital for a medical check-up before flying to Zamboanga City for a debriefing.

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ANGEL LOCSIN Fans Accused FHM of Vote Results Manipulation; FHM Denies Accusation

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The supposed rivalry between Angel Locsin and Marian Rivera has spilled over in this year's voting for the FHM's 100 Sexiest Women.

Recently, fans of Angel are accusing the popular men's magazine of manipulating voting results in favor of the other contenders, and in this case, GMA-7's current darling Marian.

In an e-mail letter disseminated by a certain Grace Smith, a self-confessed Angel Locsin supporter, she said that fellow fans were taken aback by the sudden slide of their idol in the ranking despite the incessant voting being carried out by Angel's ardent supporters.

"Some of my co-supporters had been angered by the sudden drop of online votes for our bet, making Ms. Marian Rivera in the No. 1 spot and Ms. Angel in No. 4. It is only but natural for us to act like that since we've been voting unceasingly," wrote Grace.

"Of course we cannot do that 24 hours a day 7 days a week since most of Angel Locsin supporters are office employees who need to attend to their jobs first and foremost, but as soon as we get home we manage to vote everyday ever since the online voting started. To add, some of our online voters have been banned disabling them to vote further, for no reason at all. In effect, they thought it was the reason why the leading female took the No. 1 spot."

While Angel's fans are not questioning the integrity of FHM, as Grace said, it was clear that the group was bringing up the issue of transparency—an integral element of any contest highly driven by digital media.

"To clear if off, our bet, Miss Angel Locsin has no knowledge or whatsoever with our activities in supporting her to win in the FHM sexiest race. This is our voluntary and heartfelt efforts to make her No.1 in magazine once again," stressed the loyal supporter.

Meanwhile, FHM Digital Publisher Denis Achilles del Callar, on the other hand, scoffed at the allegation, stressing the words: "We do not manipulate results."

Denis emphasized the following key points:

"Any ‘results' previously released through's newsletter specifically states ‘PARTIAL AND INCOMPLETE RESULTS.' This is due to the fact that text votes do not come into our database automatically, they have to be gathered and added to the database—as do written/faxed votes.

"Contrary to the e-mails being circulated, we've never published the number of votes either on-line, through text or through the magazine. Any claim that so and so celebrity was leading last week by several thousand votes is therefore an act of fiction with no basis on reality.

"Also, voting was stricter this year precisely to discourage stars who pay people to do nothing but vote for them all day, only ten votes per day on-line and via text per user/cellphone is possible—unless you own multiple SIMs and user-Ids."

As for the technical glitches occasionally encountered by the phone subscribers, Denis argued that the FHM team absolutely has nothing to do with it.

"We have no control over Smart, Globe, and Sun," he explained. "If their system is currently faulty, it's not our fault and there's nothing we can do about it."

Source: philippineportal

MARIAN RIVERA Now Leading FHM's 100 Sexiest; ANGEL LOCSIN in 4th Place

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According to the delayed “current results” of FHM Philippines’ 100 Sexiest Women in the World poll, Marian Rivera is now in the Top spot while Angel Locsin dropped to no. 4.

According to showbiz columnist Reggee Bonoan in his “Showbiz Atbpa.” column in Balita, a number of people have seen the last update by FHM with regards to the ongoing “100 Sexiest” poll wherein the Dyesebel star has overtaken the top spot from Angel Locsin. Prior to the deadline of the poll, reports proliferated on blogs and even on primetime news last week that Angel Locsin is leading the said poll by more than 7,000 votes. Following her is previous winner Katrina Halili and in third place is Marian Rivera.

Allegedly, the last update was only seen for a very short time and now the website is showing a “Voting Has Ended” page:

Rumor has it that GMA-7 has been distributing P300-worth of load to vote for Marian Rivera. Is this the reason why Marian is now leading the race? And who are the other two stars who had overtaken Angel Locsin? GMA vixens like Katrina Halili and Iwa Moto perhaps?

The results will be announced in the July 2008 issue of FHM.

Considered a highly-anticipated affair, the FHM annual event gathers more than a hundred gorgeous female celebrities all in one night. Ranking is based on votes placed by fans and supporters, and the top placer automatically secures the coveted crown plus the distinction of being hailed as the country's sexiest woman.

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"" The Philippine Launch

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Peter Pezaris, CEO of Multiply, Inc. (, will be speaking at the World Marketing Conference on Friday, June 20, delivering a presentation about the effectiveness of advertising on social networking sites. The presentation will bring to a close a week-long tour of Manila by Pezaris and David Hersh, Vice President of Business Development for Multiply, as part of Multiply’s Philippine launch.

In addition to Friday’s presentation, Pezaris and Hersh will be hosting events for some of the most active users of in the Philippines.They will also be attending various press interviews throughout their week-long stay.

Pezaris and Hersh will also be meeting with the Philippines’ top advertisers at a trade event to be held at the Rockwell Tent on Wednesday, June 18.

An innovator in social publishing, Multiply gives people the ability to share their personal media – including photos, videos, blogs and other content - strictly within their personal network, which includes direct contacts and those connected to the user through real-life relationships. This not only creates the most realistic representation of a user's social network on the Web, but also instills a sense of privacy, relevancy, and control that is unique to the service. With more than 9 million users posting 2 million photos, 19,000 videos and 55,000 blog entries daily, Multiply is also one of the world’s largest multimedia sharing Web sites and is the fastest-growing and one of the most popular social networks in the Philippines.

MARIEL RODRIGUEZ to Play "VARGA" in the Next Mars Ravelo's Komiks Presents

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Fans will soon see Mariel Rodriguez flying high in the sky and beating bad guys as the super-heroine Varga in the next installment of Mars Ravelo’s Komiks Presents.

Aside from hosting Wowowee and Pinoy Big Brother, this "posh" gal will take on another challenge as she portrays Varga, a well-loved character created by Pinoy komiks genius, Mars Ravelo. Varga will be the second chapter in the Mars Ravelo’s Komiks Presents series, the first being Kapitan Boom which is currently enjoying great ratings.

Mars Ravelo’s Komiks Presents: Varga will follow the story of Varga, a powerful being from outer space who lands on Earth who through the help of a kind-hearted girl, will protect mankind from the forces of evil. As Varga, she will also go through different life experiences that will test her character while she saves the world in secret.

Watch out for Mariel and her superhero persona in Mars Ravelo’s Komiks Presents: Varga soon on ABS-CBN.


ABS-CBN's "Betty La Fea" Cast Now Complete

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After months of conceptualizing the perfect cast for the Tagalog version of the popular Colombian telenovela Betty La Fea, ABS-CBN has finally rounded out its cast for the sure-fire hit comedy. The Philippine cast, which will adapt characters from both the Columbian and US versions of the series, will include a lot of local veteran actors as well as some exciting new faces. Expect a lot of surprises as Betty La Fea promises to be as addicting as its foreign counterparts.

Betty (played by Bea Alonzo) is a smart yet unattractive girl, fresh out of college, who wants to prove her worth in the working world. After a lot of unsuccessful job applications, she lands a job at the Eco Moda fashion office, where she encounters a lot of interesting and difficult characters who aren’t used to seeing anything unfashionable walking in their corridors.

Since most of the scenes will be shot in an office setting, ABS-CBN decided to construct a full-scale office set just for the series. The Eco Moda office set is already under construction at one of the floors of the Eugenio Lopez Building in the ABS-CBN compound. This is just one of the exciting developments expected to unfold as the series gets underway. Story-wise, expect to see a lot of Filipino touches although a lot of the original elements are being retained.

Although there is much speculation as to who will finally play Armando, Betty’s love interest, the producers still refuse to reveal who will be Bea’s new leading man. Will Bea finally be sharing kilig scenes with hot hunk Jon Avila or will she test her on-screen chemistry with Luis Manzano? Or will diehard fans get their wish granted to see their favorite love team reunited once again?



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As if you needed a reminder that Charlize Theron is still one of the sexiest women on the planet, here she is in the July issue of GQ UK. It's a little disappointing since technically, Charlize Theron is nude in these pictures, but they decided she should cover herself up with a sheet. To make up for it, though, we have a couple very sexy shots of her grabbing her breasts. It's pretty much the definition of sexy.

5th Golden Screen Awards (GSA) List of Winners

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The Entertainment Press Society or ENPRESS, Inc. has announced the winners to this year's 5th Golden Screen Awards (GSA).

Pisay, an indie film about eight exceptionally gifted high school students set in the politically volatile ‘80s, dominated the 5th Golden Screen Awards by winning 8 trophies, including Best Motion Picture (Drama) and Best Director for Auraeus Solito. The film also won Best Original Screenplay for Henry Graheda, Best Original Song, Best Musical Score, and Best Editing.

Top acting honors in drama went to Cherry Pie Picache for Foster Child and John Lloyd Cruz for One More Chance, while Jinggoy Estrada and Lorna Tolentino, who played husband and wife in Maverick Films' Katas ng Saudi, won top acting honors in comedy.

Eugene Domingo (Pisay) and Ricky Davao (Endo) bagged the awards for Best Performance by an Actress and Actor in a Supporting Role. Both of them are first-time winners in the Golden Screen Awards.

Newcomers Rhian Ramos (Ouija) and Joem Bascon (Batanes) were voted as winners of Breakthrough Performances by an Actress and Actor, respectively. Both projects were produced by GMA Films.

Other winners are Larry Manda (Best Cinematography for Maling Akala), Ditoy Aguila (Best Sound for Kadin), and August Espino (Best Visual Effects for Still Life).

The final voting of the winners was held last Saturday, June 14, at Music 21 KTV Bar on Timog Avenue after a marathon deliberation that took seven hours.

The 5th Golden Screen Awards will be held on Tuesday, June 24, at Zirkoh Greenhills. It will be hosted by Rufa Mae Quinto and John Lapus, with other celebrities expected to attend.

Christopher de Leon is the recipient of the Gawad Lino Brocka Lifetime Achievement Award, named after the famed director who gave the actor the break in the movies.

The Entertainment Press Society and the Golden Screen Awards will also confer a Posthumous Award to Rudy Fernandez who passed away last June 7.

Here's the complete list of winners in the 5th Golden Screen Awards:
Best Motion Picture (Drama) - Pisay (Solito Arts)
Best Motion Picture (Musical or Comedy) - Katas ng Saudi (Maverick Films)
Best Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role (Drama) - Cherry Pie Picache (Foster Child)
Best Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role (Drama) - John Lloyd Cruz (One More Chance)
Best Performance by an Actress in a Lead Role (Musical or Comedy) - Lorna Tolentino (Katas ng Saudi)
Best Performance by an Actor in a Lead Role (Musical or Comedy) - Jinggoy Estrada (Katas ng Saudi)
Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role (Drama, Musical or Comedy) - Eugene Domingo (Pisay)
Best Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role (Drama, Musical or Comedy) - Ricky Davao (Endo)
Breakthrough Performance by an Actress - Rhian Ramos (Ouija)
Breakthrough Performance by an Actor - Joem Bascon (Batanes)
Best Director - Auraeus Solito (Pisay)
Best Original Screenplay - Henry Graheda (Pisay)
Best Cinematography - Larry Manda (Maling Akala)
Best Editing - Mikael Angelo Pastrano, Kanakan Balintagos (Pisay)
Best Production Design - Martin Masadao, Regie Regalado, Dante Garcia, Endi Balbueno (Pisay)
Best Sound - Ditoy Aguila (Kadin)
Best Musical Score - Vincent de Jesus, Jobin Ballesteros (Pisay)
Best Original Song - "Ang Puso Kong Musmos" from the movie Pisay, lyrics by Carina Evangelista, music by Buddy Zabala and Ernest Mangulabnan, interpreted by Ebe Dancel
Best Visual Effects - Still Life

AOL's List of Hollywood's TOP 15 FATHERS

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1. Brad Pitt
The number one Hollywood dad is a no-brainer. Brad's found his sexiest incarnation yet as a do-gooder global traveler who is a full-time father to Maddox, 6, Pax, 4, Zahara,3, and Shiloh, 2. And when the twins he and Angelina Jolie are expecting arrive, that dream of his own soccer team is within reach!

2. David Beckham
He's the type of dad who admits to crying when he sees his sons (Brooklyn, 9, Romeo, 5, and Cruz, 3) playing soccer and let's wife Victoria wear the pants. But it's the combo of world class athlete meets sensitive new age guy that makes Mr. Beckham oh-so-desirable.

3. Johnny Depp
Johnny's evolution from Hollywood bad boy to model dad makes us melt. He's so protective of Lily-Rose, 8, and Jack, 6, his two children with girlfriend Vanessa Paradis, that they live the ultimate un-Hollywood life in the French countryside.

4. Will Smith
This affectionate father wants his kids with wife Jada Pinkett Smith around him all the time. He even gets them to co-star in his blockbuster movies. Jaden (9, pictured) was in The Pursuit of Happyness and adorable Willow had a memorable scene with dad in I Am Legend.

5. Matt Damon
Like his Oscar winning buddy Ben Affleck, Matt's come a long way since his Good Will Hunting days. This dad enjoys a scandal-free existance in Miami with his wife Luciana, stepdaughter Alexia, 9, Isabella, 2, and a new baby on the way!

6. Ryan Phillippe
His marriage to Reese Witherspoon may not have worked out, but Ryan credits Ava and Deacon, his two mini-mes, with helping him move on. "Right now," he says. "I say I'm dating my 8-year-old and 4-year-old. That's who I spend my nights on the couch with."

7. Ben Affleck
"I love being a father," the actor/director confesses. "It changed my life." And it shows! Bennifer 2.0 features a low profile as Affleck embraces family life with Jennifer Garner and 2-year-old Violet.

8. Joel Madden
Who would have guessed that the Good Charlotte frontman and wild-child Nicole Richie would become young Hollywood's poster parents? We have to admit, the idea of rock 'n' roll lullabies make us swoon.

9. Seal
Could Heidi be any happier? Supermodel Klum has nothing but praise for her "romantic" husband, R&B singer Seal, and their "patchwork" family: daughter Leni, 4, Henry (2, pictured) and Johan, 1.

10. Patrick Dempsey
He may be McDreamy to fans of Grey's Anatomy, but Dempsey is a dream dad to Talula , 5, and Darby and Sullivan, his 17-month-old twin boys .

11. Barack Obama
The Democratic presidential nominee has always been a winner to his wife Michelle and their adorable daughters Malia, 9, and Sasha, 6.

12. Gavin Rossdale
One look at Kingston in the arms of his hunky rock star dad and we can't help but be jealous of Gwen Stefani. And another baby on the way? Ms Stefani really is a Rich Girl!

13. Tom Cruise
The action star's best role in years is playing doting dad to to Isabella, 15, Connor, 13, and, of course, little Suri ,2.

14. Tobey Maguire
He may be Spider-Man to the world, but to his 19-month-old daughter Ruby, Maguire is just a big pacifier!

15. Mark Consuelos
His co-host wife Kelly Ripa is famously cute, but Consuelos' stand-by-his-woman attitude and hands-on approach to parenting their three children is seriously sexy. Those dimples don't hurt, either!

Source: stylelist

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