Melanie Marquez is Eliminated from Celebrity Duets Year 2

Sunday, September 7, 2008 , Posted by JED at 3:25:00 AM

Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez became the first casualty in the first elimination of Celebrity Duets Year 2 on Saturday, September 6.

Her duet with Vernie Varga last week of Peggy Lee's hit song "Fever" got the lowest number of text votes from the viewers

She was joined by her brother Joey Marquez, another beauty queen Carlene Aguilar, and fashion designer JC Buendia.

With Melanie's departure, only seven contenders remain: wellness and beauty expert Cory Quirino, fashion designer JC Buendia, MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando, beauty queen Carlene Aguilar, comedian-politician and Melanie's brother Joey Marquez, chef JL Cang, and football player Phil Younghusband.

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